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I have been busy That's the reason I haven't posted in a while. 

I'm working on three books right now, one of them is a book called Immortality's Gift. It's in my Immortals series and involves these three men. These are the twins from my Taboo series, Ryland and Ryder, with their human lover, Dale.

Immortality's Gift will be my first MPreg. I've been wanting to do one for a while and since I don't want to give away spoilers that's all I'll say. Michael and I are also working on Crossfire, PROTEKT 3 and it's also going well. I'm doing it without much plotting, which is different, but it seems to be okay so far. 

Although both books are my focus, I can't help but be excited about Immortality's Gift. Not only because I love MPreg, but because I love paranormal/fantasy. I adore vampires, demons, mages, just the weird stuff. lol I believe Michael loves it too which is why this book has more words the others. I'm working on this right now and I don't want to move from it. Despite this, I'm going to because the other books need my attention. 

My goal was to get Immortalitys and UTG3, which I am also working on, done by the end of June. Not sure if that will happen, but I'll certainly try because I have a subcall to do that's due on 7/30. 

Oh and if you'd like to read Mon Trois and the other books, please follow this link! Ryland and Ryder Durand

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Greetings folks.

It's February! OHEMGEE, can you believe it? January already flew by and now the second month of 2017 is upon us.

January was a busy month for me. I managed to write over 75k last month, mostly because I finished like 4 stories. *laughs* The one I'm doing with my co-author isn't done, but we're almost to the finish line. Currently we're clocking in at 56k and probably looking at 65-70k for our book.

This month I'm focusing on a new set of challenges. I've decided to let BL relax and won't be doing UTG3 until I pick her up again in May. That way I can concentrate on doing Michael's stories as well as my new  muses like Veronica Bagby. Michael has a 5 book series at this point for Immortals, then the story with my co-author, as well as PROTEKT 3 which has no name at this point. Then there is Smoke which I need to re-open this week and get back to, But I didn't want to do so until I got at least the co-author book and my DD Fanfic off the list.

Why you ask? Because I realized BL has over 30 books to her credit. Sure, 18 of those are for The Wretched alone which is a collection of novellas, but dang, my Michael muse is starving for more attention. Such is the reason why I've to stop writing with the Wicked Gal for now. No worries, she'll be back. I already have a lot for her to tackle once we start writing again.

Another series for her with my co-author, the first book is done. UTG3, a Wretched spinoff or two, the follow up to Odd Couple, the redo of My Lieutenant, and possibly Wild Horses will finally get a look over. AGAIN. So believe you me, she has a lot on her plate and I'll look to doing more with her after May.

When I looked at the breakdown of books per author, they looked like this:

Michael 14
BL 31
Rawiya 7

Rawiya doesn't do a bunch, so I'm not really worried about her. She is supposed to be the opposite of BL anyway, so I'm not really concerned that she has a low amount. I would like to try getting her another book or 2 before the end of the year. Sugar Daddy is on tap to be re-done and I have a new one titled Love in the Slow Lane. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, wish me luck on my WIPs. As you can see I'll be hella busy. And I've decided to dip my toe in freelance writing as well. Hmm. We'll see how much I do. You can follow me there if you so desire. Sharita Lira

Oh and the muse is David Garrett. In my co-author story, he is Frederick Tremblay world famous violinist. <3
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Ah. Even more relief!

I can breathe a little bit easier now with yet another book off my WIP list. My first draft of Hirah 3 is done. So, I'll let her fester, then go back when it's time to edit. I worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but once I gave them something to disagree on, the story wrote itself. Then, it was sweet reunion. It ended up being about 24k, which is cool.

Now, on to the next project. I am still doing edits on See No Evil and at this point I'm looking at February for it to come out. This is difficult, because again, it's being self-published. So when the money is low and I'm not able to pay an editor, the book gets shelved. I'll finally be able to get it to her so she can work on it.

The next project is a Valentine's Day short I committed to doing by February 5th. I don't have a title, but it will be the same story I mentioned in my last post with Ryland and Valios. I'm thinking since it is mostly about lust and not love, it should be an easy task. I'm hoping to drum up some readership for Michael's Immortal Souls series, which I am starting immediately.

At this point, I am ready to put BL away for the moment. We're going to finish UTG3, then I will stop writing with her until May. Then, I will pick up the follow-up to Odd Couple, perhaps My Lieutenant, as well as more books in the Metalrotica series. There is also a chance I will work with my co-author at that time on another book with BL as well.

While Michael and I finish up the short, we will do Immortals, and start the last book in the PROTEKT series. We also have my book with my co-author and Smoke to finish. I plan on getting at least 4 books for Michael done before I start with BL again.

I'm also planning a book for Rawiya and 2 of my new muses. At least one in the time I leave BL alone. Geez! I'm making a tall order for myself, but I really feel I can get something accomplished.

With January almost done, I have several releases to look forward to.

Under the Gun 2 re-release
Hirah #2

See No Evil
Wounded Pride (DSP)

Hirah #3
Under the Gun 3

Demon be Mine (Immortals 1)

I also have books going to publishers. So I hope this means new readership throughout the year. and my anxieties are gone for now, but perhaps with the more I get accomplished, the more I'll forget to worry.

Oh and you ask, why I have Jason Momoa up there? Well if you didn't know, he's my muse for Valios. *fan self* He's such a charmer, but he's a demon too. ;)

Thx for listening

* * * *


Smoke MM
Love at the Right Tempo MM
Under The Gun 3 BL
Valentine's Day Free MM
DD Fanfic An Unexplainable Predictament SD
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*pumps fists*

So, here it is 10 days later and I feel better about myself. I am no longer behind as I was. Why you ask? I have finished the first draft of See No Evil and it is with the betas. Woot, woot, woot!

Okay, let me calm down. There have been some positive things to come out of the betas. I shuddered from what they might think, but all seem to enjoy the book and with a few more tweaks, hopefully I can give my editor a clean draft so she won't have to work so hard.

I also figured out what was going on with Hirah so now I believe I'm back on track with her too. The 2nd book is on its way to the editor so I will get her out by 1/31 at the latest. Also, UTG2 will be out. I'd like to do a free day on KU for it and hopefully draw up interest in the 2nd one. I'll be starting the third in a couple of days.

I did start a new story with my co-author. We're already at 18k! YIKES. It's a different kind of story for Michael. A love tale that has a few bumps in the road, but will eventually get to a happy ending. You know my guy muse likes complex shit, but because of the character, who is really quirky, long winded, I decided Michael should write him. We'll see how it goes, but I'm excited for the book. Its going well.

Once I finish Hirah 3, I'll be starting the Immortals series with Michael. I'm looking to get the first book out by April, with each book coming out every other month. What it looks like now is 5 books so we'll see what happens. To satisfy the characters Ryland and Valios, I'm doing a sexy short for them that I'll publish on Wattpad, as well as the Lit blog and Michael's. I already dreamed about what would happen, so it should be very easy to write. Damn muses!

I also have Smoke on the backburner and I need to get back to it. I won't pick it back up until Hirah 3 and UTG 3 are done however so it might be awhile. They are screaming in my head so it is NOT a dead story. It will be finished and go to a publisher in the next few months.

I'm still working on my DD fanfic, but I have to admit, it has taken a back seat to my published work. I hope to get it done soon. And there's the short I was doing with the guy above and three of my favorite characters but I scrapped it because I didn't like the way it was going. I'll post the sext scene on Wattpad and on Lit Blog in a bit in case you're interested. It's just a sexy scene! I have another fanfic to do as well, so I hope to get that on the blogs eventually.

So much to do, I can hardly keep up, but at least I'm back on track again. I finally see some positives coming out of all of my anxious moments and hopefully that will get me to where I want to be in my career!

Thanks for listening!
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Soooo... I picked my story for Nano. Well, not without help. I had my husband pick a story out of a hat and on the 3rd try, this one won out. It's my M/M/M story Where There's Smoke by BLMorticia. It's a menage with some angst and heartache. BL plans to torture the characters for Nano. I've had his story on tap for at least 2 years and been wanting to write it for the longest. Now, I'm finally getting a chance and I am stoked.

Wish me luck on the story! Will give updates on my Nano progress!


Where There's Smoke NANO
See No Evil N'awlins Book 6
Hirah Blaze Book 3
Under the Gun Book 3
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Well, I finally got Hirah going. I put the book up late Friday night and it is now available on Amazon.

Link -

I'm stoked about my new venture into bisexual romances, and no, It isn't a menage! I had the hardest time figuring out how to categorize this book. It's about a heavy metal guitarist, there's some romance, a little snark, but it isn't your traditional love story. It's a spinoff of my Wretched series which is still FREE at Smashwords and All Romance and I'm hoping those who have read that series will love the fiesty Hirah Blaze as she plays with her new band in search for super stardom. And she's so focused until bassist Chad Stephenson makes his presence felt, She's all badass and then the hottie from Austin disrupts her concentration.

Sure there is some cat and mouse, a lot of comedy and some sexy times, but I have to admit, it's not the traditional guy gets girl book. It didn't start that way but there is some good times to be had betwene Hirah and Chad. There's a lot going on around them too, as in the case of Corey during The Wretched Tales. I have a knack for wanting to write a budding romance when it's surrounded by chaos. and sometimes that chaos can interfere with what happens to the couple.

If you take the chance on Hirah, you'll see what I mean. Book 2 is already done and I hope to have it out before 3rd week of November. I have just started book 3! ;)

And as far as Nano goes, I did put six story names in a bucket for hubby to pull out, but  cheated a little because he pulled out the lesbian fic I wanted to do as well as Veronica Bagby book. I told him I wasn't ready for either one of those yet, so he pulled out Where There's Smoke.


It's an M/M/M set in a small town in Illinois with some angst and drama. And there is a baby admist all this chaos. What did I say about wanting to write a love story with so many events happening around the couple? In this case, it's a threesome. A man who still loves his ex and his current and wants to find a way for all of them to be happy together. Indeed its a challenge but the story has been in my to do folder for almost 3 years plus. It's time to write it, and of course, it is  BL story.

Ta for now!

Please go check out HIRAH!
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Greetings folks. So another year is gone. Wha? Are you kidding me? I really cannot believe that 2013 is gone but hey, its 2014 so let's go!

Anyways, what did I manage to accomplish? I released 18 books, only two were novels. I also did a couple of shorts for anthologies too. What I noticed when I did my video for covers only 3 were released through pubs. A Special After Christmas Gift, Queer Fables, and Candyman. That brings me to my goal of subbing to other pubs. I was supposed to do 10. :/ I only subbed 3 and just one was a new pub I haven't been pubbed by. So that one still stands. The breakdown is 5 from Michael, 3 from Rawiya, and 2 from BL.

Writing wise I passed my 500k goal. Just barely too. 501K plus and only because I suffered writer's block in December. I didn't really think it could happen to me but after finishing I Love it Rough I did. My brain was exhausted, I was stressed from the EDJ and Christmas and it sent the muses into hiding. For nearly 2 weeks I didn't write anything. *grimaces* I started a short on 12/30 just to get out the kinks and I hope that works since I have a few things I want to write this month. Mainly some revisions and rewrites. There are stories that need to be revised for me to submit in the coming months. And I have some new stories I'd like to write this year.

I'll continue to write the Wretched for BL since its gaining some popularity. Someone asked me today when I was continuing. ;D Made me pretty happy. Also, edits on I Love it Rough this month for the 2/17 release. I have the twins story and I'd like to do a baseball anthology between the muses.

This year the writing goal is 325k. Why? Well, I figured 11 months at 25k a month = 275k plus Nano at 50k. That gives me more time to edit, revise, read, learn, research and promo. I'm pretty sure I'll pass that easily with the novels I have planned but I left it low so the daily pressure wouldn't be so high.

We shall see what happens especially when my 4th muse begins writing. I'm looking forward to the challenges and the new year.
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Greetings again...

Oh yeah the man above? Oh he's just a guy... not a muse... NOT NOW ANYWAY... ahem... *rapidly blinks and clears throat* I feel like I'm being suffocated by my muses. All of them want their story now and they're fighting one another for position in my brain.

Case in point, I'm writing Something Like Jayden for Rawiya right now and figured I'd follow up with a new story that's been bugging me as of late, tentatively titled On the Run for BLMorticia. But I also have I Love it Rough the sequel to ILEP and Ryland and Ryder's third story Mon... whatever to come up for Michael. I'd originally thought On the Run would be next but now, seems like Michael wants to get his two stories done first since they are sequels.


What? I know, I know he really does want to get back to the twins and Frankie and Kajika but he literally took over my head space and swayed my thoughts in his favor. "Oh you're writing the Wretched for her every month. The least you can do is give me my sequels now and do her story for NanoWriMo." Michael speaks to me in a pissed off voice. *blinks* Damn Michael, I didn't think you had it in you but you do I suppose. You wanted your stories next and you'll get them. Now BL's pouting and Rawiya's busy finishing her latest story.

Ah well, you can't please them all but at least I intend to get these books written by the end of the year. I actually made a small list of books I wanted to see done by the 31st of December and where they might be subbed or self pubbed. 12 stories are on that list including the ones mentioned above. We shall see if I actually get all these done. A couple are already finished, they just need to go to the publishers.

This puts back many rewrites (pipe dreaming)  I'd intended to do but won't so I can finish out these stories for the year. Looking to end on a high note, hopefully with contracts from two bigger pubs under my belt! Wish me luck

* * * *

WIPS Something Like Jayden - about 75% of the way done and The Wretched 1.5 will be released over the weekend.
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Greetings again to anyone following.

The muses and I have quite a lot of work ahead, mostly edits since I keep writing stories and hanging on to them for weeks.


Usually I have something I've learned to say in these posts but I'm actually saving that for a blog.

Just updates today. Woot! What are we, me and the muses working on now?

Well, there will be a lot of writing that isn't published to keep up the WC.

Edits, edits edits

Edits for BL on ML3 and Wild Horses. Actually a revise on the latter since I hated the story once first draft was done.

Edits on Guardian Angel, now by Michael Mandrake since it has a sequel. BTW sequel due August 1

Edits on Closely Guarded. Its due for a subcall 8/15

And edits on Under the Gun since BL is subbing for publication.

Somewhere in there I'll try writing Something Like Jayden from Rawiya and another Wretched as well as Fangirl, the next Reluctant Groupie!

Then at end the month, I Love it Rough, the sequel to I Like Em Pretty for Michael!

Really excited about that one. Lots of research to do in the midst of the edits.

I'm very much looking forward to it.

So far, I've wrote 252K this year of fiction and looking forward to doing Nano in Nov!

I'll return sometime this month with a learning post but for now, we'll just do the general update

Thanks for listening!

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Wow, I haven't been writing in this journal since January! *sighs* I've been in FB land, on the blogs for the three muses, releasing books almost every month and haven't been here to update on progress. I will TRY to be better, I promise.

I also been busy collecting new muses. See this man up here? His name is Pedro Perestello. OMG is he hot! Those eyes, that hair, that bod. GOOD LORD.

Anyway, that's not what the update is about. Wanting to try catching up for anyone that just might be paying attention to me. I just looked at the last entry back in January where i recall talking about my novel, I Like Em Pretty. Well, it's been edited, released, and in about a month and a half on the market, it's done well. Not like bestseller or anything but hey, any book sale is a good one, isn't it? i do love this series and will be even happier when people catch on to what me and the muses are trying to accomplish.

By the way, this book became a full scale series called N'awlins Exotica. It's set in New Orleans, tapping into the taboos of Det Frankie Choteau, his lover Kajika Fortier as well as others in the very vibrant city known as the Big Easy.

If you'd like to learn more, visit the FB page.

Now, besides that, I was also able to do a story for a reader as requested. This became part of the series, a twincest story called Mon Frere, My True Love. It was a best seller on All Romance and did well on Amazon too. That surprised the heck out of me since I wasn't expecting many people to want to read that kind of story. Now, I'm working on book 2 of the Ryland Twins books with a story called, Mon Amour, Forever More as well as I Love It Rough, the sequel to I Like EM Pretty.

What else? BL's been busy with the Wretched. Queer Fables is coming out next month and her metal tales are on book 3 called Deep Dark Secret. Rawiya released One Shot as part of the Reluctant Groupie series and we're about to start a novel together next month called Love in the Slow Lane.

During this time period, there is more plot bunnies that have jumped into my brain. Plenty of them including a plan for a 4th muse later on in the year. Yes I said four but she'll only be doing het and it will be temporary.

The idea, I have is to do only het for women in their 40's. She'll have a best friend who's a gay man who tried to be straight for her years back. It's interracial and she'll have the same amount of snark if not more than BL. I'm looking to launch her later in the year under her own imprint. Look for more from me on this as the months roll along.

So what's next? Besides what I've already mention, other stories are in queue. More learning, some promoing, and re-doing of my website. I try making myself pretty accessible to readers, interacting on FB mostly, a little Twitter, as well as the blogs. It does take time away from writing but how else will people know about your books.

How am I doing on goals? I'm on point with the 500k but as far as subs, I might not make it. 5 seems more doable even though I have plenty of time left in the year. However, the subs also take weeks to be looked at by pubs, they also take time to be beta'd properly, so 10 is too high. 5 I think I'll make.

More than that, I just want to continue to improve on what I'm doing, reading, taking classes, learning from peers so I can become a more successful storyteller. I really do enjoy writing and can't imagine doing anything else at this stage in my life right now.


* * * *

May is edit month. Editing Closely Guarded, Wild Horses revise, The Wretched 3 and Guardian Angel, my only story under Sharita Lira

Like I said, I'll try to be here more often

Thanks for listening!

Good GOD!

Oct. 3rd, 2012 04:54 pm
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I havent been here in the longest. One reason? LJ keeps getting hacked and there were plenty of times I couldn't get in. Grrr

Well I'm here now and I figured I'd come back and just update what I've been doing...

Working, WRITING, enjoying time with family and friends. Not in that order though. Writing is last on the last.

1. Computer problems
2. Learning and reading other authors
3. Fear of burnout

That last one especially. I fear if I overwork my muses I might burn out like I did in 2010. I did Nano, I did Slash fics for xmas. By early 2011 I could barely write without getting disenchanted. 

Also, there was a point I felt I wasn't good enough. I started feeling like the sales were more important than my actual love for writing which they aren't. I got discouraged, I stopped blogging for a while, I started doing everything else other than writing, Not to mention, I started working the Day Job and getting home, not wanting to write anything.

Then a revelation. Mostly from author friends as well comrades. Don't measure your success against others. The love for writing began to come back and well, sales got better too. *yay* No not like EL James but hey if I can pay a few bills and feed my family its a good thing. 

Now it just needs to be more so I can do a little of both. Pay Bills or support family AND get something I'd like. Also, enough to put back into promo would be nice which I have done to a small extent. 

Still, the most important thing authors must remember is, your work is like your baby or child. You care a lot for it and when it doesn't meet your high expectations, you're disappointed. So you sulk, cry, drink, eat chocolate and hope it gets better. You also do what you can to help the process along. Which I've done and thankfully, I'm seeing better results.

Out of the 3 names, Rawiya does the best. It might be because her romance is overly sensual, can be funny and very relatable. Michael hasn't done a relatable book just yet and BL, well, she does what she wants. Still her books do well also especially My Lieutenant. 

I want them all to have that one book that knocks everyone's socks off. None of them have done that yet. I'm proud of all my pseudos and what they've accomplished to the point and working to get even better. Editors, betas, classes, reading others more often. Its all part of the plan.

Will it work? I know it will. :D

* * * *


Working on

Taming Wild Horses (How long have I said that?) Im actually doing it though. I hope to finish next Tuesday

Trois in Treble  (Ditto)

Vertigo 2 I've finished it but it needs rewrites

I also need to finish the YDA and Under the Gun Series. They both have 4 books.
BL is doing the Wretched Series and all want to do a baseball bk for next yr

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Greetings peeps.

Yes, I havent been updating like I should. October came and went and no updates here on progress.

Well, let me get you caught up. I havent really done them on my own either so dont feel bad!



Currently, I have 4 stories going. Closely Guarded for Nano, a Story called Turning the Tables an M/F I need to get done by 11-5 and a May December M/M called Captain of His Heart and Taming Wild Horses which is now BL's. I'm very fond of all of these but the only one with a stern deadline besides the Nano one of course is Turning.

I'm also doing edits on Vertigo for Sizzler, trying to get it out by END OF YEAR as well as The Power of Muse, my full length Vampire is on its final edit right now.

My Lieutenant was just released, as was Dream of Dalian, my vampire m/f in the NNP antho, and Prince and the Penis. My short for Rebel Ink. *squee*

You Don't Ask has a cover, lovely I might add. i'll share it when its totally correct and the NNP stories for Something New are in edits as well!

The whole month of October, I pretty much took it easy since I went to my first writers conference. Wrote some fanfic, lots, 2 stories! LOL Also worked on 2 others I'd been leaving on the backburner. Even with taking so many days off I managed about 24k for the month which was 4k above my goal of 20k.

I tried very hard not to let myself get to the point of exhaustion. I wont be doing the slash advent like last year only doing gift fics for friends and edits all month as well as my project with a fellow writer.

I'm also planning to write at least 6 novellas 30k or more next year. I have the plans for some of them, which is awesome. I'm planning out my whole year of writing, minus sub calls. We shall see what I come up with.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I'll try to update more often.

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Good mornin' peeps...

This is BL, the muse speaking instead of the head. Why? We might be taking over... I don't know. *laughs*

Apparently we are and we're having a lot of fun with it too.

Okay, really, she wanted me to speak on her behalf since my story that turned out to be a series is at the forefront in her brain.

What does the writer do when the muses say...more please.

Oh and yes, this voice, which I may also say is the original muse, (
see my interview) has said a lot lately. more like, um Sharita, could you throw a dog a bone and allow me to write my story?

Its really hard to share one head with two other muses, but somehow, I managed to captivate her so much, she finally listened. What did I tell her?


Well, basically, we've been writing on my new story You Don't Ask, We Don't Tell. It was originally for a subcall to a anthology about gay males in uniform. Well, apparently my characters didn't like the idea of just one book and a generic cover. They wanted their own series since each one of the characters has a story.

(To see the characters, look at this
post. Michael also featured a special six sentence on it yesterday)

How did it happen? Through research!

Cody McCayne who  is my main character said, oh I need those ten weeks in Basic Training (book one) along with more from me and my man, Dari Kirk. Then in book two (Untitled as of now) The story of the training facility, Company 9669 and how DST Morris Dirst and his second in command, Darios "DP" Bright got started. Then  book three (Another untitled) More about the other characters, the General, the recruiter, Justin Belevidere, along with officers, "Head" "Jag" and "RMD."

Wow, what a series... and to think if they hadn't spoken to me, I might have missed out on a prime opportunity to create a great collection on my own. You may ask, why a series? Well, IMO, it gives the writer the chance to display different facets of the same theme to the reader but in most cases, from the POV's of different characters.

All the characters in YDAWDT have their own stories and adventures to tell. It'll be a wild ride!

What about my alter egos?

Michael has African Sun, of course, thats seems to be never ending but he is on book 3. He also has 3 books in one for Vertigo which should be out later this year.

The Down Low in Nola series is back on Rawiya. at first, the head, thought it might be necessary to turn it over to Michael but the voices weren't correct and so all of us agreed Rawiya should continue it.

Whats the big difference from series and sequels? Series are continuous from the same story theme and characters but might have different settings and intro new ones while sequels are stories that may have the same characters but have a different theme going.

In the case of My lieutenant, it will have 1 or 2 books to follow because the characters want and need more story. So as they keep yapping, i'll give it to them!

What a great thing huh? Being a writer is already fun and even more so when the voices in your head continually bug you about their story.

The YDAWDT series will be a good one, I assure you. Well worth the wait. Look for it.



Okay;s the head speaking now with today's update. Thx BL

So, I have a series instead of a novella size story that might belong to an antho.

Wonderful. *grins*

Here's whats going on now.

As BL said, You Dont Ask was the one I worked on a lot this week. 7k plus in and looking for more.

For the military subcall, I have another story I'm subbing. Its the full version  to my story I subbed for Rawiya to STARbooks called That Thing. The call ends July 15th so I'll be doing what I can to finish that.

AS 34K in and I havent wrote on it all week so of course, Sakina and gang have a lot to say.

Taming Wild Horses. 9k in

Sugar Daddy full version 5k in

True Meaning Two about 6-7k in. I think. I havent looked at that all week either.

Trois in Treble ready to finish this one. I just need to be given that chance to do so.

Closely Guarded about 5k in

Mi Familia 20K. About half way through, I think.

Lessons in Ink 10k in

Something New on the Menu revision

I have a couple of stories I'm sending out this week too. My Halloween story will go back out as well as a short for a charity subcall.

There are more for the rest of this month and i've already narrowed it down to what I want to do,

We shall see what happens.

Thanks for listening to me and my muse!
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  My lovely friends, Book three of the novel, African Sun has been pushed back until March 15th. I need time to work on edits and finish the story My Lieutenant as well as work on 3 stories for anthologies this month. not to mention, the longer versions of Vertigo and Lose.

Sakina understands, she'd mad but ah well. I can't please every muse. i'm trying but, can't do it all the time.

I hope by then to have all the above out the way. In the meantime, I will be editing parts one and two so my editor can get them contracted and released.

:) Thanks for all your support.
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So, here I am again with the updates. WOW, this is two posts in one day to my regular journal. *SHOCK*

Anyways the goals were in the last post, now, here is a past that lists my ideas you so they can be seen by me and you, my friends. Let me know if any of these stand out as something you would want to read.

  • Binding Justice, M/M Bondage erotica romance
  • Through the Darkness I Found Love M/M erotica dark suspense thriller
  • My Lieutenant M/M Interracial humor erotica romance
  • Sugar Daddy M/M Interracial humor erotica Romance (This story is partially published by STARbooks)
  • Curing All Ills M/F Contemporary erotica romance
  • Faith and Devotion M/M/M Menage erotica romance
  • SMOKED M/F, M/M, M/M Menage erotica suspense romance
  • The Incumbent M/M, M/F, Drama erotica
  • Taming Wild Horses M/M/M/M Menage erotica romance
Now, of course I cannot give storylines, just watch the space and you will see updates on all of them. If you saw any of these titiles for amazon or on the pubs website, would they be a definite? Let me know THANKS!

To see my stories that are out visit my blogs and

Love you all!


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