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Greetings from the head.

Another Monday revelation, another week in a writers life!

Ah support and nudges! Thats what we all need, right?


In everyday life, we crave attention as well as a teamwork sort of setting. A cheering section as well as a little friendly competition as we strive to do whatever in life we set out to do.

Well, this is even more true with writers. Because an authors life is lonely. (Talking to the muses doesn't count as interaction) we seek out people to listen to us and help us. We love to talk about our work and hear comments. So when things like NaNoWriMo are going on, most hop aboard not only for the comraderie but also for the challenge.

Well, I did the NaNo last year and wrote African Sun book one, 73k in a month.

This year I plan to do it again but I have also pushed myself by doing two major writers challenges in May and this month, August as well as several writing sprints.

Author, Shoshanna Evers is well known in the erotica genre. She is also a fab person from what I know of her in the virtual world. She came up with two writer's challenges where we who signed up had to write 50k and 40k in a month. Unlike with NaNo, you dont have to stay on one project and you could start on something you'd already been doing prior to that month.

In May, I did really well, 61k or so for the month. Not many of my peers made that mark and a lot of them were amazed at how fast I got to 50. This month, I'm sitting at about 62Kplus. I've completed 1 short, the Novel for True Meaning 2 and I'm doing a novella that I thought would be 20k but has ballooned to about 26k. I attribute a lot of this not only because I work well when there is a deadline in place but also because I love the challenge.

I made the 40k somewhere around the 11th because TM2 was in full swing and there were a few days I wrote about 5k or so a day. Also, the daily writers sprints on Twitter help as well. #1k1hr, a bunch of writers get together and display that hashtag to write and or edit. 1000 in an hr is harder than you think. Not even I have made it that many times, but to know that youre writing with others does help.

The muses and I love to work with that added sense of friendly competition. We don't do it as a "look what I can do" to the other writers because we're still cheering them on, however, it does feel good to know, I'll most likely hit the 70k or a bit more before months end and know I completed my goals.

They were: get TM2 Done, have my novella for the sub done by the 25th as well as a Halloween short and regular gay short for one press. Well, the gay short is almost finished. TM2 Done, Halloween short done, and the novella should be done with about 2 days to spare.

So, yay for the 40k team, and yay for me and the muses! Michael, in specifically. We kicked ass all month. However, I have to say, I wouldn''t have done it without that nudge.

Thanks Shoshanna and 40k crew.

And to all the writers out there, you can do it. Push yourself a little everyday to get something on paper. Even if its shit, theres always edits and revisions!



I'm amazed at how quickly me and a muse can work.

Michael and I are almost done with this submission called The Professor. It may be part of a little series. I hope to get this done before tomorrow since its longer than what I expected.

After this, I'll finish my gay short then work on editing T2 as well as the shorts to send out.

I have a novella due on the 25th of September as well as 4 subcalls I'd like to do by the 31st of October.

I also still have 4 stories to finish.

Mi Familia is close to completion 33k now

AS Havent touched it. :/ Sakina and gang are patient though. I might pick this back up at the beginning of September and work on only it to finish.

Closely Guarded and Wild Horses are still in the beginning. I'm think Taming will be done after AS then Closely Guarded will be last so I can give it my upmost attention.

I'll be starting on edits for Vertigo with my fave editor in mid Sept and Im really close to my first writers retreat. Gay Rom Lit. I really want to finish EVERYTHING before that date of OCT 13th if possible. I'll be picking which of the 4 subcalls matter the most to me and perhaps do two of them.

We shall see.

In all honesty, I'd like to finish what I have and Start a totally clean slate when I return from my "vacation"

Thanks for listening as always!

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I or would that be we are 13 away from our goal to be accepted and or published 20 times with 3 sole author books. The muses have made the sole author bit easily now we need more stories to be liked. Its wonderful to be loved... :P

I know I could've saved this for the update but I couldn't hold it in till Monday. Being a published author is something I never thought possible and now, I know its more than a dream. Its reality.

I couldn't be more thankful to all 6 of my publishers! They've assisted me in this goal that I set for myself earlier this year, which is a pretty decent achievement.

I set out to have 20 accepted or published stories for 2011 3 of which were to be sole author books. Right now, I have 7 pubbed with 3 sole authors coming out. One next week, A Second Chance, My Lieutenant will be out in the fall, and Something New on the Menu which is only awaiting a rewrite and then my pub will put it out as a standalone.

That doesnt even count the 7 I have still waiting on the decision and the almost half dozen I am writing.

I know a big part of my success is EPublishing where many of my fellow authors may not even get a shot if not for the wonders of this great invention. Would I have made it if there was no epub? I doubt it, unless I were writing for magazines and then, even for that the competition is stiff.

Am I even good enough for what we call, New York publishers. Nope. I know that. I'm barely good at this. *laughs* I prefer to stay grounded because there's so much more to learn and in a lot of cases the things that have gotten accepted I wanna bang my head against a wall because I know I could've done better.

The key is learning and growing and that's what I set out to do.

Why do I love writing? I love my muses, and my muses love to torture me. *grins* The writing goals are a few of the biggest ones Ive accomplished in my life. For that I can be proud and I thank my pubs for the faith in me...

Okay, off the personal pat on the back trip and back to writing!
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Greetings people.

Welcome to the Monday Update!

A little earlier this week than last week...


Anyway, today's lesson is why I love being a writer!


New covers and author copies! (Author copy Sweeter just came today far left)

New covers (Michael Mandrakes Photogenic in Tina B's and A Second Chance Michael's new novel. BL's My Lieutenant)

Love looking in the inbox and seeing the covers from the EIC Editor in Chief or the cover artist! WOOT

I love having 2 editors, with the same name, tell me they love my writing and want more! (Happy dance)

Love having my fave editor tell me i'm still in his thoughts even when he has other better writers to take care of.

Free books and the love of fellow authors. Oops did I say that outloud? 0.o Its true though. So many of the authors share their books freely! I have done the same even though I dont have that many

Gaining new fans and the few i do have sending me cards or emails telling me how appreciate they are of my work.

The support of the author community! For the most part, everyone no matter what genre, has been cheering me on.

Lastly, the muses keep channeling me and running me ragged with new plots and details in my sleep or even when out partying. (Last night)

So many reasons! Notice I didn't mention money. Why? Hasn't really come yet but in small increments which are always helpful but, not the most important thing.

The support and love as well as the passion to create keeps me going!

Nothing is better than that




New covers above 3 of them!

Arent they lovely?

A Second Chance is in edits, no date yet but should be out in mid-late July

My Lieutenant will be in edits slated for release in Aug-Sept

The antho - Tina B's antho is out now at XOXO publishing

WIP's? 10


Taken - MM 6/30

You Dont Ask - BL 7/15

Closely Guarded - MM 8/1

Something New Rewrite longer version BL 8/1


Mi Familia

True Meaning II



Lessons in Ink

Sugar Daddy

Taming Wild Horses

So much work. When will I get through? Well these and like 6 other subcalls loom for July.

Needless to say, Im busy...

I'm doing well though. i'm ahead of schedule on the novels and the muses dont seem to be dying on any story even when I havent wrote on them in a while.

Have 2 stories to do in fanfiction as well which I hope to work on this week

Thanks to all for all the kind words and support!



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