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Whew this is good right? 2 posts in like 3 weeks? Is anyone still listening? Hope so...

Anyways, the unique thing about characters is when they disturb you form doing things. Might be reading, writing, working at the day job *groans* and SLEEPING! Yes sleeping.

Something about a muse that gets you up in the middle of the night but even more special is the one that plays out like movie in your head. WOW. Yeah that happened to me last night. I was sleeping and Channing Tatum knocked on my head and climbed in bringing the last posts' hottie, Pedro Perestello with him. What did he say? Write me a story, Shar where I'm falling in love with this hot man with beautiful eyes. Make it tense, make us break apart for a bit, get back together for one night then break apart again. Then, have Chris Helmsworth as my man and make him leave me for a bit too, only to return and fight with Pedro over me.

And my head obliged. And I had a lovely, angsty, m/m military story. OOH YUM!!!!!

Yep, that doesn't happen too often. I recall Masquerade was another story that played out like a movie in my brain. Also Something Like Jayden, That Thing. And I Like Em Pretty did as well.

Oh and this... wow, is it speaking to me. No character names, 3 hot men with tempers, different backgrounds, military men who are looking for happy endings. Yep, this really is a BL kind of story since its military men but Michael is writing it. I do love when the muses can wake me up and give me a clear idea of what they want. No question, this plot bunny has wings that definitely will turn into a story before the year is out!

 * * * *

Whats up now? Well I'm on pace to do my 500k. Im ahead for the month.

Im working on shorts, ML3, and edits for Mon Amour as well as Closely Guarded. I'll also be finally doing Something Like Jayden

Thanks for listening!
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Wow, I haven't been writing in this journal since January! *sighs* I've been in FB land, on the blogs for the three muses, releasing books almost every month and haven't been here to update on progress. I will TRY to be better, I promise.

I also been busy collecting new muses. See this man up here? His name is Pedro Perestello. OMG is he hot! Those eyes, that hair, that bod. GOOD LORD.

Anyway, that's not what the update is about. Wanting to try catching up for anyone that just might be paying attention to me. I just looked at the last entry back in January where i recall talking about my novel, I Like Em Pretty. Well, it's been edited, released, and in about a month and a half on the market, it's done well. Not like bestseller or anything but hey, any book sale is a good one, isn't it? i do love this series and will be even happier when people catch on to what me and the muses are trying to accomplish.

By the way, this book became a full scale series called N'awlins Exotica. It's set in New Orleans, tapping into the taboos of Det Frankie Choteau, his lover Kajika Fortier as well as others in the very vibrant city known as the Big Easy.

If you'd like to learn more, visit the FB page.

Now, besides that, I was also able to do a story for a reader as requested. This became part of the series, a twincest story called Mon Frere, My True Love. It was a best seller on All Romance and did well on Amazon too. That surprised the heck out of me since I wasn't expecting many people to want to read that kind of story. Now, I'm working on book 2 of the Ryland Twins books with a story called, Mon Amour, Forever More as well as I Love It Rough, the sequel to I Like EM Pretty.

What else? BL's been busy with the Wretched. Queer Fables is coming out next month and her metal tales are on book 3 called Deep Dark Secret. Rawiya released One Shot as part of the Reluctant Groupie series and we're about to start a novel together next month called Love in the Slow Lane.

During this time period, there is more plot bunnies that have jumped into my brain. Plenty of them including a plan for a 4th muse later on in the year. Yes I said four but she'll only be doing het and it will be temporary.

The idea, I have is to do only het for women in their 40's. She'll have a best friend who's a gay man who tried to be straight for her years back. It's interracial and she'll have the same amount of snark if not more than BL. I'm looking to launch her later in the year under her own imprint. Look for more from me on this as the months roll along.

So what's next? Besides what I've already mention, other stories are in queue. More learning, some promoing, and re-doing of my website. I try making myself pretty accessible to readers, interacting on FB mostly, a little Twitter, as well as the blogs. It does take time away from writing but how else will people know about your books.

How am I doing on goals? I'm on point with the 500k but as far as subs, I might not make it. 5 seems more doable even though I have plenty of time left in the year. However, the subs also take weeks to be looked at by pubs, they also take time to be beta'd properly, so 10 is too high. 5 I think I'll make.

More than that, I just want to continue to improve on what I'm doing, reading, taking classes, learning from peers so I can become a more successful storyteller. I really do enjoy writing and can't imagine doing anything else at this stage in my life right now.


* * * *

May is edit month. Editing Closely Guarded, Wild Horses revise, The Wretched 3 and Guardian Angel, my only story under Sharita Lira

Like I said, I'll try to be here more often

Thanks for listening!
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*whistles* Woohoo, looking good BA!

Oh, sorry, hello!

The man up above is my muse of the moment, BA Pointe or Darien Moseley from Closely Guarded. In real life, he is model Ryan Paevey but that's beside the point.

He isn't happy with me and neither is Michael (Mandrake) since life and its stresses got in the way of me technically winning Nano for the 2nd st8 year but oh well, I take some consolation in the fact I still wrote over 50K.


How? In addition to the 31k plus on Closely, I finished 3 stories. One het two m/m, subbed both. All subbed too. One of the mm was mostly finished. The others I did and revised with over 20k on all all. Hmm, might be more. I think I might've lost count along the way and forgotten a few but either way I'm proud of what I did despite the issues this month.

I'm really not able to write while stressed. This past week I told this muse to stay silent and he did until today, I finally did writing sprints with author friends and woke him up. Hence the pic of him lying down. *heh* Anyway, so, maybe I dont get the pretty icon on my blog but hey I did write 50k.

Woot for me!

Now that BA is awake he wont let me sleep. I'd like to... I really would.

Damn muse...

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Yes very late posting again.

I need someone to cry out my sorrows to.

Ah well.

So, I have accepted defeat in Nano.

With 4 more days to go I am on the cusp of 30k and the stresses in my life have taken away my writing muse for the story.

Its too much thinking. I had 4 sets of edits, on first batch for 2 of them. The other two, the books got out but not without undue stress that hasn't killed my muses just the one for Clsely Guarded.

Sure, I'll work on it but I can tell you, I cannot push out 20k in the next 4 days. JUST CANT!

I love the story but with something that complex, I need to be less stressed.

I'll try writing on it but I seriously doubt I'll make it to the 50k.

Ive still almost wrote 50k for the month. just on 3 stories.


I finished 3 others, only subbed 2 of them The other I need someone to look over b4 I do.

So I could claim victory if I cheated but the rules state a novel, not 3!

Ah well, so I didnt get there but I'm proud of the story still. Michael Mandrake and I have 2 novels to get out and perhaps we'll finish this story in 2012

I tried...


No Nano win for me

Cez la Vie!
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Greetings peeps.

Yes, I havent been updating like I should. October came and went and no updates here on progress.

Well, let me get you caught up. I havent really done them on my own either so dont feel bad!



Currently, I have 4 stories going. Closely Guarded for Nano, a Story called Turning the Tables an M/F I need to get done by 11-5 and a May December M/M called Captain of His Heart and Taming Wild Horses which is now BL's. I'm very fond of all of these but the only one with a stern deadline besides the Nano one of course is Turning.

I'm also doing edits on Vertigo for Sizzler, trying to get it out by END OF YEAR as well as The Power of Muse, my full length Vampire is on its final edit right now.

My Lieutenant was just released, as was Dream of Dalian, my vampire m/f in the NNP antho, and Prince and the Penis. My short for Rebel Ink. *squee*

You Don't Ask has a cover, lovely I might add. i'll share it when its totally correct and the NNP stories for Something New are in edits as well!

The whole month of October, I pretty much took it easy since I went to my first writers conference. Wrote some fanfic, lots, 2 stories! LOL Also worked on 2 others I'd been leaving on the backburner. Even with taking so many days off I managed about 24k for the month which was 4k above my goal of 20k.

I tried very hard not to let myself get to the point of exhaustion. I wont be doing the slash advent like last year only doing gift fics for friends and edits all month as well as my project with a fellow writer.

I'm also planning to write at least 6 novellas 30k or more next year. I have the plans for some of them, which is awesome. I'm planning out my whole year of writing, minus sub calls. We shall see what I come up with.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I'll try to update more often.


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