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Yes, I am still working on Smoke.
Yes, it is still reving up my anxiety!
But, I love it. I love the story, it's characters, especially this big lug above. He is the muse for Jonas Sandbauck, the hotheaded fireman in this story. Now you know why smoke is in the title, right?


Ahem, anyway, I've been writing like crazy on this story. I've written about 6k the last two days. Is it done, you ask?
Hells no! Not even close.

Right now the story is up to 78K plus. I have put the characters through one obstacle with like four more to go.

Yes, I am placing hurdle in their way to get them to where they need to be and I'm still worried about the end results. Will I satisfy the characters, will I tie up all the loose ends? I worry about that last one more than anything because that is what determines how much a reader will like a story.

Of course, number one audience is me, but there will be others who will read it. I hope. Regardless, I will need critical eyes on this one for sure and I'm hoping for the kind of feedback that will make the story as close to perfect as possible.

Damn muses. Complicated, unpredictable, and I love them!
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I'm busy writing my last book for this year and then I'll end it with a short story for a fan...

Then edits... o.O

Lots of them. That will be the next blog...


So the title of this journal entry is defying the muse. What does that mean? Well, while writing I Like 'Em Pretty now book one in my new series I'm doing along with Masquerade, Michael wanted the focus of the book to be more on the murder. It's an m/m noir with romance, suspense, and a little hot sex. 

Yeah, he really wanted to concentrate on the main plot and the subplot be the romance. Instead, the characters wanted the focus on them. Now mind you, they aren;t even making love to like the end of the book so what do I mean? The actual courtship, Frankie's emotions, Kajika's emotions, and the intro to several characters that will make appearances throughout the collection. 

Not only that, BL's characters Bryant and Nathan show up too since they're down in Nola after tehir most recent book. Pretty cool huh? Yeah it's turning out to be rather long but i love that the couple and their journey to be together is the focus. Makes it more of an erotica romance much to Michael's chagrin. *giggles*

It's okay Michael. We're gonna write a book the way YOU want eventually. Still he can't argue that the book is going really well. At this point, looks like Wednesday will be the day we finish first draft!

For a snippet, check out the last Saturday Sips at Michael's

Good GOD!

Oct. 3rd, 2012 04:54 pm
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I havent been here in the longest. One reason? LJ keeps getting hacked and there were plenty of times I couldn't get in. Grrr

Well I'm here now and I figured I'd come back and just update what I've been doing...

Working, WRITING, enjoying time with family and friends. Not in that order though. Writing is last on the last.

1. Computer problems
2. Learning and reading other authors
3. Fear of burnout

That last one especially. I fear if I overwork my muses I might burn out like I did in 2010. I did Nano, I did Slash fics for xmas. By early 2011 I could barely write without getting disenchanted. 

Also, there was a point I felt I wasn't good enough. I started feeling like the sales were more important than my actual love for writing which they aren't. I got discouraged, I stopped blogging for a while, I started doing everything else other than writing, Not to mention, I started working the Day Job and getting home, not wanting to write anything.

Then a revelation. Mostly from author friends as well comrades. Don't measure your success against others. The love for writing began to come back and well, sales got better too. *yay* No not like EL James but hey if I can pay a few bills and feed my family its a good thing. 

Now it just needs to be more so I can do a little of both. Pay Bills or support family AND get something I'd like. Also, enough to put back into promo would be nice which I have done to a small extent. 

Still, the most important thing authors must remember is, your work is like your baby or child. You care a lot for it and when it doesn't meet your high expectations, you're disappointed. So you sulk, cry, drink, eat chocolate and hope it gets better. You also do what you can to help the process along. Which I've done and thankfully, I'm seeing better results.

Out of the 3 names, Rawiya does the best. It might be because her romance is overly sensual, can be funny and very relatable. Michael hasn't done a relatable book just yet and BL, well, she does what she wants. Still her books do well also especially My Lieutenant. 

I want them all to have that one book that knocks everyone's socks off. None of them have done that yet. I'm proud of all my pseudos and what they've accomplished to the point and working to get even better. Editors, betas, classes, reading others more often. Its all part of the plan.

Will it work? I know it will. :D

* * * *


Working on

Taming Wild Horses (How long have I said that?) Im actually doing it though. I hope to finish next Tuesday

Trois in Treble  (Ditto)

Vertigo 2 I've finished it but it needs rewrites

I also need to finish the YDA and Under the Gun Series. They both have 4 books.
BL is doing the Wretched Series and all want to do a baseball bk for next yr


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