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I'm busy writing my last book for this year and then I'll end it with a short story for a fan...

Then edits... o.O

Lots of them. That will be the next blog...


So the title of this journal entry is defying the muse. What does that mean? Well, while writing I Like 'Em Pretty now book one in my new series I'm doing along with Masquerade, Michael wanted the focus of the book to be more on the murder. It's an m/m noir with romance, suspense, and a little hot sex. 

Yeah, he really wanted to concentrate on the main plot and the subplot be the romance. Instead, the characters wanted the focus on them. Now mind you, they aren;t even making love to like the end of the book so what do I mean? The actual courtship, Frankie's emotions, Kajika's emotions, and the intro to several characters that will make appearances throughout the collection. 

Not only that, BL's characters Bryant and Nathan show up too since they're down in Nola after tehir most recent book. Pretty cool huh? Yeah it's turning out to be rather long but i love that the couple and their journey to be together is the focus. Makes it more of an erotica romance much to Michael's chagrin. *giggles*

It's okay Michael. We're gonna write a book the way YOU want eventually. Still he can't argue that the book is going really well. At this point, looks like Wednesday will be the day we finish first draft!

For a snippet, check out the last Saturday Sips at Michael's

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Greetings readers...

Can I just say how much I love my muses?

As you know, my alter egos and me form the Triad...

Lately I have been finishing stories, not really working on anything new for the exception of Sweetest Taboo and Binding Justice. I have not submitted but once this year until yesterday when I did one for a publisher for Masquerade and earlier this morning for Binding Justice.

What does this show?

That I haven't done any new anthology submissions.

Well, that will change!

For the next couple of months, (March and April) I have about 5-7 I would like to do. Now, that doesn't mean they are a guarantee but, its in my head to do something for each one.

For the next one due March 15th, I am to do to eight page stories, both m/m. One of the mobster genre another about tall Dark Men.

Well, I had absolutely no ideas for that first one until I read the call again then brainstormed a little. Rawiya and Michael came up empty but for whatever reason when I started thinking mobster, ruthless, foulmouthed...

There came Miss Thang to the rescue...

Mind you, she's the rock and roller but any dialogue that will allow her to be the sass crass slut that she is, she likes. So she came up with an idea that she will have me working on along with her other story, My Lieutenant.

I love her...she does more than just stories about musicians. She is my original pseudonym after all, so really I cannot say I'm surprised.

I'm lucky to have my two alter egos to help me along as I continue to make a name for myself. They have been very helpful and heres hoping they will not fail me anytime soon.

I really don't think they will. We have a book full of ideas to keep us busy.


  • As I stated, Binding Justice is done. Submitted to my editor yesterday. We shall see if he likes it enough to include it in his bondage antho.
  • Masquerade was given to a different editor yesterday so I'll keep you posted there.
  • Not sure if I revealed that Sweetest Taboo was turned down on its first run but I have another one that I am thinking of giving it to.
  • Starting this week, I will be doing part two of Vertigo as well as more on Lose Myself. He would like at least 5K more on that story before considering to release a full version.
  • I will be doing edits on African Sun starting today as well as starting part three on Tuesday. My target date for finishing part three is 4/30/11, I hope to get 1 and 2 out before late summer, early fall
  • My Lieutenant is almost done. I'll be working on that along with the new mob story as well as the Tall dark man story all at once.
  • I began my free read, Mi Familia on my Blog, crossposting here in my slash group as well as on and
I think that is plenty to do right? *laughs*

Of course there are more stories on the brain but my biggest focus is getting them complete for my fave publisher.

I'll keep you abreast of anymore developments if you're paying attention.

That's all for now...

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Well, at around midnight, Michael and I started penning, Binding Justice, our M/M erotica bondage romance that we would like to submit to our favorite publisher by 2/15.

Seemingly my main character, Sergeant Sire Jacobs, had a lot to say since I got 1200 words down right off the bat. I am completely thrilled.

I intend for it to be a little humorous as well as hot and sexy, that is what I want anyway. I know that Sire and his cohort on the story may have even more ideas to throw in my head. My characters always surprise me with curveballs.

As far as my other stories, Longing for A Normal State of Vertigo, Masquerade, and Only When I Lose Myself, I am looking to finish those as well along with a coupe of fanfictions that I am working on. I actually have 4 ff's that are in progress and for my readers community, i try keeping all updated at least once a month. One of them I do, weekly since it is an M/M crossover paranormal.

How the hell do I keep all my characters straight? They know who they are and they want their stories written. The guys from the above stories have already set in their heads what they want next. As a matter of fact, what;s even scarier is the ones from Masquerade would like me to go on and continue part two along with the first segment to make it a more complete book. I may take them up on that and if it does happen, Masquerade may not get done until April. ;P

So, that leaves me to concentrate on the Binding, Vertigo, and Lose which I could totally deal with. They are all going to the same publisher so that also makes it easier.

Oh and the novel, African Sun? Part 1& 2 are written, part 3 will not get started for another 2 weeks. I talked with my editor and he says if I can get the manuscript as clean as possible we can present to the senior editor/company owner before summer... YAY! That will be awesome...

Keep watching this space to find out more about my musings... ;P


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