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So I left on February 26th and came back March 3rd from Mardi Gras.

I've made this trip for the last 6 years straight and this time, I took my 9 year old daughter with me and my husband.

It was a glorious trip. I didn't get much any writing done because we were out in the streets most of the day and not a lot of down time except at night. Of course, with my daughter there, we couldn't go on Bourbon and party on Fat Tuesday, and yes, it felt really odd! But still she had a great time and I'm glad I got to take her. With her being there, partying was limited, but we did do the touristy things.

She wanted to go to the cemetary, so we went on the cemetary tour because you can't go into one of the Louis cemetaries (there are 3) without a guide. Though it was pricey, it was well worth it. I learned a lot from our person, who btw, is named Daphne. She reallyw as hysterical and very knowledgable. We really enjoyed it.

We also visited the Louisiana State Museum on Thursday. And boy, did the plot bunnies snowball on me then! I mean, historicals, ideas for a couple of ghost stories. I've done cops in NOLA, and with a little help from a fmr cop friend in LA and lots of reading, I hope it did okay with trying to make the series believable.

Now, I want to do more paranormals, esp. with Michael, and more historicals. More books with Native Americans, books during the civil war, the slave trade. etc. There were so many little scenarios I thought about. And they're all in my brain. :P

Now I just need to write everything down.

EEK that's gonna be fun NOPE

and I have to catch up with my boys in SMOKE because believe you me, they are waiting.

Oh, and my muse? Well that's Nick Bateman. I have a story for him that BL will write and hopefully sub by the end of the year. We'll see what happens!

* * * *

So with no writing, I am still on the same WIPs.

Reader Request

I haven't started Immortals yet, but I will this week. By the time i finish the reader's story, I should also do my 3rd book in the PROTEKT series. I hope to have that finished by June/July.

The first book in Immortals has to be released by late April for me to stay on Schedule. :)
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Greetings! Another post by me, triad writer talking about my muses. This week, i'm talking about Michael and his love for writing about demons.

Not sure where it started, maybe with Vertigo and then continuing on to his story, Demon Be Mine in the Only That Night Anthology.

Michael loves stories about the undead. Camps, shifters, demons preferably who have a sexy side, kill for the good, and fall in love. He loves the complicated plots, the excitement of putting together paranormal stories with some kind of message. We've read a few stories but we'd like to read more to get ourselves prepared for what we want to talk about. Something about a hero that's not squeaky clean like Superman but has powers, is devious, and sexy as all hell. We want to write that story or stories and damnit we want it now but I am a triad author which means 2 other muses ache for my attention too. *sigh*

But the thing I love about the Michael muse he's patient. He'll wait his turn. Unlike BL who is rebellious and Rawiya, well she's patient too but even she can be antsy when she wants. Michael will wait until I have the time to write those stories. We'll continue to take notes, read other books, and then when I have the time to get the details for the next paranormal, the Michael muse will be happy.

So what is this one about? Well, it's a continuation of the N'awlins Exotica Paranormal with Demon Be Mine in the same series. In Mon Amour, the character Ryder speaks about some kind of undead creature coming after his Sire. The thought is this same being killed his vampire maker and Ryder would like to find it to avenge his death. In Demon Be Mine, Valios is a soul catcher demon who mistakenly falls for an angel. There's more to his story with angel Calisto and I'll intersect that with the vampire stories to create a whole new series.

UGH! So much easier said than done but I'm looking forward to it. Just something about demons... I dunno... The man above Tangi will be one of them in this collection to come.

Oh I can't wait but there's more to do with N'awlins Exotica in the real world. The underworld will just have to wait along with Michael for their time to be written!

* * * *


For this week, I'm doing a lot of fanfic writing with edits. BL is doing Under the Gun to get ready to send in and then I'll be doing Wild Horses.

After that, I'll be releasing Guardian Angel under Michael, and working on the Wretched, the sequel to Guardian, and Something Like Jayden with Rawiya.

I have to start subbing again! GAH! I'm so used to doing my own thing but I hope my next 2 books will be worthy of a publisher.

Wish me luck!


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