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Usually I leave the personal stuff off my blogs including this one when I talk about my writing endeavors but I can't keep this quiet since I need to get it off my chest. 

Today, my son was jumped on the way home from school. Now mind you, my son is 14, about 5"3, less than a hundred pounds. He's very smart, sort of a nerd even. Dont tell him I said that. *forced grin* Anyways, he was minding his own business about a block away from home when 2 thugs jumped him and stole his phone. 

My son loves gadgets. The phone he carried wasn't even ON but yet these two fools punched him in the face several times, took his phone and ran off. The thing was worth less than a hundred dollars, and again, not activated. He carried it for storage, music, etc but yeah they beat him up for it. Way to go you two assholes for picking on a small kid who can't defend himself!

I am beyond livid but I am thankful for several reasons. One, my son is alive, two they didn't shoot him, knife him, or seriously hurt him. Three they didn't kidnap him or assault him sexually and four, he was blocks away from my home and able to get to me immediately. 

Back to my rant. These idiots probably go to the high school about 3 blocks away. I purposely didn't send my son there because I wanted him to get a better education and be in a more diverse environment. I worried from day one about the length of time for travel, his distance from home, and what might happen with us not near. But today, something happens in my own neighborhood! Unreal. 

I'm really upset about this and might not be able to sleep well tonight. It might hamper the rest of my Nano progress but at the moment, I don't care. A lot of negativity is passing through my brain and I'm trying to control my anger.

I have to ask, what has to occur to make people get control over their own children? Why bother someone who is minding their own business?

I'm tired of hearing how people are trying to do something about it. Seemingly, not enough is being done. I know, its happened for eons. Kids beat up other kids for more or less and some have loss their lives. Mine is a lucky one but what happens when yours is not so fortunate?

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Yep, I should have been working on one of my WIP's but instead I was doing up my new author FB profile.

I basically removed all the photos of myself and friends family that I had been tagged in and made it only myself, my book covers and meninspirations, like that one up above of Boris Kodjoe.

Now that I have calmed own a little, I  could not help but think about how utterly ridiculous it was that some one had done that. That authors page was a way from me to keep private and writing life separate. Advertise blog posts, books, my accomplishments, etc.

I also have a fangirl FB so I can keep in touch with fellow fans of my fave music groups.

Now though, I have NO personal life on FB. The only pics that remain are myself which really could have been avoided if this person would have either stopped looking at my page or not visited all together.

2 hours it took me to make my public writer FB a bit enjoyable to look at. Now the only people that know who I am are my actual friends apart from my writer friends, pubs etc. I am still pissed about this. The only way I could put some personality into it was by adding photos of my favorite men.

Yes, I could have still added my friends, babies and locked the profile, but what for? It is a marketing tool ONLY...

Thank you again FB for making it hard to advertise and sell urself and your craft for free.

>: (

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