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Greetings folks. So another year is gone. Wha? Are you kidding me? I really cannot believe that 2013 is gone but hey, its 2014 so let's go!

Anyways, what did I manage to accomplish? I released 18 books, only two were novels. I also did a couple of shorts for anthologies too. What I noticed when I did my video for covers only 3 were released through pubs. A Special After Christmas Gift, Queer Fables, and Candyman. That brings me to my goal of subbing to other pubs. I was supposed to do 10. :/ I only subbed 3 and just one was a new pub I haven't been pubbed by. So that one still stands. The breakdown is 5 from Michael, 3 from Rawiya, and 2 from BL.

Writing wise I passed my 500k goal. Just barely too. 501K plus and only because I suffered writer's block in December. I didn't really think it could happen to me but after finishing I Love it Rough I did. My brain was exhausted, I was stressed from the EDJ and Christmas and it sent the muses into hiding. For nearly 2 weeks I didn't write anything. *grimaces* I started a short on 12/30 just to get out the kinks and I hope that works since I have a few things I want to write this month. Mainly some revisions and rewrites. There are stories that need to be revised for me to submit in the coming months. And I have some new stories I'd like to write this year.

I'll continue to write the Wretched for BL since its gaining some popularity. Someone asked me today when I was continuing. ;D Made me pretty happy. Also, edits on I Love it Rough this month for the 2/17 release. I have the twins story and I'd like to do a baseball anthology between the muses.

This year the writing goal is 325k. Why? Well, I figured 11 months at 25k a month = 275k plus Nano at 50k. That gives me more time to edit, revise, read, learn, research and promo. I'm pretty sure I'll pass that easily with the novels I have planned but I left it low so the daily pressure wouldn't be so high.

We shall see what happens especially when my 4th muse begins writing. I'm looking forward to the challenges and the new year.
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Greetings folks! WHEW I almost didn't make it. Remember the last post were I was like 8k behind? Well last weekend I kicked ass, writing over 10k and then finishing by Wednesday as I wanted. Wednesday was my day off so I was able to stay up late, write for the majority of the morn after the kiddies went to school and make the 50k by nightfall!

Woot. *waves pom poms*

I'm damn proud of myself. The book is almost done too, currently sitting at 43k plus, it shall be done between 50-55k. Yay. You don't know how happy this makes me. In the midst of stress over real life, your job, kids, etc, its great to feel good about something you care about. I love to write and I love my characters so I'm pleased to have completed Nano and seeing it published next year. I'm looking to 2/17/14 which is my 8th Wedding anniversary. I plan on being in New Orleans again so I hope to make this happen.

Nano is truly a test, especially when you have kids, an EDJ, a significant other. It's hard enough with the distractions, even harder with the aforementioned important things. The EDJ almost killed me but I made it and I'm very happy that it didn't completely stop me from making my goal!

So, I plan on completing by Sunday. *crosses fingers* I'd like to move on to other stories and get ready to promote my Xmas release. To all those who attempted, wtg, even if you didn't win. The idea is you tried it. You're still a winner

* * * *


Contracts signed for ML3 and Rawiya's Special After Xmas Gift
Finish date for ILIR Sunday 12/1 if not 12/2
Short story for Nathan and Bryant Amazon Exclusive
Wretched to come out by 2nd week of December
Sub Call for MLR Next Up
Edits on Jayden to finish b4 subbing


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*Colton Ford looks like I feel*

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And yet another edition of my writing journal.

Well, it's 430 am and I'm awake before work. Been up since two. Why? Well that's because the plot bunnies were a callin'...

Now mind you, I just finished a short story and I'm about to do another for a good friend before I do the full later on in the year. So, I really only have edits to do but in my infinite wisdom, I decided to write out all the stories in my head right now and place them in a doc.

This has happened before! When I had story ideas I put them in a doc with just details, pics of my characters, etc. However, when I cleaned my HD on my laptop, I accidentally deleted these files. GAH! Big mistake but I didn't worry too much because they were still in my head. In addition, I have others actually written out on paper with pen. WHAT A CONCEPT! No one can read it but me! :/

Anyways, to make this long story longer, I recently decided to try getting more organized for 2013. One of my goals was to make a schedule of all the books I was going to write for the year and when so I could mak my goal of 500k and 10 50k novels. Well, guess what? I stopped at like March. Why you ask? Because all my ideas were still in my head and I said, ooh, why don't I put them on paper?

Since I'm already slightly ahead of the game with part one of the Wretched finished, I attempted to accomplish this last evening

Much like the picture depicts above they attacked me. Almost every idea I'd been thinking of was in a doc with pics, small details, some with titles others without. Some had the pseudo already underneath and some didn't! EEK! Some had nothing but pics and a sentence. Jesus! This sort of alarmed me so I had to share this post with you. Lots of incomplete ideas that needed to be formed ended up on pages. And in looking at them, I'm thinking I have enough ideas to last me the next 2-3 years. That's not counting the ones I've written on paper in my chicken scratch!

So what is the lesson learned here peeps? You can't really PLAN the whole year out. I can say, okay, this year I'll write Through the Darkness, finish AS, write the Incumbent, etc but I'm not sure i can say, this month I'll do this story, the next I'll do that one. It must come naturally. 

That's unless you have submission deadlines. This year I only have 3. The Wretched every other month, a sub for the military antho for IRM, and the GRL charity antho. These are the only deadlines I must make for now. Other than that, it's a free for all for the plot bunnies to race to my head first and say, hey I wanna be written, NOW BITCH!

Wow, I'm amazed at the power of the brain, how it's able to retain information and in the head of an author that could be a dangerous thing. Unfortunately, active muses don't really know how to behave. In reality though, do we really want them to? 

Nah, I don't. Better to have a bunch of ragged ideas than none at all!

Oh and lastly? It doesn't help when you see new pics or videos like the one I posted up above of Colton Ford. Now I want to write an m/m story with an older singer and his younger lover... :/

Thank you for listening to me ramble
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Well hello again! This is my end of the year blog. 

What's that? Wait you say? It's not the end of the year? 

Well, it is for me, sort of...

I'm ending the year now as I prepare to do my last new book for 2012, Michael Mandrake's I Like Em Pretty A New Orleans Noir

Check out my post for my goals of 2012 here about what I accomplished last yr.

I'm very happy to say, I pretty much stuck with my plan and finished stories, did editing, and tried to improve my craft.

In 2012 I had 9 releases, 5 more to come, 3 of which are self pubbed. To date, I've written almost 390K and I finished Nano 3 days ago officially. I'm truly stoked at what I've accomplished this year and looking to do even better. 

I can say I've learned a lot more about the business and the tech side of writing too. I took 4 classes, 2 about plotting and worked closely with a fellow author who is my beta and editor. 

I really didn't sub this year but once and it was rejected but I know what I didn't do and I'm looking forward to putting the book out on my own. 

Now, I'm not intimidated with self publishing. Michael's book has done well in these first 4 weeks, mostly on All Romance. Nah, were not making money like EL James but hey, we're pulling in some royalties. 

As always, I'm optimistic. Having more than one beta helps as well. Nothing wring wrong with an extra pair of eyes to find errors in a story. Going into this coming year, I look forward to completing a few stories as well as revising others to be subbed or self published. Here's a list with some changes going forward into 2013 and 2014. 

Michael Mandrake

Vertigo 2 (revise)

Under the Gun (2, 3, 4)

African Sun book 5

Through the Eyes of Darkness 

Closely Guarded Edits

Untitled Twin Vamp Shifter 


Trois in Treble (revise)

African Sun book 4

Smooth Like Latte sequel

Masquerade (revise)

Lessons in Ink (Revise)

Something About Jayden

That Thing

Sugar Daddy Sequel


Losing Inhibitions 2

Candyman edit and sequel

You Don't Ask Sequel (Rolled last 3 books into 1)

The Wretched Series

Taming Wild Horses

*** I also have a couple of series the muses will be doing together

Triple Play baseball Antho

College m/m series

Safe Antho

Admittedly, self pubbing has given me confidence to put out a stories on my own, which means it has a good chance of coming out in 2012. I'm also looking to do free reads more often which is the only thing I didn't keep up with.  I did do a few throughout when I signed up for prompts but I'd like to do a long one to be downloaded and shared on the blog. 

So, it's going to be very busy. I get tired just looking at it. Still I'm thankful for all the success and hope that you'll try following along with my progress. 

Thanks for listening and I'll try getting here more often. 

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Wow! I haven't posted since my birthday? Damn...


I've been very active on the promo and blogging and of course writing but I'm taking a break to do edits on old stories and finish some that have yet to be done! Let's see if I can do the last 4 months in this post!

RELEASES: Vertigo in Jan, You Don't Ask and Time to Make the Donuts in Feb, Under the Gun in March, and Living in the Now in April. 

CONTRACTS: 1 for a short in th Its Raining Men anthology

Accomplishments: Top 10 selling author at Rebel Ink for BL, Best erotica author at XOXO for Michael Mandrake in 2011

Books to come: Smooth Like Latte Rawiya May 2012 NNP

Losing My Inhibitions BL het  June 2012  Rebel

Candyman BL August 2012 NNP

Sugar Daddy Rawiya Oct/Nov 2012 NNP

True Meaning 2 Michael M ???? XOXO

Self Pub project Dec 2012

Writing: 168K so far this year and counting. The goal is 480K. I think I'll pas that easily even without NANO

Edits: Vertigo 2, My Lieutenant 2, Lessons in Ink, African Sun

Finishing: Closely Guarded, Trois in Treble (Revise), Wild Horses

Series: You Don't Ask, Hardy and Day Under the Gun, Something New on the Menu

I think that about covers it! I have more book on the docket as well that I''ll start later. This year has been all about learning and perfecting the craft. Okay it will never be perfect, lets just say getting better! I need to remember to check in for ANYONE who was reading. If you were, thanks for being patient!

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Damn Livejournal didn't allow me to login from any browser until I just tried a minute ago. SO NOT JOKING. Hey folks, get your shit together, huh?

Anyway, I've still been busy editing mostly, a little writing on the side, mostly fanfic and my free read I've decided to do for Xmas. I was down a couple of days too, not wanting to do a darn thing especially last Sunday.

Ironically, this happened after  had a great night with my husband. Them fuckin' hormones, I tell ya!

I just had a moment where you look back at your life and figure, damn, what have I accomplished? I also started to have doubts about my writing abilities. I had the moment where I said, I'm not good enough because I noticed other writers being in the top 100 on Amazon and getting rave reviews. I mean, I havent made it with the Amazon thing yet but I have sold books through All Romance, Bookstrand especially, the proof comes from my pubs. And I've had a few good reviews, even a few fan letters. 

All of us authors go through it. I've coached some of my fellow writers who are better than me through it and when I posted in one of the FB groups about my feelings, I got a wealth of support from a lot of them telling me how good I really am and that it will pass. What to do when I feel that way, etc. It was really great and that, along with some reading as well as stroking from BFF's helped tremendously. Now, Im back to feeling confident again and ready for the new year.

In looking back at 2011, I have accomplished a bunch.

I made my goal of 20 acceptances. I have 9 books coming out next year so far 4 from Rawiya alone. I'm stoked. It doesn't even count all the other stories that have yet to be subbed. I had 4 books come out this year, 8 short stories. Some don't even get that

Sales have been good on my other books and I see myself finally making more money from writing which is pretty cool. I'm making a name, building a brand, these things take time and truly a little luck is needed when you create the book that gets rave reviews and great Amazon sales. I know my time will come for Amazon when I write a book that catches on. 

So... as you can see, I feel better and glad LJ let me back in. Thanks to everyone who said nice things this past week and all my fans, the few I have. *giggle* For supporting me through my first full yr of writing. Its been a blast and will be even better in 2012.

Oh who is that guy up top? MMA fighter and model Adam Von Rothsfelder. My new muse and I think he should be my avatar since he's a fighter like I'm aiming to be!

Isnt he hot. *drools*
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I or would that be we are 13 away from our goal to be accepted and or published 20 times with 3 sole author books. The muses have made the sole author bit easily now we need more stories to be liked. Its wonderful to be loved... :P

I know I could've saved this for the update but I couldn't hold it in till Monday. Being a published author is something I never thought possible and now, I know its more than a dream. Its reality.

I couldn't be more thankful to all 6 of my publishers! They've assisted me in this goal that I set for myself earlier this year, which is a pretty decent achievement.

I set out to have 20 accepted or published stories for 2011 3 of which were to be sole author books. Right now, I have 7 pubbed with 3 sole authors coming out. One next week, A Second Chance, My Lieutenant will be out in the fall, and Something New on the Menu which is only awaiting a rewrite and then my pub will put it out as a standalone.

That doesnt even count the 7 I have still waiting on the decision and the almost half dozen I am writing.

I know a big part of my success is EPublishing where many of my fellow authors may not even get a shot if not for the wonders of this great invention. Would I have made it if there was no epub? I doubt it, unless I were writing for magazines and then, even for that the competition is stiff.

Am I even good enough for what we call, New York publishers. Nope. I know that. I'm barely good at this. *laughs* I prefer to stay grounded because there's so much more to learn and in a lot of cases the things that have gotten accepted I wanna bang my head against a wall because I know I could've done better.

The key is learning and growing and that's what I set out to do.

Why do I love writing? I love my muses, and my muses love to torture me. *grins* The writing goals are a few of the biggest ones Ive accomplished in my life. For that I can be proud and I thank my pubs for the faith in me...

Okay, off the personal pat on the back trip and back to writing!
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Yep, this explains it. Up past my knees in WIP's, Edits, promos and...whew...

As some of you know, I have teamed up with a group of fellow authors to do a all gay male blog called, Its Raining Men.

We just opened last Friday and its doing really well. Which is great for all of us since it will not only help our careers, but also our peers. It will also be a source of great entertainment for all of our viewers. :)

Here is the drawback: It's another thing that cuts into my writing time. :P

I have edits and thank goodness my editor is not hot to have mine at the moment. He did email me and said he'd be looking over the Bondage Antho stories which meant Binding Justice would be under a microscope. *shudder*

I also have Perfect Man (Lose Myself) AS, and Vertigo for him.

What I'm hoping is I'll have 3 of these 6 done by the end of the month. If I continue at the pace I'm going, I wont have them complete.
Thank goodness there are only 3 calls this month. 2 for my main publisher. WHEW...

So yes, I am soaked because Its Raining MEN!! LOL <3 BWAHHAA! Pun intended. Now, do I really want an umbrella?
I think I'll take my chances...



Mi Familia
Trois in Tune

My goal is to get Vertigo, Lieutenant, and Lessons done. Trois, Im not so sure. Since I nixed the deadline, the characters are more at ease to allow the story to go at a slower pace.

Vertigo has taken a different turn. The muse likes the fright angle while Lieutenant wants to finish to make it to the Masquerade crew. (Yep, thats where its going)

Lessons is going very well. I've written 3K on this story so far and I'm looking to have between 7-10


Main publisher. 2 Revisions - Sweetest Taboo to a pub for a contest...

Thats all for now. Make sure you visit Its Raining Men


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