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Sooo... I'm done. You say with WHAT? PROTEKT 3 is done. Crossfire, yes that one!


*runs around the room screaming*

Believe me, I'm stoked to finally finish it. Not because I didn't like the story, but because it took so long to figure out exactly how I wanted everything to go. 


Yeah, maybe I should've plotted it thoroughly, but when I wrote the synopsis, I knew exactly what I wanted to occur. I just didn't know the map to get there. GEEZ! Regardless, I wrote the ending and a per usual, I don't really like it. Meaning that last sentence. That last part that supposed to leave you with all the feels. 


This one isn't giving me that, so I'm taking a break from it, then picking it back up in a couple of days to edit. I also need to find a beta or 2 for it before I turn it in so maybe the publisher might have it by September 20th!

WHICH IS... the same day I release Veronica's first book. Due to time and other issues, I won't be doing the short for her right now, but I will be start her next novella that I will send to a publisher. Hopefully, you'll check out her first story. It's an interracial romance called Riding the Curve. It's a short, sexy erotica story for grownups.



I really hop you check that out. Then, BL's two shorts should be out shortly after that. UTG3's cover is in the works. Edits are done. Still waiting on edits for Hirah, so I hope to get them both out by the end of this month.

So what's next in WIP's? ANASA, of course. The poor man is chomping at the bit, so he'll finally get to start this weekend. Then, I'll follow with Rawiya's MM, and BL's short once Rawiya is finished. As always a bunch to do, but at least CROSSFIRE is in the books. 

Well, first draft anyway!

*pats myself on the back*

Do you know how hard it is to finish a book with so much doubt swirling in your brain? I'm sure you do, so cut me some slack!


Aug. 16th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Greetings folks.

Well, I subbed Smoke and it was rejected. 


I worked really hard on this story as I do with all of them, but 4-5 months of agonizing over it and it's all gone for naught. 

At least I tried. Unfortunately if you were looking for this book to come out in 2017 that is highly unlikely. The size of it permits me from self pubbing it. Why you ask? The edits. Right now, it isn't in the cards. So, I'll hang on to it until the end of the year. Maybe things will be better and I can do it. Never know, but for now I'm shelving it.

With that bad news, I'm trying to push forward with my current WIPs. I have 3 stories working right now. Crossfire, and my two shorts. I haven't started Immortals 3 yet because I truly wanted to finish one first before starting another. The shorts are both about 9k plus and I'm going for at least 11-13k on both. As we speak, I'm focusing on Crossfire because I hope to get it to my publisher before the end of the month. I have so much on the WIP list that I'm pretty sure some of those will not be published until next year. 

In the meantime, I need to focus. I banked on the pub liking this story and justifying the time I spent on it. I also wanted Michael to do something different. At this point, I might take the editor's suggestions and change the POV. I also might put it under BL because it is more of her kind of story anyway. A part of me just wants people to read it. When I looked at the reject letter I thought about just putting it in as freebies in my newsletter, but I can't. I'd really like it to get it's own cover and go on Amazon one day. It just won't be this year. 


So there it is. The trials of being an author. One of them spelled out for you. I'm not giving up hope for SMOKE though. I want this story to be loved and get some recognition for the complex plot. Perhaps down the line, things will change and i can come up with a better solution. 

Thanks for listening!

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Well, Under the Gun 3 is done for now. I finished it Thursday night. The muses wanted a wedding scene in the end, but I didn't have it in me and put it to the side. It ended up about 21k, which was 4 short of what I thought. Perhaps time away from it will put me in a better frame of mind.

The good news is, my BL muse is back. I started my MM short for my project and it's going well. I was afraid Michael had completely taken over my brain, but not yet. *grins* I still need to finish PROTEKT3 which I will, but I'm on deadline for the two shorts so they take precedence. 

This past week I got an email from my publisher. She asked my writing plans, and I just happened to go back and look at my answers. 


I totally failed. I'm working on PROTEKT, but other than that, I haven't sent her anything I wanted to. It's a bummer. :( She was understanding and I told her she would at least have PROTEKT for sure. 

A part of me wants to write something dystopian. DAMN MUSE! *shakes fists at Michael* He always has to be so damn complicated. My pub is having a subcall, so that might be why. 

GRR. I really need to shut down the plot bunnies. My feeble brain cannot keep up with all the ideas. I have loads of them and yet, not enough hands or stamina. I can barely keep up with what I have. 

So as for WIP's? I'm still on PROTEKT3, but the MM shorts, one of which is for charity are on my mind first and foremost. BL is writing one and Rawiya the other. I also have my Veronica novella to start. When PROTEKT3 is done, I'll probably start on that, but BL has 2 stories she'd like done b4 the end of the year. DON'T THEY ALL?


I will be tired as hell, but I'm hoping to get at least 2-3 more subs in my the end of the year!

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Ah. Even more relief!

I can breathe a little bit easier now with yet another book off my WIP list. My first draft of Hirah 3 is done. So, I'll let her fester, then go back when it's time to edit. I worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but once I gave them something to disagree on, the story wrote itself. Then, it was sweet reunion. It ended up being about 24k, which is cool.

Now, on to the next project. I am still doing edits on See No Evil and at this point I'm looking at February for it to come out. This is difficult, because again, it's being self-published. So when the money is low and I'm not able to pay an editor, the book gets shelved. I'll finally be able to get it to her so she can work on it.

The next project is a Valentine's Day short I committed to doing by February 5th. I don't have a title, but it will be the same story I mentioned in my last post with Ryland and Valios. I'm thinking since it is mostly about lust and not love, it should be an easy task. I'm hoping to drum up some readership for Michael's Immortal Souls series, which I am starting immediately.

At this point, I am ready to put BL away for the moment. We're going to finish UTG3, then I will stop writing with her until May. Then, I will pick up the follow-up to Odd Couple, perhaps My Lieutenant, as well as more books in the Metalrotica series. There is also a chance I will work with my co-author at that time on another book with BL as well.

While Michael and I finish up the short, we will do Immortals, and start the last book in the PROTEKT series. We also have my book with my co-author and Smoke to finish. I plan on getting at least 4 books for Michael done before I start with BL again.

I'm also planning a book for Rawiya and 2 of my new muses. At least one in the time I leave BL alone. Geez! I'm making a tall order for myself, but I really feel I can get something accomplished.

With January almost done, I have several releases to look forward to.

Under the Gun 2 re-release
Hirah #2

See No Evil
Wounded Pride (DSP)

Hirah #3
Under the Gun 3

Demon be Mine (Immortals 1)

I also have books going to publishers. So I hope this means new readership throughout the year. and my anxieties are gone for now, but perhaps with the more I get accomplished, the more I'll forget to worry.

Oh and you ask, why I have Jason Momoa up there? Well if you didn't know, he's my muse for Valios. *fan self* He's such a charmer, but he's a demon too. ;)

Thx for listening

* * * *


Smoke MM
Love at the Right Tempo MM
Under The Gun 3 BL
Valentine's Day Free MM
DD Fanfic An Unexplainable Predictament SD
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Okay, so this is the 2nd update. It is the homestretch, but I didn't get the chance to come back over here until now. More fuckery happened on Tuesday, but I got through it. Lets just say, car trouble. Yep, time to get another car.

Anyway, with writing, I'm over 40K on Smoke.


I do adore this story. It's humorous, angsty, sexy. Oh and the characters. They are writing themselves and I'm tagging along while they run rampant on this manuscript. In my last post I was pissed, but Santiago has helped me right the ship...

A little.

Santiago is still my guy, but this one above has taken over the focus. He is such an ass! He is the muse I am using for Myles. BTW, I love Boris Kodjoe! I've used him a couple of times and when I put his sexy face in with a particular character, it always seems to work.

Oh yes, back to Smoke. It's going great and I'm very sure the story will be about 70-80K. Yes, that's right. In this first 40, nothing much has happened except some fuckery as Santiago called it, that has taken a lot longer than expected. Also, all 3 men have POV's so their thoughts are all on paper. Some emotional men, they are, and yes, I love that too.

I do hope to be done in December so i can pass it on to some betas, but guaranteed I will have the 50k needed to win Nano in the next few days. Then I might give it a rest so I can finish See No Evil and Hirah.

Until next time!

* * * *


Smoke at 40K, nowhere near done!
See No Evil at 26K
I shelved Hirah 3 for now because I'd like to finish See and book 2 isn't on the editor's desk yet.
I'm thinking of writing an Xmas short for two old characters. Not sure who, but stay tuned.
2 freebies as well as my fanfic.
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Soooo... I picked my story for Nano. Well, not without help. I had my husband pick a story out of a hat and on the 3rd try, this one won out. It's my M/M/M story Where There's Smoke by BLMorticia. It's a menage with some angst and heartache. BL plans to torture the characters for Nano. I've had his story on tap for at least 2 years and been wanting to write it for the longest. Now, I'm finally getting a chance and I am stoked.

Wish me luck on the story! Will give updates on my Nano progress!


Where There's Smoke NANO
See No Evil N'awlins Book 6
Hirah Blaze Book 3
Under the Gun Book 3
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Well, I finally got Hirah going. I put the book up late Friday night and it is now available on Amazon.

Link -

I'm stoked about my new venture into bisexual romances, and no, It isn't a menage! I had the hardest time figuring out how to categorize this book. It's about a heavy metal guitarist, there's some romance, a little snark, but it isn't your traditional love story. It's a spinoff of my Wretched series which is still FREE at Smashwords and All Romance and I'm hoping those who have read that series will love the fiesty Hirah Blaze as she plays with her new band in search for super stardom. And she's so focused until bassist Chad Stephenson makes his presence felt, She's all badass and then the hottie from Austin disrupts her concentration.

Sure there is some cat and mouse, a lot of comedy and some sexy times, but I have to admit, it's not the traditional guy gets girl book. It didn't start that way but there is some good times to be had betwene Hirah and Chad. There's a lot going on around them too, as in the case of Corey during The Wretched Tales. I have a knack for wanting to write a budding romance when it's surrounded by chaos. and sometimes that chaos can interfere with what happens to the couple.

If you take the chance on Hirah, you'll see what I mean. Book 2 is already done and I hope to have it out before 3rd week of November. I have just started book 3! ;)

And as far as Nano goes, I did put six story names in a bucket for hubby to pull out, but  cheated a little because he pulled out the lesbian fic I wanted to do as well as Veronica Bagby book. I told him I wasn't ready for either one of those yet, so he pulled out Where There's Smoke.


It's an M/M/M set in a small town in Illinois with some angst and drama. And there is a baby admist all this chaos. What did I say about wanting to write a love story with so many events happening around the couple? In this case, it's a threesome. A man who still loves his ex and his current and wants to find a way for all of them to be happy together. Indeed its a challenge but the story has been in my to do folder for almost 3 years plus. It's time to write it, and of course, it is  BL story.

Ta for now!

Please go check out HIRAH!
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Greetings folks. So another year is gone. Wha? Are you kidding me? I really cannot believe that 2013 is gone but hey, its 2014 so let's go!

Anyways, what did I manage to accomplish? I released 18 books, only two were novels. I also did a couple of shorts for anthologies too. What I noticed when I did my video for covers only 3 were released through pubs. A Special After Christmas Gift, Queer Fables, and Candyman. That brings me to my goal of subbing to other pubs. I was supposed to do 10. :/ I only subbed 3 and just one was a new pub I haven't been pubbed by. So that one still stands. The breakdown is 5 from Michael, 3 from Rawiya, and 2 from BL.

Writing wise I passed my 500k goal. Just barely too. 501K plus and only because I suffered writer's block in December. I didn't really think it could happen to me but after finishing I Love it Rough I did. My brain was exhausted, I was stressed from the EDJ and Christmas and it sent the muses into hiding. For nearly 2 weeks I didn't write anything. *grimaces* I started a short on 12/30 just to get out the kinks and I hope that works since I have a few things I want to write this month. Mainly some revisions and rewrites. There are stories that need to be revised for me to submit in the coming months. And I have some new stories I'd like to write this year.

I'll continue to write the Wretched for BL since its gaining some popularity. Someone asked me today when I was continuing. ;D Made me pretty happy. Also, edits on I Love it Rough this month for the 2/17 release. I have the twins story and I'd like to do a baseball anthology between the muses.

This year the writing goal is 325k. Why? Well, I figured 11 months at 25k a month = 275k plus Nano at 50k. That gives me more time to edit, revise, read, learn, research and promo. I'm pretty sure I'll pass that easily with the novels I have planned but I left it low so the daily pressure wouldn't be so high.

We shall see what happens especially when my 4th muse begins writing. I'm looking forward to the challenges and the new year.
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Why did I decide to do this for the 4th time? I have no idea. Yeah I do, because I love competition, and even though the camaraderie is great throughout the author community for the whole year, it really comes together for Nano. The fellowship, the sprints, sharing each other's successes and joys or their troubles over plot and writer's block.

And I'm doing this with the stress of the horrid EDJ and my wonderful family. How am I going to do it? Well, I have a plan that I'll share with you in a moment.

Amazingly, I've wrote a little over 423k for the year. That is quite astonishing since I've taken several days off, especially this past October when I took almost half the month off due to the job and the same in Feb when I was on vacation. I've trudged soldiered on, writing the Wretched, the Nawlins Exotica/Paranormal, shorts for Rawiya as well as her latest novel, Something Like Jayden. I've done plenty of fanfic too which has gotten me through some rough patches as well as some shorts for Wednesday Briefs.

For Nano, I'll be tackling I Love it Rough, the sequel to I Like Em Pretty by Michael as well as finishing up the novella for Rawiya's Xmas tale, a sequel to Comet. My goal is to get at least 45k out of ILIR and the rest from the novella. That equals 50k plus. I need to finish Rawiya's novella by Monday and as I write this, I've finally hit my stride with the story. Thank goodness too, since I was about to scratch it and move on to my novel.

Oh yeah, did I mention I changed my mind again? The story was supposed to be On the Run by BLMorticia but instead, because of my EDJ which made my muses go into hiding for that story, I went with the stronger and more complex plot, the familiar characters but a harder story. This is an erotica romance with murder and suspense. I'm reading a crime novel right now and have been doing more research on homicide detectives and CSIs. I'm about to introduce 4 new characters and actually plotting this story by chapter, making changes as I go along. Oh boy, really stressful. I hope it works too but in all honesty, I don't see the book getting out until January after I've sent it to betas and done the edits. Due to the complexity and amount of research on this tale, I must push back the release date. The goal is to get the story as close to fact and reality as possible and that will take some time.

My NANO plan? To write at 12am and try getting the required 1667 or at least 1000 before I go back to sleep to head into work. My EDJ does allow me to pretty much work my own schedule so I wont be heading into until almost 930 on most days. When I get home, I shall see if I can push out more words or I'll take the time to blog, read, and or do research.

Will this work, I don't know but I have the goal in mind to complete this NANO despite the odds stacked against me! So please, cheer me on! I'm needing some encouragement and to those of you who are also doing the NANO, enjoy, and good luck!

* * * *


Jayden is loved by betas, need author beta now to send to pub
ML3 was accepted, waiting on contract
No word on UTG yet
Mon Frere, Plus One the 3rd book with Ryland/Ryder is finished and should be out today or tomorrow
The Wretched Volume 2.1 will be started after ILIR is done
Xmas Story for Denny and Preston from Comet is almost done. Will send to beta when finished.
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Greetings again...

And yes, I have another hot man up there to begin my post. Don't I always? Yeah well, I did it to not only catch your attention but illustrate how I feel right now. All wet... sweaty... even though that ain't sweat on this hottie... *winks*

Anyways, I feel pressured to produce. Why? I haven't subbed ANYTHING until the last couple of days. I've been busy learning, reading books on writing, taking classes and doing the freebie stories for BL's The Wretched. I did manage to finish Jayden for Rawiya which I'm rather excited about but until I subbed ML3 and UTG the new version by BL, I hadn't sent anything into publishers since like, oh I dunno, the first of the year?

Well, not counting the sub I just did for the charity anthology anyway. Seems like I'm running in place as far as my writing is concerned. I'm keeping up with word count, reading, learning but right now, I have no new releases to come out for the year.

So very different from last year when I think I had like 15 books come out with pubs as well as self pub. The royalties started rolling in and I even ended the year with a couple of best selling books on Amazon. This year it's been all about the Wretched, keeping up the monthly bit with Corey and company while I try fitting Michael and Rawiya around BL's rigorous schedule. The number of downloads say we should continue to do the freebies since they all have at least 2-300 downloads at Smashwords where I hardly make any money. Someone's paying attention there and so, I continue to churn out the Wretched Tales.

But even with those stories, I still feel like I've hit a wall. With the debacle at NBP, the pub that went down the tubes as well as troubles with another over moneys and statements, it makes me weary to sub anywhere. Sure I still want to see in work to publishers but I'd rather deal with those that have a good track record. No more small presses for me. I need to go bigger and ask my peers more questions. Although this is my plan, I'm also feeling a sense of self-doubt. Am I good enough to be with some of the bigger pubs? Can I produce a story that people will pick up when I sub to say Dreamspinner or LooseID? That theory was tested when I tried doing the subcall for MLR and because I didn;t feel the story was ready I nixed subbing to them.

Despite this, I still want to sub Jayden before the end of this year. It will most likely be my last sub of the year. On the Run won't be ready for subbing until January most likely and other that I Love it Rough, The Wretched Tales, and a possible Xmas Tale, I don't see myself with many new stories for this year.

It may seem like i'm panicking a little and well that's because I am. I recall when I first started how I was so prolific. I subbed short stories to pubs and they were accepted in anthologies. Then my first couple of stories came out for Michael, then BL, then Rawiya with NNP. Wow, I was on a roll but this year its the exact opposite. I sincerely hope that changes. I blame it on stress, the day job for one, takes a lot of my time and well, I have a family so a lot of my brain power goes there.

I wonder how people are able to juggle all of it. Working FT, writing, family, etc. I guess I'm just not that strong. At least not yet but I hope to be stronger as I continue to strive to be the best author I can be!

* * * * *


Sent Something Like Jayden to the betas
Subbed UTG by BL and ML3, editing UTG2
Writing Ryland and Ryder's third book and about to do I Love it Rough
Thinking about a possible print or full volume for the Wretched
Halloween short for the Wretched and or Nathan/Bryant
Christmas story... not sure what characters
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*Colton Ford looks like I feel*

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And yet another edition of my writing journal.

Well, it's 430 am and I'm awake before work. Been up since two. Why? Well that's because the plot bunnies were a callin'...

Now mind you, I just finished a short story and I'm about to do another for a good friend before I do the full later on in the year. So, I really only have edits to do but in my infinite wisdom, I decided to write out all the stories in my head right now and place them in a doc.

This has happened before! When I had story ideas I put them in a doc with just details, pics of my characters, etc. However, when I cleaned my HD on my laptop, I accidentally deleted these files. GAH! Big mistake but I didn't worry too much because they were still in my head. In addition, I have others actually written out on paper with pen. WHAT A CONCEPT! No one can read it but me! :/

Anyways, to make this long story longer, I recently decided to try getting more organized for 2013. One of my goals was to make a schedule of all the books I was going to write for the year and when so I could mak my goal of 500k and 10 50k novels. Well, guess what? I stopped at like March. Why you ask? Because all my ideas were still in my head and I said, ooh, why don't I put them on paper?

Since I'm already slightly ahead of the game with part one of the Wretched finished, I attempted to accomplish this last evening

Much like the picture depicts above they attacked me. Almost every idea I'd been thinking of was in a doc with pics, small details, some with titles others without. Some had the pseudo already underneath and some didn't! EEK! Some had nothing but pics and a sentence. Jesus! This sort of alarmed me so I had to share this post with you. Lots of incomplete ideas that needed to be formed ended up on pages. And in looking at them, I'm thinking I have enough ideas to last me the next 2-3 years. That's not counting the ones I've written on paper in my chicken scratch!

So what is the lesson learned here peeps? You can't really PLAN the whole year out. I can say, okay, this year I'll write Through the Darkness, finish AS, write the Incumbent, etc but I'm not sure i can say, this month I'll do this story, the next I'll do that one. It must come naturally. 

That's unless you have submission deadlines. This year I only have 3. The Wretched every other month, a sub for the military antho for IRM, and the GRL charity antho. These are the only deadlines I must make for now. Other than that, it's a free for all for the plot bunnies to race to my head first and say, hey I wanna be written, NOW BITCH!

Wow, I'm amazed at the power of the brain, how it's able to retain information and in the head of an author that could be a dangerous thing. Unfortunately, active muses don't really know how to behave. In reality though, do we really want them to? 

Nah, I don't. Better to have a bunch of ragged ideas than none at all!

Oh and lastly? It doesn't help when you see new pics or videos like the one I posted up above of Colton Ford. Now I want to write an m/m story with an older singer and his younger lover... :/

Thank you for listening to me ramble
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Wow, good Saturday Morning! *blinks*

I'm still awake. I should be asleep but I'm not.

Can you believe this freakin' year is almost over? OMG. I know I can't but here it is, the beginning of November. It's almost time for Turkey Day, then Black Friday, then that dreaded holiday called Christmas! Yeah I said it. I'm NOT ready as per usual. 

Even though this one shall be a little easier since I'm working the day job. Means a little more money to burn and the royalties this month go towards the bills and maybe a couple of things I'd like. 

*AHEM* Back to the blog. I posted the pic of the man opening the shades because it's a symbol of how I feel about my writing and the steps I've taken to improve. 

In the beginning, I think I was so elated that someone actually wanted me to publish and then I wanted more, and more, that I continued to sub at the speed of light.

Reading the past updates made me smile. Working on 7-8 stories with dates I didn't really make. Some of them I did but how many days did it ACTUALLY take me to finish Closely Guarded and Wild Horses?

Shit, almost a year but I did it.

Anyways, getting back to my point. I have a better idea of the business and what works for me and the muses. Yes, since they are the brains behind my books, I have to give credit where credit is due. 

We know we can't work on multiple stories at once. We'll mix up voices. We also know, keep styles separate. BL with the snark, Michael with the characters who are comfortable. Long winded style of writing, big words, etc and Rawiya, interracial, down to earth, all contemporary. 

Yep, I got it down now. The muses don't cross over all that much anymore. BL and Michael do because of the similarity in some of their characters. Alpha men, military, strong males with strong personalities, quick wit and mouths that might get them into a fight. Their paths do cross on occassion but Rawiya is a style all her own.

More than that, I don't really worry about subcalls. At least this year I didn't. I concentrated on stories of mine that needed finishing and now, I have almost a clean slate for 2013 with only Trois in Treble, and a rewrite of Vertigo 2 and Lessons in Ink to do. 

I mean sure, there are series to finish, sequels but as for the stories not done, those are the only ones left. *intention on pubbing* Yes those, not fanfic. 

I'm very excited that now I have a better idea and choose my writing goals wisely. My plan of attack is better as well as my eyes that are more capable of spotting simple editing mistakes. 

I also learned a lot from my fellow writers and betas who've helped tremendously. No, I'm not perfect but damn, I think i'm a ton better than what I was. 

I suppose when most start out, they begin totally raw which is how I started but now, I figure I know a little more and am pleased with my progress.

I'm going into this with my eyes opened wide, knowing my limits and expectations. Also, paying attention to the market, readers, and fellow writers. 

Yep, this gal is ready for the challenges that lie ahead! Bring on 2013 and skip err, the festivities. 

I'll try to come back more often and speak!

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Damn Livejournal didn't allow me to login from any browser until I just tried a minute ago. SO NOT JOKING. Hey folks, get your shit together, huh?

Anyway, I've still been busy editing mostly, a little writing on the side, mostly fanfic and my free read I've decided to do for Xmas. I was down a couple of days too, not wanting to do a darn thing especially last Sunday.

Ironically, this happened after  had a great night with my husband. Them fuckin' hormones, I tell ya!

I just had a moment where you look back at your life and figure, damn, what have I accomplished? I also started to have doubts about my writing abilities. I had the moment where I said, I'm not good enough because I noticed other writers being in the top 100 on Amazon and getting rave reviews. I mean, I havent made it with the Amazon thing yet but I have sold books through All Romance, Bookstrand especially, the proof comes from my pubs. And I've had a few good reviews, even a few fan letters. 

All of us authors go through it. I've coached some of my fellow writers who are better than me through it and when I posted in one of the FB groups about my feelings, I got a wealth of support from a lot of them telling me how good I really am and that it will pass. What to do when I feel that way, etc. It was really great and that, along with some reading as well as stroking from BFF's helped tremendously. Now, Im back to feeling confident again and ready for the new year.

In looking back at 2011, I have accomplished a bunch.

I made my goal of 20 acceptances. I have 9 books coming out next year so far 4 from Rawiya alone. I'm stoked. It doesn't even count all the other stories that have yet to be subbed. I had 4 books come out this year, 8 short stories. Some don't even get that

Sales have been good on my other books and I see myself finally making more money from writing which is pretty cool. I'm making a name, building a brand, these things take time and truly a little luck is needed when you create the book that gets rave reviews and great Amazon sales. I know my time will come for Amazon when I write a book that catches on. 

So... as you can see, I feel better and glad LJ let me back in. Thanks to everyone who said nice things this past week and all my fans, the few I have. *giggle* For supporting me through my first full yr of writing. Its been a blast and will be even better in 2012.

Oh who is that guy up top? MMA fighter and model Adam Von Rothsfelder. My new muse and I think he should be my avatar since he's a fighter like I'm aiming to be!

Isnt he hot. *drools*
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Good morning all...

Welcome to Taboos today. I couldn't wait to do the writing revelation so I could let you know what happened during the week.

About 3 weeks ago, I got an email from my pub, XOXO, the owner, Gina, specifically about some news she wanted to tell me over the phone.

Now, naturally I was like, um, what is it. I worried, wondering if it was something bad.

We kept missing each other and so on but finally we spoke on Wednesday.

What an exciting thing to hear that A Second Chance was XOXO's 2nd best seller on Amazon!


OMG! I was so shocked!

Here I was thinking, A Second Chance wasn't doing all that well on Amazon but suprisingly, a lot better than I thought.

Now, b4 my good friends get overly excited, I'm not even near the top 100 overall at Amazon but as a new writer, especially relatively unknown and a writer of gay romance, this is huge.

She also paid me compliments about my promo stretegies, and reassured me both books are selling well from Amazon and the website.

Let me tell you, I am completely floored!

When your pub tells you how good you're doing and gives you great news you can't help but feel great. She told me she can't wait for us to get out my first paperback which will be True Meaning 2 and I'm very excited to do more books for XOXO since she said, someone from another publisher told her XOXO's quality of books was better than her own company's books.

Made me very happy.

Yes, stroking, coddling, hence the picture above, we all need it but when a writer gets coddled and complimeneted, it makes them feel so much better because its such a lonely business. You also have your days where you hate your own writing. (Had a couple of those lately) To have people say, hey great job, really makes a difference.

* * * *

Okay so... Where am I now?

I'm about 15k in for the Jude Vamp/My Sexy Vampire Story. I'm hoping it should be done by tomorrow night.

Once I get done, I have to fix my hetero short for my pub, NNP, then I'll be starting my new story right after that, The Captain of his Heart for a subcall due 10/31. Then Back to Taming Wild Horses b4 I start My Lieutenant 2 which I'll be looking to finish by October 31st as well for my pubs Val call.

November, I'll only be working on Closely Guarded for Nano and Im hoping to finish b4 the end of the month so I can take the rest of the year to work on my unfinished stories like Lessons in Ink which needs edits, Mi Familia to get it ready for pub next year, as well as Trois in Treble.

I'm really looking forward to it and welcome the challenge.

I'm really close to making my goals. I only need 5 more acceptances for the year and then I'll have my 20.

Better get crackin!

Thanks again for listening!
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Good morning peeps...

Another day of my musings here on Taboos.

OOh, what is this up above? Its a screencap from one of my favorite all time videos...

When I saw it I was like this is perfect! WHY? Well one it has something to do with my post... two its the pic that inspired the African Sun epic and three, isn't it hot? Erm, it's my fave Duran, Roger in the Hungry Like the Wolf Video from like 1983! OOH yes so long ago... *swoon*

Oh yes, my point

While writing BOOK THREE of AS, I was  thinking, how the hell will I end this? Not the series, I already know what will happen there but the book itself. What can I say that will be approriate? How will I tie it all in and give the audience something to remember the book by, satisfy them, and make them look forward to the next one if its a series?

This, in my mind, is the HARDEST part of writing a book. Have you tied up all lose ends? Gah! So damn hard and I struggle with it all the time. Usually, I like to tie in the title. For book three, I didn't do that... erm yet, but rather I put in a last sentence as a prelude to book four.

What do I do to get to that ending? Well, read through the whole thing, have a conference with my characters to make sure all are satisfied, or in the case of AS, happy for now, and then I read over these last couple of paragraphs again to see if I can sum it up.

Well, in AS, I don't think I did it well yet but, I wrote the last one and when I edit it, NEXT YEAR, I'll probably have a better one.

The key is, its first draft which means, the ending on it now, most likely won't stick because I'll have something much more concrete. As everyone knows, I love revisions. THE QUEEN OF THEM. As long as I can go back in and make change then I'm okay with leaving the story for a bit and coming back to make changes.

So fans, what have I learned? Not to sweat the ending at first glance. Either me, the muses, or betas will say something and make the finish better before its actually subbed. Maybe now I can rest a little easier.

What does that have to do with the pic? I bet Miss, her name escapes me now, the model, is saying, "c'mon Roger, kiss me, don't leave me hanging." It makes you wonder what happens. You never want to leave your audience in the balance. Give them a good ending, one to remember and look forward to either your next "scene" or your next book!

* * * *



I finished AS book three and this past weekend, I finished the free read, MI FAMILIA!

WOW, I am floored and very excited!

This only leaves me with taming Wild Horses since I have decided to redo Closely Guarded... I didn't get that far anyway. It will be my NANO novel. Woot!

Yes, I did it. I signed up for Nano again and while I'm finishing subcalls... I have 4, I'll be doing more research for Closely Guarded while I'm on vacation


XOXO Halloween - Story, My Sexy Vampire 4k in
Val 2012 sub for pub 1  Captain of his Heart (Starting soon)
Val 2012 sub for Rebel My Lieutenant 2 (Starting soon)
XOXO Alt Tattoo Line with a fellow writer

I'm also doing the Xmas line for XOXO but I will be subbing Mi Familia for that. It will be edited, changed around and hopefully will be ready for an XMAS release with True Meaning 2

After Nano, I plan on just working on stories I haven't finished and need editing. Like Trois, Lessons in ink and Masquerade. No deadlines for me accept a small one in December... Very excited about that. I shall start 2012 with a clean slate and hopefully new contracts for next years work.

Thanks for listening!
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Happy Monday morning, hope you're enjoying the labor day which is a sign for most schools that summer is over and time to return,

Well, it is for my kid. THANK GOODNESS.

For those who have kids, do you get frustrated when you take them out in public and they act as if you haven't taught them anything? That doesn't really happen to me, even with my threee year old but I've seen it in stores where parents try to stop the kid from touching things, running down aisles, or screaming at the top of their lungs.


Most of the time, the parents give the glare or they threaten to hurt them. *laughs*

That's what I compare my muse to at times. Not the writer muses, the characters. They're like little kids that do something you don't want them to, but in this case, I let that muse do what it wants.

Example? African Sun!

It was supposed to be a hetero suspense action series with my only gay participants to be the villains and my bisexual Doctor Nicholas Fairlight.

Well, I ended up with that but with book three completed, my hetero hero isn't into the heroine any longer. He's fallen for my doctor! YIKES

This mght not make my editor too happy but I went with it. It's so intriguing to have the characters go on and do what they want. AS was the last story I'm just letting it do what it wants and fly by the seat of its pants. Since I learned how to do short plot and the character arc where I find out the characters motivation and his goals, the muse is a little more controlled.
Doesn't mean they don't throw a wrinkle in there however. :D

Still, whatever they do, I let them run amok in the story because that's what I want is an interesting story. Might not please alot of traditional folks but we and the muses, writing and characters, do it for ourselves first!

* * * *

Soooo Where does that leave me?

AS is almost done. I have about 3 scenes left in there that should finish the first draft. At this point, the story is at 52k which makes the series 188k. WOW! I never thought that would happen.

Mi Familia is at about 35k now. I'm looking to finish that this week as well. It was hard to concentrate on both effectively so, alas I'll finish AS most likely today and do Mi Familia over the next 3 or so.

That only leaves Taming And Closely Guarded which I plan on working on after I finish the Halloween subcall for my publisher to do my vamp M/M, My Sexy Vampire.

Then 2 more subcalls for the 31st of October and 1 in November where I'll be writing with another author.

Very excited about that.

The goal is to finish 2 of the calls before I leave on my trip in October,

Thanks for listening!

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Good early morning!

I'm up particularly late because most of the day I had a sinus headache/migraine, something that kept me from enjoying the light and my family. *grr*

Anyway, I did do a lot of editing on my latest WIP, Out of Bounds, or the Professor as it is newly titled. I also came up with more stories, following the same theme. DAMNMUSES!

I also discovered something else. If I do a short, I cannot do it unless its a big SCENE. One scene. Not over several days in writers time, etc. It must be only one encounter, with a combo of ideas.

One of the latest for my new pub, Naughty Nights Price is a hetero, *shudder* of a m/f I did when I first started writing. Oh yeah, there is more I could add to this story, however, because my head is in novella/novel mode, I've needed to train my mind to only write one scene with different emotions, maybe only 2 or 3 characters and these have proved to be under 5k

Otherwise, I have a long novella over 10k or 12k thats either two long for an anthology or bursts into a series of shorts... *grumbles* No, this is actually a good problem.

My fave editor keeps telling me that longer stories will fare better for me, which is true. The longer your story, the more in touch your audience can get in touch with you and your characters. They can't really connect in a short. Its only to invoke a chuckle, or a turn on, or something to get you to go, ooh hmmm...

Well, thats what those two are. I hope they make it. If not, they'll be free reads or the beginning of something new for me to write. Most of them have turned out that way if they werent accepted.

Longer stories, here I come! :D

* * * *

So, I'm working on Mi Familia and Sakina. It felt great to open up the WIP for AS again. I'll be working on this and Mi Familia looking to finish both by Sept 5th or thereabout.

Then on to my Halloween story for XOXO which is a novella based on a short I already did and then 4 more subcalls. 3 for Oct 31st and my own for Nov 30 to XOXO.

During that time, I'll try to complete Taming and Closely Guarded as well but I'd like to get the subcalls done b4 my trip in mid October.

Thanks for listening
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Greetings from the head.

Another Monday revelation, another week in a writers life!

Ah support and nudges! Thats what we all need, right?


In everyday life, we crave attention as well as a teamwork sort of setting. A cheering section as well as a little friendly competition as we strive to do whatever in life we set out to do.

Well, this is even more true with writers. Because an authors life is lonely. (Talking to the muses doesn't count as interaction) we seek out people to listen to us and help us. We love to talk about our work and hear comments. So when things like NaNoWriMo are going on, most hop aboard not only for the comraderie but also for the challenge.

Well, I did the NaNo last year and wrote African Sun book one, 73k in a month.

This year I plan to do it again but I have also pushed myself by doing two major writers challenges in May and this month, August as well as several writing sprints.

Author, Shoshanna Evers is well known in the erotica genre. She is also a fab person from what I know of her in the virtual world. She came up with two writer's challenges where we who signed up had to write 50k and 40k in a month. Unlike with NaNo, you dont have to stay on one project and you could start on something you'd already been doing prior to that month.

In May, I did really well, 61k or so for the month. Not many of my peers made that mark and a lot of them were amazed at how fast I got to 50. This month, I'm sitting at about 62Kplus. I've completed 1 short, the Novel for True Meaning 2 and I'm doing a novella that I thought would be 20k but has ballooned to about 26k. I attribute a lot of this not only because I work well when there is a deadline in place but also because I love the challenge.

I made the 40k somewhere around the 11th because TM2 was in full swing and there were a few days I wrote about 5k or so a day. Also, the daily writers sprints on Twitter help as well. #1k1hr, a bunch of writers get together and display that hashtag to write and or edit. 1000 in an hr is harder than you think. Not even I have made it that many times, but to know that youre writing with others does help.

The muses and I love to work with that added sense of friendly competition. We don't do it as a "look what I can do" to the other writers because we're still cheering them on, however, it does feel good to know, I'll most likely hit the 70k or a bit more before months end and know I completed my goals.

They were: get TM2 Done, have my novella for the sub done by the 25th as well as a Halloween short and regular gay short for one press. Well, the gay short is almost finished. TM2 Done, Halloween short done, and the novella should be done with about 2 days to spare.

So, yay for the 40k team, and yay for me and the muses! Michael, in specifically. We kicked ass all month. However, I have to say, I wouldn''t have done it without that nudge.

Thanks Shoshanna and 40k crew.

And to all the writers out there, you can do it. Push yourself a little everyday to get something on paper. Even if its shit, theres always edits and revisions!



I'm amazed at how quickly me and a muse can work.

Michael and I are almost done with this submission called The Professor. It may be part of a little series. I hope to get this done before tomorrow since its longer than what I expected.

After this, I'll finish my gay short then work on editing T2 as well as the shorts to send out.

I have a novella due on the 25th of September as well as 4 subcalls I'd like to do by the 31st of October.

I also still have 4 stories to finish.

Mi Familia is close to completion 33k now

AS Havent touched it. :/ Sakina and gang are patient though. I might pick this back up at the beginning of September and work on only it to finish.

Closely Guarded and Wild Horses are still in the beginning. I'm think Taming will be done after AS then Closely Guarded will be last so I can give it my upmost attention.

I'll be starting on edits for Vertigo with my fave editor in mid Sept and Im really close to my first writers retreat. Gay Rom Lit. I really want to finish EVERYTHING before that date of OCT 13th if possible. I'll be picking which of the 4 subcalls matter the most to me and perhaps do two of them.

We shall see.

In all honesty, I'd like to finish what I have and Start a totally clean slate when I return from my "vacation"

Thanks for listening as always!

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Greetings people and welcome to another Monday where I may have something interesting to say.


Every week I have a revelation and I report to you to read it. What is it today? DISTRACTIONS

Now, as you know, I have 2 kids, a husband, a cat, friends, and other lovely things and people who keep me busy.

In truth, i usually write at night when the house is asleep. However, even when it was, I still couldn't stay up long enough to get any writing done this past weekend.

I had a short story I started and didn't finish. I did get reading done, alot actually as well as blogposts and other promoing things but thats all I could do. UGH!

I have a novella I'm starting today too. I wanted to get the short done and out by the 25th. Hopefully, that will still happen since I have my synopsis and everything planned out. I have in my head this Novella could be anywhere from the min 18k to 25k This means about 2k of writing a day to get it ready to submit. Hopefully earlier so I can pass it along to a fellow author and beta.

However, having all these distractions means I'll need to find a specific time to work on it. Like now, only my 3yr old is awake. She is content with her Leapster game for now so I may try to steal a little time before my 13yr old gets up.

Noticed I said try?


Yep... oh like my naked chef?

This would be a distraction too...



So, I finished True Meaning 2. I'll be starting edits on it and submitting by Friday.

As I said, I'm starting Out of Bounds, my IR romance novella by Michael Mandrake

I still have

Taming, Closely Guarded, Mi Familia, and AS

I'll only be doing Mi Familia till the Novella is done and out.

Thanks for listening

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Greetings people!

Welcome to another Monday of revelations!


Today, I'm talking about editors and how they differ.

Last night, I was really excited to get BL's edits back for My Lieutenant.

Now, mind you, most of my edits have been done by only one. My mentor, Sascha Illyvich. However, my new editor at Rebel Ink wanted a different style and so I had to change it.


What did that mean? Pretty much, I now know what all the editors want and how they want it. This is an issue when you work with different pubs but with 3 different voices, its something I'll have to get used to.

And Im okay with that. Why? Because in truth, there is no right or wrong way. Every editor wants to help you build the story up so it will be a pleasure to read.

My editor with XOXO embraced my "Sascha" style but corrected me on other things. Now, I know my Rebel editor and most likely my NNP editor will change the way i've written stories. As I grow into my craft, I know I'll learn a lot more.

I welcome this, bring it on. It will only make me better and more entertaining for all my readers, no  matter where I publish!


Okay then, so how am I doing?


I think I might've mentioned that I was doing a challenge this month for 40k in 30 days? Well friends, I'm over half way there! WOW.

On True Meaning 2, I now have 42k plus. Yes you heard me! LOL The target date to finish is 8/10. I believe I should be done a day early.


I been writing my ass off on this and the characters have captured me, yes they have not allowed me to write on anything else. My poor, poor African Sun hasn't seen the light of day for almost a month and my Taming WIP, which I tried to work on the other day, I couldn't do because True is a story about love, very little angst and since Taming is more of a mean streak story, I couldnt do anything to it.

So, when True Gets done, I will be working on shorts for XOXO and NNP then I'll be starting my new novella for a subcall to get finished b4 9/1. Taming, Mi Familia, Closely Guarded along with my vampire novella I'll be working on for Sept/Oct finishes. Mi Familia might be before that, we'll see what happens.

And my fanfiction muse has been ignored. I'll need to get back to her eventually.

Thanks for listening!


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