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Sooo... I'm done. You say with WHAT? PROTEKT 3 is done. Crossfire, yes that one!


*runs around the room screaming*

Believe me, I'm stoked to finally finish it. Not because I didn't like the story, but because it took so long to figure out exactly how I wanted everything to go. 


Yeah, maybe I should've plotted it thoroughly, but when I wrote the synopsis, I knew exactly what I wanted to occur. I just didn't know the map to get there. GEEZ! Regardless, I wrote the ending and a per usual, I don't really like it. Meaning that last sentence. That last part that supposed to leave you with all the feels. 


This one isn't giving me that, so I'm taking a break from it, then picking it back up in a couple of days to edit. I also need to find a beta or 2 for it before I turn it in so maybe the publisher might have it by September 20th!

WHICH IS... the same day I release Veronica's first book. Due to time and other issues, I won't be doing the short for her right now, but I will be start her next novella that I will send to a publisher. Hopefully, you'll check out her first story. It's an interracial romance called Riding the Curve. It's a short, sexy erotica story for grownups.



I really hop you check that out. Then, BL's two shorts should be out shortly after that. UTG3's cover is in the works. Edits are done. Still waiting on edits for Hirah, so I hope to get them both out by the end of this month.

So what's next in WIP's? ANASA, of course. The poor man is chomping at the bit, so he'll finally get to start this weekend. Then, I'll follow with Rawiya's MM, and BL's short once Rawiya is finished. As always a bunch to do, but at least CROSSFIRE is in the books. 

Well, first draft anyway!

*pats myself on the back*

Do you know how hard it is to finish a book with so much doubt swirling in your brain? I'm sure you do, so cut me some slack!
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So, I am done with the baseball short. 

The dang thing ended up at around 22K.

*shakes fist at characters*

WHYYY! When I tried really hard to make it like 15K, but no, these two continued to talk. And in that 22K, I have like 4 sex scenes. 


There is a lot of banter between these two as well. Some great one liners. It's kind of like The Wretched but with athletes instead of rockstars. It won't be out until November, so we'll see if me and my betas can cut some of the filler.

So that leaves me with Crossfire. I really wanted this story to be done by end of August. Unless I write like 10-12K in the next 3 days, that won't happen, so I'm setting the goal to be done by September 4th. I actually need to be done by Saturday because I have a wedding to attend. That means no writing. Oh and the wedding is out of town so, yeah, probably not going to bother taking my laptop. I will take my Kindle though so we shall see what happens. 

To make that date happen, I will be putting off starting anything else new. Anasa is ready to go, but Crosssfire has to be finished. I wanted it in the editor's hands sooner than later, but due to RL and so many other things, I couldn't make that happen. 

Once I get that done, I'll start rewriting my stories Guardian Angel/Save me, combining them into one titled Save Me. It's the story I wanted to write for my cousin who committed suicide. I've wanted to finish a full book for him for a long time, and since I bought the cover, I'll be doing that. 

Also, I'll be doing Veronica's short, Rain Delay, and Anasa for Michael. Once any one of those are done, I intend to work on a couple of stories for BLMorticia. One is a novella I don't have a title for, but it's set in New Orleans and involves paranormal. The other is a short called Heat of The Night. I have a cover for that as well and I'll be probably giving it away as a freebie or charging 99 cents for it. We shall see how it goes. 

Wish me luck on finishing Crossfire by Sept 4th!


Aug. 16th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Greetings folks.

Well, I subbed Smoke and it was rejected. 


I worked really hard on this story as I do with all of them, but 4-5 months of agonizing over it and it's all gone for naught. 

At least I tried. Unfortunately if you were looking for this book to come out in 2017 that is highly unlikely. The size of it permits me from self pubbing it. Why you ask? The edits. Right now, it isn't in the cards. So, I'll hang on to it until the end of the year. Maybe things will be better and I can do it. Never know, but for now I'm shelving it.

With that bad news, I'm trying to push forward with my current WIPs. I have 3 stories working right now. Crossfire, and my two shorts. I haven't started Immortals 3 yet because I truly wanted to finish one first before starting another. The shorts are both about 9k plus and I'm going for at least 11-13k on both. As we speak, I'm focusing on Crossfire because I hope to get it to my publisher before the end of the month. I have so much on the WIP list that I'm pretty sure some of those will not be published until next year. 

In the meantime, I need to focus. I banked on the pub liking this story and justifying the time I spent on it. I also wanted Michael to do something different. At this point, I might take the editor's suggestions and change the POV. I also might put it under BL because it is more of her kind of story anyway. A part of me just wants people to read it. When I looked at the reject letter I thought about just putting it in as freebies in my newsletter, but I can't. I'd really like it to get it's own cover and go on Amazon one day. It just won't be this year. 


So there it is. The trials of being an author. One of them spelled out for you. I'm not giving up hope for SMOKE though. I want this story to be loved and get some recognition for the complex plot. Perhaps down the line, things will change and i can come up with a better solution. 

Thanks for listening!

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So here is the deal with SMOKE.

No, no, no, don't panic. I didn't add more words to the 117K that I'd already done.
*whew* You say.

No, I just wanted to talk more about it. Not in terms of plot or anything because, duh, you wouldn't read it if I did. 
Instead, I wanted to share how long it had been in the WIP box and how you should NEVER throw away ideas.
We writers are strange creatures. Yes, you knew this already right? We spend as many hours thinking of stories as we do writing them. 

It's TRUE! I swear! Ask any author if you don't want to ask me. 


Anyway, yes, when those glorious plot bunnies pop up in our heads we find anything, absolutely anything to get it down. Some of us have fantastic memories and we're able to remember. While others find anything to jot it down with. Lipstick, crayon, pen, pencil, and of course, any electronic device. 

I've never done the lipstick, but I have done the crayon before. I have a pretty good memory, but sometimes that brain won't be functioning correctly so it's always best to write it down or tap it into my phone.

As far as SMOKE is concerned, I'm not sure how it came about, just know it's been on my WIP list for almost four years.

Yes, that's right. 4!

The plot line was agonizing, because ... 
I'm not fucking telling you! 

*inserts maniacal laughter here*

Sorry, I can't. I'd give you the basis of it if I were self-pubbing. I'll tell you this much. It's a writer, a fireman, and a businessman. That's all. Oh and it's interracial, and angsty and that's all I'll say.

Anyway, SMOKE was an incomplete idea. I had a couple of scenes and because I'm more of a panster, I didn't have the plot set up for this story. I only knew who I wanted to "star" in the book. If you look back a few posts in this journal, you'll see the muses for the story. I started to put them on that graphic, but ... yeah, no. Those RF stock models will do. 

Back to the story. While letting it fester, I wrote a couple of shorts on it. I participated in a freebie sharing group called Wednesday Briefs and actually wrote 3 different scenes for SMOKE. None of those made it to the actual book, but I saved all three as a reminder for the story. 

When I started it last NANO, I had those small parts as well as the muses faces on the page. All I had was a basic idea, and seemingly the more I wrote on it, the more it started to flow through my fingers. Even when I took a break on the story, I was still able to pick up where I left off without an issue. Actually, I'm thinking the break was the best thing I could've done because it went so smoothly after that. Sure the characters took me on a rough ride, but hey, that's what makes a more intriguing book.

Now, I've often talked about how endings are an absolute bitch for me. They still are, and this book was no exception. I do believe that I ended the book correctly though. It had a nice epilogue that showed a beautiful scene. The characters seemed satisfied with it too, so I'll just have to see what the feedback will be from the betas. 

The moral to this story? NEVER throw any ideas away! Regardless of how bad that story sounds, how choppy, or whatever, it might turn into something big later on. SMOKE might have never been written if I didn't want to do something out of the ordinary. Well, at least out of the ordinary for Michael. 

Writing is like a journey that takes us on different paths each time. Some might stay on that same path, while others, like me decide to wander off onto a different one. Sure the road was bumpy and it did take me a long time to complete, but I'm glad I did. It was an excitingly frightening experience, as every book is. And it all started with 3 scenes and a half ass idea. 

Writers, don't concern yourself with how many ideas are in the WIP folder. Most likely, unless you write at the speed of wind, you'll never finish them all. All those half ass ideas and small notes, might end up being something bigger in the long run. Cherish them all in the notebook, on the laptop, on piece of paper in a box written in crayon. They're all valuable whether you write them or not.


Okay so that ends this post. 

This is the WIP list now.

Or instead, why don't I let Michael tell you? Read his post here.

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I finally got the reader's request done. I know, I know, it wasn't a big deal, but it was to me because I didn't want to start any more stories until I'd finished one. I'm letting this sit for a while before I let someone look over it and post it here as well as Wattpad.

I have some stories over there if you'd like to have a look. Most are racy. If you're game, go on and click this link

Oh and the cover I did myself. I used Canva since I am not proficient with photoshop. 


* * * *

With another WIP done, I can focus on finishing Smoke. It is very close as I said in my last post. I also have Immortals 1 which is now being pushed back until May, but it does have words at least. The next story I'm starting is Nola Nuptials which is also a reader's story but I'm putting that on sale. Look for that next month. Also, PROTEKT 3 will be started. Once I get done with Smoke or Nola Nuptials, I'll start on Gren Dumont's story which will wrap up the Brothers Durand series. And I still have my DDFics to finish. The one I've been writing for like a year as well as a Dave/JT crossover. 

Oh and of course, I'll be doing a couple of het books for my new muses. I'll be starting one this week!

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Some random guy I downloaded. Not sure who he is, but he's hot!

Greetings all. So, I've been really busy. Me and my co-author finished our book. yay!

*throws confetti*

We came in just under 80k. YIKES

yes we have some editing to do, but we'll see who it goes.

I also did my fanfic. Not the DD one, the other one. It went well and I'll post it on my Wattpad later on, with the names changed of course. My DD fic still isn't done because I put it down to write on the other fanfic. Now, I'll be working on the DD fic, as well as the reader request story. I did a little research and i think I can pull it off. I'm also OFFICIALLY starting Immortals. Book 1 will be about 30-40K, I think. I'm looking to release it in April. I have 5 books right now, so I'm thinking 1 every other month. I'm also still working on Smoke. I got some more words in and I hope to have it done in the next 3 or so weeks. That's the goal anyway.

So, my WIP list looks like this

DD Fic
Story Request
Immortals Book 1
Twins Prequel

Once I finish one of these, I'll be starting on Michael's 3rd book in the PROTEKT series.

A lot I know, but I think I can do it! Wish me luck!
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Greetings folks.

It's February! OHEMGEE, can you believe it? January already flew by and now the second month of 2017 is upon us.

January was a busy month for me. I managed to write over 75k last month, mostly because I finished like 4 stories. *laughs* The one I'm doing with my co-author isn't done, but we're almost to the finish line. Currently we're clocking in at 56k and probably looking at 65-70k for our book.

This month I'm focusing on a new set of challenges. I've decided to let BL relax and won't be doing UTG3 until I pick her up again in May. That way I can concentrate on doing Michael's stories as well as my new  muses like Veronica Bagby. Michael has a 5 book series at this point for Immortals, then the story with my co-author, as well as PROTEKT 3 which has no name at this point. Then there is Smoke which I need to re-open this week and get back to, But I didn't want to do so until I got at least the co-author book and my DD Fanfic off the list.

Why you ask? Because I realized BL has over 30 books to her credit. Sure, 18 of those are for The Wretched alone which is a collection of novellas, but dang, my Michael muse is starving for more attention. Such is the reason why I've to stop writing with the Wicked Gal for now. No worries, she'll be back. I already have a lot for her to tackle once we start writing again.

Another series for her with my co-author, the first book is done. UTG3, a Wretched spinoff or two, the follow up to Odd Couple, the redo of My Lieutenant, and possibly Wild Horses will finally get a look over. AGAIN. So believe you me, she has a lot on her plate and I'll look to doing more with her after May.

When I looked at the breakdown of books per author, they looked like this:

Michael 14
BL 31
Rawiya 7

Rawiya doesn't do a bunch, so I'm not really worried about her. She is supposed to be the opposite of BL anyway, so I'm not really concerned that she has a low amount. I would like to try getting her another book or 2 before the end of the year. Sugar Daddy is on tap to be re-done and I have a new one titled Love in the Slow Lane. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, wish me luck on my WIPs. As you can see I'll be hella busy. And I've decided to dip my toe in freelance writing as well. Hmm. We'll see how much I do. You can follow me there if you so desire. Sharita Lira

Oh and the muse is David Garrett. In my co-author story, he is Frederick Tremblay world famous violinist. <3
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Yay, NaNo is won. Woot! *happy dances* But as the title of this post says, it is not done.

Hey that rhymes! *giggles*

Yeah, it isn't even close. A little over 50K 47K and I'm just throwing the first bit of drama their way. I'm thinking there will be a lot of cutting to be done when I'm ready to edit, because at the pace this story is going on, it won't be done until 80 or close to 90k!


That would be my longest story since African Sun and well, that story hasn't seen the light of day in like 2 years. It hasn't been published, it was never edited. Soo that means its on the rewrite list. *sighs* Someday I will pick up the pen on that again.

Anyway, back to Smoke. I had to take a step back from it because I hit writer's block. Yes, I know when do I have that? Well, apparently something got in the way of my progress and I decided to let it go until I found a viable solution for the next part. I did, and started work on something else. Actually, I went back to See No Evil and well... I counted a few of those words in my Nano total. SOOOO rebel of me. *grins* I wrote a very emotional scene with my transwoman and my sexy CSI which has me thinking, will I let them sleep together now or wait.


Yes, this is the dilemma authors go through on a consistent basis. We agonize over how we allow our characters to move forward. And it really is a pain, especially when you want to torture them a little more but they bug you to let them do the other things. *groans* Ah the joys of being an author.

Okay so I'm saying all this, why? Well, really I'm rambling, but also I have to say how glad I was that I worked on 3 stories at once. If I had depended on Smoke to get me through Nano, I might have come up short. Instead, I am a NANO winner for number 6 out of 7. Not too shabby, huh?

So congrats to all the other authors who participated, because even if you didn't make it, you're still a winner because, hell, you write some words in November!

And by the way, that is my muse for Santiago in Smoke. He is a total doll!

* * * *


See No Evil is moving along. I'm hoping to get it done, edited and released by the end of teh month, but it would be totally okay to come out in January. We'll see what happens!

Smoke is on hold for now. I will go back to it, but I need to do a little more reseacrh on something before I continue.

Hirah #3 is coming along, but I am making some changes to the beginning. I have to break them apart because they are starting to sniff around each other's butts. LOL that is my term for the characters getting too close before I am ready to bring them together. I will be getting back to it ASAP

Releases - I intend to release UTG 2 and Hirah 3 for December. Not sure about Evil, but we shall see!
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Greetings again...

Oh yeah the man above? Oh he's just a guy... not a muse... NOT NOW ANYWAY... ahem... *rapidly blinks and clears throat* I feel like I'm being suffocated by my muses. All of them want their story now and they're fighting one another for position in my brain.

Case in point, I'm writing Something Like Jayden for Rawiya right now and figured I'd follow up with a new story that's been bugging me as of late, tentatively titled On the Run for BLMorticia. But I also have I Love it Rough the sequel to ILEP and Ryland and Ryder's third story Mon... whatever to come up for Michael. I'd originally thought On the Run would be next but now, seems like Michael wants to get his two stories done first since they are sequels.


What? I know, I know he really does want to get back to the twins and Frankie and Kajika but he literally took over my head space and swayed my thoughts in his favor. "Oh you're writing the Wretched for her every month. The least you can do is give me my sequels now and do her story for NanoWriMo." Michael speaks to me in a pissed off voice. *blinks* Damn Michael, I didn't think you had it in you but you do I suppose. You wanted your stories next and you'll get them. Now BL's pouting and Rawiya's busy finishing her latest story.

Ah well, you can't please them all but at least I intend to get these books written by the end of the year. I actually made a small list of books I wanted to see done by the 31st of December and where they might be subbed or self pubbed. 12 stories are on that list including the ones mentioned above. We shall see if I actually get all these done. A couple are already finished, they just need to go to the publishers.

This puts back many rewrites (pipe dreaming)  I'd intended to do but won't so I can finish out these stories for the year. Looking to end on a high note, hopefully with contracts from two bigger pubs under my belt! Wish me luck

* * * *

WIPS Something Like Jayden - about 75% of the way done and The Wretched 1.5 will be released over the weekend.
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Wow, good Saturday Morning! *blinks*

I'm still awake. I should be asleep but I'm not.

Can you believe this freakin' year is almost over? OMG. I know I can't but here it is, the beginning of November. It's almost time for Turkey Day, then Black Friday, then that dreaded holiday called Christmas! Yeah I said it. I'm NOT ready as per usual. 

Even though this one shall be a little easier since I'm working the day job. Means a little more money to burn and the royalties this month go towards the bills and maybe a couple of things I'd like. 

*AHEM* Back to the blog. I posted the pic of the man opening the shades because it's a symbol of how I feel about my writing and the steps I've taken to improve. 

In the beginning, I think I was so elated that someone actually wanted me to publish and then I wanted more, and more, that I continued to sub at the speed of light.

Reading the past updates made me smile. Working on 7-8 stories with dates I didn't really make. Some of them I did but how many days did it ACTUALLY take me to finish Closely Guarded and Wild Horses?

Shit, almost a year but I did it.

Anyways, getting back to my point. I have a better idea of the business and what works for me and the muses. Yes, since they are the brains behind my books, I have to give credit where credit is due. 

We know we can't work on multiple stories at once. We'll mix up voices. We also know, keep styles separate. BL with the snark, Michael with the characters who are comfortable. Long winded style of writing, big words, etc and Rawiya, interracial, down to earth, all contemporary. 

Yep, I got it down now. The muses don't cross over all that much anymore. BL and Michael do because of the similarity in some of their characters. Alpha men, military, strong males with strong personalities, quick wit and mouths that might get them into a fight. Their paths do cross on occassion but Rawiya is a style all her own.

More than that, I don't really worry about subcalls. At least this year I didn't. I concentrated on stories of mine that needed finishing and now, I have almost a clean slate for 2013 with only Trois in Treble, and a rewrite of Vertigo 2 and Lessons in Ink to do. 

I mean sure, there are series to finish, sequels but as for the stories not done, those are the only ones left. *intention on pubbing* Yes those, not fanfic. 

I'm very excited that now I have a better idea and choose my writing goals wisely. My plan of attack is better as well as my eyes that are more capable of spotting simple editing mistakes. 

I also learned a lot from my fellow writers and betas who've helped tremendously. No, I'm not perfect but damn, I think i'm a ton better than what I was. 

I suppose when most start out, they begin totally raw which is how I started but now, I figure I know a little more and am pleased with my progress.

I'm going into this with my eyes opened wide, knowing my limits and expectations. Also, paying attention to the market, readers, and fellow writers. 

Yep, this gal is ready for the challenges that lie ahead! Bring on 2013 and skip err, the festivities. 

I'll try to come back more often and speak!

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Greetings folks...

You might ask, why do I have Superman as my picture for this week? We'll that's because I'm realizing I'm no longer Superman or woman.


My muses can no longer work together the same days, they must be separate. I can turn out stories at the speed of light, sort of, but only when 1 muse is working. Sure the others can stew but the one that's in focus, must stay in focus.

How did I discover this?

Well over the past couple of weeks, I've been looking to get my WIP down before I start to travel in October. I've almost succeeded. Getting a lot done, 2 and 3 stories in last than two weeks, etc but it couldn;t have been done if I didn't make the changes.

No more mixing voices. I work with BL stick with her work, I wk with Michael, stick with his work, its the only way to make progress.

Don't start anymore stories and I mean this one has been hard. The evil plot bunnies have been biting me, and I do mean biting. Over the last few weeks that Ive taken this new approach. I know I have at least 10 new stories, half Ive wrote synopsis for. Only one, I plan to actually do for a subcall next month and that one has been in my subconscious for years.

So what have I learned? I cannot work faster without efficiency. Working smarter. It might take me longer to sub now but I've narrowed down what I want to do anyway. :D



So, I have 6 stories on the WIP list

True Meaning 2 is at 20k plus. Im looking to finish by August 10th

Taming Wild Horses, 10k looking to finish by the end of August

Mi Familia I have a date of Sept 15th

Closely Guarded Sept 30th

AS and Sugar Daddy no dates.

For the time being, Ive removed Trois off the list. I really would like to get 2 of Michael's stories done b4 going back

My new story must be done by August 31st and I only have 3 subcalls, to complete

Real excited about my progress and now, I have a new WC meter on my blog to keep count

I'm also doing a challenge with Twitter friends, #aug40k, 40k in the month! WOOHOO! Im ready!

Thanks for listening
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Good mornin' peeps...

This is BL, the muse speaking instead of the head. Why? We might be taking over... I don't know. *laughs*

Apparently we are and we're having a lot of fun with it too.

Okay, really, she wanted me to speak on her behalf since my story that turned out to be a series is at the forefront in her brain.

What does the writer do when the muses say...more please.

Oh and yes, this voice, which I may also say is the original muse, (
see my interview) has said a lot lately. more like, um Sharita, could you throw a dog a bone and allow me to write my story?

Its really hard to share one head with two other muses, but somehow, I managed to captivate her so much, she finally listened. What did I tell her?


Well, basically, we've been writing on my new story You Don't Ask, We Don't Tell. It was originally for a subcall to a anthology about gay males in uniform. Well, apparently my characters didn't like the idea of just one book and a generic cover. They wanted their own series since each one of the characters has a story.

How did it happen? Through research!

Cody McCayne who  is my main character said, oh I need those ten weeks in Basic Training (book one) along with more from me and my man, Dari Kirk. Then in book two (Untitled as of now) The story of the training facility, Company 9669 and how DST Morris Dirst and his second in command, Darios "DP" Bright got started. Then  book three (Another untitled) More about the other characters, the General, the recruiter, Justin Belevidere, along with officers, "Head" "Jag" and "RMD."

Wow, what a series... and to think if they hadn't spoken to me, I might have missed out on a prime opportunity to create a great collection on my own. You may ask, why a series? Well, IMO, it gives the writer the chance to display different facets of the same theme to the reader but in most cases, from the POV's of different characters.

All the characters in YDAWDT have their own stories and adventures to tell. It'll be a wild ride!

What about my alter egos?

Michael has African Sun, of course, thats seems to be never ending but he is on book 3. He also has 3 books in one for Vertigo which should be out later this year.

The Down Low in Nola series is back on Rawiya. at first, the head, thought it might be necessary to turn it over to Michael but the voices weren't correct and so all of us agreed Rawiya should continue it.

Whats the big difference from series and sequels? Series are continuous from the same story theme and characters but might have different settings and intro new ones while sequels are stories that may have the same characters but have a different theme going.

In the case of My lieutenant, it will have 1 or 2 books to follow because the characters want and need more story. So as they keep yapping, i'll give it to them!

What a great thing huh? Being a writer is already fun and even more so when the voices in your head continually bug you about their story.

The YDAWDT series will be a good one, I assure you. Well worth the wait. Look for it.



Okay;s the head speaking now with today's update. Thx BL

So, I have a series instead of a novella size story that might belong to an antho.

Wonderful. *grins*

Here's whats going on now.

As BL said, You Dont Ask was the one I worked on a lot this week. 7k plus in and looking for more.

For the military subcall, I have another story I'm subbing. Its the full version  to my story I subbed for Rawiya to STARbooks called That Thing. The call ends July 15th so I'll be doing what I can to finish that.

AS 34K in and I havent wrote on it all week so of course, Sakina and gang have a lot to say.

Taming Wild Horses. 9k in

Sugar Daddy full version 5k in

True Meaning Two about 6-7k in. I think. I havent looked at that all week either.

Trois in Treble ready to finish this one. I just need to be given that chance to do so.

Closely Guarded about 5k in

Mi Familia 20K. About half way through, I think.

Lessons in Ink 10k in

Something New on the Menu revision

I have a couple of stories I'm sending out this week too. My Halloween story will go back out as well as a short for a charity subcall.

There are more for the rest of this month and i've already narrowed it down to what I want to do,

We shall see what happens.

Thanks for listening to me and my muse!


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