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Some random guy I downloaded. Not sure who he is, but he's hot!

Greetings all. So, I've been really busy. Me and my co-author finished our book. yay!

*throws confetti*

We came in just under 80k. YIKES

yes we have some editing to do, but we'll see who it goes.

I also did my fanfic. Not the DD one, the other one. It went well and I'll post it on my Wattpad later on, with the names changed of course. My DD fic still isn't done because I put it down to write on the other fanfic. Now, I'll be working on the DD fic, as well as the reader request story. I did a little research and i think I can pull it off. I'm also OFFICIALLY starting Immortals. Book 1 will be about 30-40K, I think. I'm looking to release it in April. I have 5 books right now, so I'm thinking 1 every other month. I'm also still working on Smoke. I got some more words in and I hope to have it done in the next 3 or so weeks. That's the goal anyway.

So, my WIP list looks like this

DD Fic
Story Request
Immortals Book 1
Twins Prequel

Once I finish one of these, I'll be starting on Michael's 3rd book in the PROTEKT series.

A lot I know, but I think I can do it! Wish me luck!
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Yep, that's been me lately with a drink nearby as I trudge through the year. I can't believe my last entry on LJ was in 2013, or maybe I can since so much has gone on the last couple of years.

Oh, no worries. If you still follow me somewhere, I still write. Funny, I was just reading the last entry about writing over 500k. Phew, was I productive! Yeah, well, I haven't gotten close to that in the last year or so. More responsibilities, growing kids and sometimes, well ... I lost the love I once had for writing.

Why you ask?

Well, because I feel as though I could do better accomplishing wise. Sure I have books published, some of them have been out 2 or 3 times. *laughs* But, when you're not feeling the excitement because of lack of sales, notieriety or a combination of both, it zaps your resolve. Your love for the craft starts going down the proverbial drain of self doubt and anxiety. Why isn't my shit good enough? Why isn't anyone giving a damn about anything I do?

Then, something happens to give you a little spark. An email from the publisher, from a reader, a good review and you say, yeah, I am good enough. I might not be the best and I have a ton to still learn but, I am still a newbie. It's six years and counting that I've been writing professionally and though I'm not exactly where I want to be, I have done a lot in that span of time.

Since my last post, I believe I've put out like 20 books. lol I finished The Wretched Tales and now I'm working on a spinoff series for a new character, Hirah Blaze. I finished On the Run with Michael and it's sequel to the PROTEKT series, Closely Guarded releases in 2 weeks. I'm almost done with N'awlins Exotica. I'm on the final book, See No Evil and I love my characters. I also wrote a book with a co-author. It sold pretty well and is now being translated into French and Italian. I re-released Under the Gun, Smooth Like Latte, and Time to Make the Donuts. The last 2 as a duet with a new publisher. So yes, I've been hella busy. And all this with a teen, almost going to college and an 8 year old who is going on 25. *laughs*  And of course, the dreaded EDJ which I have 2 of now because I thought we'd need the extra money for son to go to away to school. Now though, this extra money is to help my ailing mom and hopefully help us save some money for the family goals.

Anyways, writing is very few and far between these days. I got an email from my co-author and told her since I've been working so hard outside the home, I don't want to commit to co-writing again until the new year. We have several other projects on the docket, but with my schedule which is not as flexible anymore, I don't want to say I'll be availaible when I'm not sure I will be. All this makes me antsy. I still love to write and my muses are bursting with ideas, but dammit, it's hard when I barely have time to eat, sleep, and breathe. Hubs has bene supportive. He told me to keep pushing and not worry, but it's hard not to when so many doubts creeep in the back of your mind. Same thing with BFF who urges me to keep trucking, whch is good.

However, what's most helpful is gettng my thoughts here on LJ. When I checked into this a couple of days ago, it reminded me of my zeal to write and how much I pushed to do it regardless of what was going on. How I managed to finish Nano even with a horrid EDJ. I changed the EDJ since then, but it's still a PITA. *laughs* Reading my old entries and what I was working on has lit a little fire under me that I sorely needed.

So I'm thinking, I'll start filling in this journal again with my thoughts because I need this as part of therapy. I need to actually write down what's going on in my brain to make sense out of the mess up there and to clear my head of my anxieties and doubts. I believe this will help, just as it did back then. Maybe, some will follow, some will not. Its cool either way, because as I said, it really is like a couch session for me. *laughs*

BTW, that's my new muse above. Isn't he the cutest? He's the male MC in Hirah Blaze's story. Chad Stevenson. I'm hoping to get Hirah up and going by the end of next week. Until next time! You can check out all my available books on Pinterest

* * * *

Works in progress

Free story Wanting part 3 BL
See No Evil Book 6 N'awlins Exotica Michael/Rawiya
Hirah Blaze Book 3 BL
Under the Gun 3 BL
Immortals Series Book 1 Michael
DD Fanfic An Unexplainable Predictament
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Greetings again to anyone following.

The muses and I have quite a lot of work ahead, mostly edits since I keep writing stories and hanging on to them for weeks.


Usually I have something I've learned to say in these posts but I'm actually saving that for a blog.

Just updates today. Woot! What are we, me and the muses working on now?

Well, there will be a lot of writing that isn't published to keep up the WC.

Edits, edits edits

Edits for BL on ML3 and Wild Horses. Actually a revise on the latter since I hated the story once first draft was done.

Edits on Guardian Angel, now by Michael Mandrake since it has a sequel. BTW sequel due August 1

Edits on Closely Guarded. Its due for a subcall 8/15

And edits on Under the Gun since BL is subbing for publication.

Somewhere in there I'll try writing Something Like Jayden from Rawiya and another Wretched as well as Fangirl, the next Reluctant Groupie!

Then at end the month, I Love it Rough, the sequel to I Like Em Pretty for Michael!

Really excited about that one. Lots of research to do in the midst of the edits.

I'm very much looking forward to it.

So far, I've wrote 252K this year of fiction and looking forward to doing Nano in Nov!

I'll return sometime this month with a learning post but for now, we'll just do the general update

Thanks for listening!

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Wow, good Saturday Morning! *blinks*

I'm still awake. I should be asleep but I'm not.

Can you believe this freakin' year is almost over? OMG. I know I can't but here it is, the beginning of November. It's almost time for Turkey Day, then Black Friday, then that dreaded holiday called Christmas! Yeah I said it. I'm NOT ready as per usual. 

Even though this one shall be a little easier since I'm working the day job. Means a little more money to burn and the royalties this month go towards the bills and maybe a couple of things I'd like. 

*AHEM* Back to the blog. I posted the pic of the man opening the shades because it's a symbol of how I feel about my writing and the steps I've taken to improve. 

In the beginning, I think I was so elated that someone actually wanted me to publish and then I wanted more, and more, that I continued to sub at the speed of light.

Reading the past updates made me smile. Working on 7-8 stories with dates I didn't really make. Some of them I did but how many days did it ACTUALLY take me to finish Closely Guarded and Wild Horses?

Shit, almost a year but I did it.

Anyways, getting back to my point. I have a better idea of the business and what works for me and the muses. Yes, since they are the brains behind my books, I have to give credit where credit is due. 

We know we can't work on multiple stories at once. We'll mix up voices. We also know, keep styles separate. BL with the snark, Michael with the characters who are comfortable. Long winded style of writing, big words, etc and Rawiya, interracial, down to earth, all contemporary. 

Yep, I got it down now. The muses don't cross over all that much anymore. BL and Michael do because of the similarity in some of their characters. Alpha men, military, strong males with strong personalities, quick wit and mouths that might get them into a fight. Their paths do cross on occassion but Rawiya is a style all her own.

More than that, I don't really worry about subcalls. At least this year I didn't. I concentrated on stories of mine that needed finishing and now, I have almost a clean slate for 2013 with only Trois in Treble, and a rewrite of Vertigo 2 and Lessons in Ink to do. 

I mean sure, there are series to finish, sequels but as for the stories not done, those are the only ones left. *intention on pubbing* Yes those, not fanfic. 

I'm very excited that now I have a better idea and choose my writing goals wisely. My plan of attack is better as well as my eyes that are more capable of spotting simple editing mistakes. 

I also learned a lot from my fellow writers and betas who've helped tremendously. No, I'm not perfect but damn, I think i'm a ton better than what I was. 

I suppose when most start out, they begin totally raw which is how I started but now, I figure I know a little more and am pleased with my progress.

I'm going into this with my eyes opened wide, knowing my limits and expectations. Also, paying attention to the market, readers, and fellow writers. 

Yep, this gal is ready for the challenges that lie ahead! Bring on 2013 and skip err, the festivities. 

I'll try to come back more often and speak!

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Good morning all...

Welcome to Taboos today. I couldn't wait to do the writing revelation so I could let you know what happened during the week.

About 3 weeks ago, I got an email from my pub, XOXO, the owner, Gina, specifically about some news she wanted to tell me over the phone.

Now, naturally I was like, um, what is it. I worried, wondering if it was something bad.

We kept missing each other and so on but finally we spoke on Wednesday.

What an exciting thing to hear that A Second Chance was XOXO's 2nd best seller on Amazon!


OMG! I was so shocked!

Here I was thinking, A Second Chance wasn't doing all that well on Amazon but suprisingly, a lot better than I thought.

Now, b4 my good friends get overly excited, I'm not even near the top 100 overall at Amazon but as a new writer, especially relatively unknown and a writer of gay romance, this is huge.

She also paid me compliments about my promo stretegies, and reassured me both books are selling well from Amazon and the website.

Let me tell you, I am completely floored!

When your pub tells you how good you're doing and gives you great news you can't help but feel great. She told me she can't wait for us to get out my first paperback which will be True Meaning 2 and I'm very excited to do more books for XOXO since she said, someone from another publisher told her XOXO's quality of books was better than her own company's books.

Made me very happy.

Yes, stroking, coddling, hence the picture above, we all need it but when a writer gets coddled and complimeneted, it makes them feel so much better because its such a lonely business. You also have your days where you hate your own writing. (Had a couple of those lately) To have people say, hey great job, really makes a difference.

* * * *

Okay so... Where am I now?

I'm about 15k in for the Jude Vamp/My Sexy Vampire Story. I'm hoping it should be done by tomorrow night.

Once I get done, I have to fix my hetero short for my pub, NNP, then I'll be starting my new story right after that, The Captain of his Heart for a subcall due 10/31. Then Back to Taming Wild Horses b4 I start My Lieutenant 2 which I'll be looking to finish by October 31st as well for my pubs Val call.

November, I'll only be working on Closely Guarded for Nano and Im hoping to finish b4 the end of the month so I can take the rest of the year to work on my unfinished stories like Lessons in Ink which needs edits, Mi Familia to get it ready for pub next year, as well as Trois in Treble.

I'm really looking forward to it and welcome the challenge.

I'm really close to making my goals. I only need 5 more acceptances for the year and then I'll have my 20.

Better get crackin!

Thanks again for listening!
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(Pictured Greg Plitt my model for Captain Morrie in You Dont Ask)

Good morning...

Welcome to Taboos and Perversions... the Literary Triad's place to get thoughts down on paper.

What have I discovered this week?

I can no longer work on several projects from all muses at once. I mentioned that last week too but it ties in with this week.

I see that writing from one voice and focusing on one project at that particular time makes my muses happy.

No I can still multi task but when I sit and work. Work on one muse and if its multiple projects, only work with that ONE MUSE.

No more I have to do Rawiyas projects with Michael's. This gets them all mixed up.

Over the past two weeks I have completed 3 projects BL's Dont Ask and Last Night Rawiya's Lessons in Ink and Something New on the Menu in between  29k, 25k, and 12k respectively. Yesterday in particular, 7k on one story.

Very awesome. Ive done about 5k in a day maybe 6 never seven.

The key is, the muse felt comfy knowing that she, Rawiya, was the focus. Her voice was also correct. The more sensual, sweet, romantic I've been looking for. A tad more sap. *laughs* Thats what I need when I begin writing more hetero again as well as my MMF muses that desperately needs to return to finish Trois in Treble.


I'm really excited about this sooo now that I've made this discovery, the key is, to wk in the same voice. BL and MM are somewhat silmiliar because both of them like more of the angst. However, when Rawiya writes, she needs her own time. They all do, but especially this muse so I can bring my sensual erotica to where it needs to be.



So with that, Lesson is done...

What's left?

True Meaning, AS, Taming, Closely Guarded, Mi Familia, all Michael's stories. Sugar Daddy I've put off for the time being because it will be contracted as part of the Menu series through NNP. More on that at Rawiyas in a moment.

Trois I will pull out this week to hopefully finish by Friday. I think it needs some tweaking and then I should be able to effectively revise and finish to sub.

I do have a subcall to finish for BL today and edits on Vertigo as well to do over the next two days to send to my publisher.

I have 3 subcalls for August to do too and 2 for September to write the synopsis on as well.

Thanks for listening as usual!

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WOW! Talk about overextended!

Yes, I always do these to shock you don't I?

The woman with three muses and of course, the evil one posts the pictures...

*she did it, points finger at BL*

Anyway, tonight, since my update is being done at 10:30pmCST, I'm talking about overextending...meaning doing too much.

I feel like that's what I'm doing to myself. I have 8 WIPs going and now, I need to prioritize because the calendar gets crazy this month...OUCH.

I believe, I have 14 sub calls that I wrote down that I might want to attempt. I think i missed one today, but there are more important ones I'd like to do.

Also, the 8WIPs, only 2 of them had an actual deadline. Closely Guarded my new gay suspense erotica romance and Wild Horses which was for the gay cowboy antho. (Wont make even the new date of july 15th)

The rest I started or have kept doing because the muses were bugging me to do them!

:P The free read, Mi Familia is being followed every week too so there is pressure to get that done.

Hmm, so what have I learned from this?

In the future, write down the synopsis, key details, which I already do but DONT START THE STORY no matter how loud the muses yell!

Unless its for a subcall, leave it alone.

There are other authors who have been able to do many more at the same time but me , 8 is my max... However, when I have subcalls, it should be less!

All the muses will always be busy and something tells me, they wont go away at all.



AS - 30Kplus in
Lessons in Ink 10K in
Mi Familia 20K in
Wild Horses 9K in
Closely Guarded 3k in
Sugar Daddy 5K in
True Meaning 2 5k in
Trois 19k in

So which have priority?

Closely Guarded
Mi Familia
Sugar Daddy
True Meaning

The rest, I'll need to put aside for a bit. :P

We'll see how this works...

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So, here I am again with the updates. WOW, this is two posts in one day to my regular journal. *SHOCK*

Anyways the goals were in the last post, now, here is a past that lists my ideas you so they can be seen by me and you, my friends. Let me know if any of these stand out as something you would want to read.

  • Binding Justice, M/M Bondage erotica romance
  • Through the Darkness I Found Love M/M erotica dark suspense thriller
  • My Lieutenant M/M Interracial humor erotica romance
  • Sugar Daddy M/M Interracial humor erotica Romance (This story is partially published by STARbooks)
  • Curing All Ills M/F Contemporary erotica romance
  • Faith and Devotion M/M/M Menage erotica romance
  • SMOKED M/F, M/M, M/M Menage erotica suspense romance
  • The Incumbent M/M, M/F, Drama erotica
  • Taming Wild Horses M/M/M/M Menage erotica romance
Now, of course I cannot give storylines, just watch the space and you will see updates on all of them. If you saw any of these titiles for amazon or on the pubs website, would they be a definite? Let me know THANKS!

To see my stories that are out visit my blogs and

Love you all!


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