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Whew. He looks how I feel.

It's been a topsy turvy week that started promising and ended on kind of a sour note. RL, got in the way of me finishing Immortals 1 and Nola Nuptials on Monday, but I did just finish both first drafts and I'm pretty pleased. I also came to the conclusion I write better love scenes after I've had liquor. ITS TRUE! I actually do well with a lot of my writing when having libations. However, I know I can't do that all the time, so ... *shrugs* When I can't get booze, I'll have to make do. So that leaves me with these WIP's

Veronica *I've decided to pick up another project with co-author. We'll be doing shorts so Veronica will have two stories. Woot! Michael * With those two finished, I can concentrate on PROTEKT 3 and Gren Dumont. I also have Smoke edits and edits to come on Tempo.

BL * BL and I have plenty of things to work on. UTG3, Hirah 3, the follow up to Odd Couple, Wild Horses, and new stories that would like to see the light of day. *groans* Damn muse!

Rawiya * Poor Rawiya. I'd like to do at least one more book for her by the end of the year, but there are 4 other secret muses wanting work. Grr. I will try to get something done for this muse. I do adore her, and wish I had more hands. :D

I've also decided to add yet another muse to my list. If you follow Nola Exotica, you know about Ryland Durand. He is the author half of the twins. Well, once I finish Immortals, any vampire books I write will be authored under Ryland. It will be Michael writing as RM Durand. It won't be something I do all the time, but any MM vampire, will be under him.


I have a couple of vamp stories on my WIP list, so no worries there. I'll find use for him. That is a lot right? Ugh! This is why I drink. #damnmuses.

Anyways, the muse at the top is Marcus Patrick. Whatever happened to him? Ta ta for now!  
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Greetings folks. Welcome to another Monday!


I finished Lessons in Ink! WOOT!

Another one off the number of WIP's.

As I try to get better at writing, I've noticed something new about myself each time. This week, how I struggle with an ending!

ARGHHH! The Muses know it but they don't convey it to you. you're sitting there, dumbfounded, wondering how to end the particular story. I don't mean necessarily the ending scene, but the actual ending. Last line

Usually in all my writing, I have tried to tie in the title or at least the plot of the story. Sometimes I have succeeded, other times, erm no. I have always felt like I wanted to leave a lasting impression on my reader where they would say, what an ending. I'm satisfied, and want to read more by this writer.

In a lot of ways, I myself am not satisfied by my choice of words. So typically, I go back to the story to read over it for errors and check for coherence, not only that, I read the ending again and again, seeing if I myself enjoy it. If not, I change it.

Once I get one that I sort of like, then I'll leave it, hoping that if it gets picked up, I'll come up with a better one of the editor will. LOL

But why is that ending so damn hard? The last few words...I mean, only a sentence right?

Well, yeah, but it's the one that will make the reader draw a conclusion to say, oh that was great or that book sucked.

THAT, my friends, IS MY FEAR!


So, yeah, I Finished Lessons!

That leaves, AS, the ongoing Mi Familia, A Second Chance, and Trois as my WIP's.

This week, I will be doing round two of edits on Binding Justice. Plus, I'll be starting, Taming Wild Horses, my gay foursome story for my main editor. He is giving me till June 10th to complete.

Trois is on hold because I have Justice and I need to edit my Pirate story for a publisher. I also would like to finish A Second Chance for my other pub.

Right after, I will continue to do Taming as well as start reediting Masquerade and Sweetest Taboo.

A lot on the docket, but hopefully, the work will all pay off as I try to get 20 stories/books published this year.

Toodles for now!


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