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Greetings peeps.

Yes, I havent been updating like I should. October came and went and no updates here on progress.

Well, let me get you caught up. I havent really done them on my own either so dont feel bad!



Currently, I have 4 stories going. Closely Guarded for Nano, a Story called Turning the Tables an M/F I need to get done by 11-5 and a May December M/M called Captain of His Heart and Taming Wild Horses which is now BL's. I'm very fond of all of these but the only one with a stern deadline besides the Nano one of course is Turning.

I'm also doing edits on Vertigo for Sizzler, trying to get it out by END OF YEAR as well as The Power of Muse, my full length Vampire is on its final edit right now.

My Lieutenant was just released, as was Dream of Dalian, my vampire m/f in the NNP antho, and Prince and the Penis. My short for Rebel Ink. *squee*

You Don't Ask has a cover, lovely I might add. i'll share it when its totally correct and the NNP stories for Something New are in edits as well!

The whole month of October, I pretty much took it easy since I went to my first writers conference. Wrote some fanfic, lots, 2 stories! LOL Also worked on 2 others I'd been leaving on the backburner. Even with taking so many days off I managed about 24k for the month which was 4k above my goal of 20k.

I tried very hard not to let myself get to the point of exhaustion. I wont be doing the slash advent like last year only doing gift fics for friends and edits all month as well as my project with a fellow writer.

I'm also planning to write at least 6 novellas 30k or more next year. I have the plans for some of them, which is awesome. I'm planning out my whole year of writing, minus sub calls. We shall see what I come up with.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I'll try to update more often.

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I don't really have any witty revelations this week.

Just woke up :P

The muses have been busy in my head so we started another story and will do another this week.

Currently, we have 7 WIP's

African Sun
Mi Familia
Taming Wild Horses
True Meaning Two
(New) Closely Guarded
Lessons in Ink

Now, on that last one, I regarded it as finished right?

Well, the muses had more to say on this one after it was rejected by a publisher. They gave the usual reason, doesn't fit our needs which made me think they didn't need anymore gay stories and when I went back through it to revise before submitting it to another, they started talking again! :/

Why does that happen?


But as I discussed in last weeks update, I'd rather have a finished story than unfinished.

Btw, Closely Guarded is my M/M/M. It might have some "closed door" hetero scenes since my main character is bi.

Closely is based on a fic I wrote and the good thing is, its a lovely plot that was able to be turned into something good.

So there you go!

We also have plenty of short stories we want to do for sub calls as well as Edits which this week includes Masquerade.

Today, I'm starting the long version of "Sugar Daddy" which will be awesome!

Last week, My Lieutenant and A Second Chance were contracted.

Thanks for listening

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Good morning folks! Today's LJ update on the Triad is talking about distractions!

Whew. Why would I pick that photograph? Well besides it being absolutely gorgeous and different, it is one of the things that distracts me from my daily writing. Not just that  photo in particular, but all outside forces.

What am I saying? Facebook, Twitter, email, any electronic device. How about those important distractions like family; two kids hubby!

Then comes the other ones, people working on your house, your stresses. These all play a big part in my life right now and yes, they take away from what I love most: to write.

How do I deal? Well, when I have serious writing to do, I looked at the advice from a fellow writer, who says she turns off her wireless. That way, if she does get the urge to Tweet or FB, she wont be able to. Did that! ;)

Family? I'm lucky my mom takes the kids on some weekends, this happened to be one of them so I did get some extra writing done. Also, I write at night when the whole house is asleep, so hubby and the kids are gone to bed.

The house? Write when they are gone, or if I have blog posts to do, which I have plenty, get those done and leave serious writing till later.

Stress? Unfortunately, that really doesnt go anywhere but, I do try to relax my mind and put on music or clear my head b4 I sit down to write. Sometimes that stress comes out in the story and if it does, there is times it fits and other times it doesn't.

This weekend I think I wrote about 5k on African Sun and Trois combined and I know I put some tension in there. It might have even fit the plot! EUREKA!

So, thats how I deal. Has it been successful? Yep, to a point. There are times its failed, but for the most part, I fight distractions with the right plans.

That social networking is addictive btw!


Ohh! WOOHOO! Guess what? I did actually finish a story. Did I say that last week? I dont think so.

My Lieutenant is in the capable hands of a dear author and friend. She's looking it over to see if I had a clue what I was talking about. lol so, one less WIP. Of course, it goes into edits but that's always separate.

Got alot down on AS and Trois, FINALLY! Me and Dina, (the heroine in the MMF) settled how she would be a more integral part of the story so I hope to get Trois moving in the right direction. No date of completion was set for either AS or Trois. Just letting them ride their course until they say they are done. AS is over 13K and Trois is now at about 18K. I'm thinking AS will be about 50K.

News: Binding Justice was accepted by my editor so I'm pretty stoked. He didn't even tell me either. He put a note on my Facebook. Clever! 0.o

I'm thinking there may be a sequel for Binding... hmmm...much later!

Vertigo is almost complete! I was supposed to have it done by yesterday but alas, no... I'm hoping to get it done by Friday or sooner. The editor likes this one so I need to get it done.

Mi Familia is rolling along and my Second Chance story, I'm giving it a break so I can do some research.

So that makes 5 now? IDK, I lose count.

Oh and lastly, I was really excited to get some FF done! WOOT!

Yesterday was ff day to update the site. Worked on 2 stories I adore, and Im hoping to get one close to completion. The other no end in sight Thats my recreational writing btw. lol

All in all a productive week I had. This week more challenges as I try to finish Vertigo and hopefully make a significant dent in AS and Trois.

I've also joined a bunch of authors doing a faux NaNowrimo. 50k in 30 days. Piece of cake for me. If you'd like to see, it just started yesterday...

Cheers folks and have a good week!

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The fingers did not want to follow the muses and subsequently, all my writing stopped the past 3 or so days.

I was working diligently on My Lieutenant till I hit a snag where I wanted to end it and the muse wanted more. I took the the time to read over notes from my fave editor as well as plot notes and such and by the time I got a clear direction, it was time to be mommy again and I was too tired to write. :P

What to do when you feel too lazy to feed the muse? Do you force it? NOPE! Do you go on and let the best rest in hopes you can continue the next day? YES

PROBLEM? If you have plans outside your writing world, that next day turns into Monday which is my case again.

I have made Sunday rest/recreation day and Saturday, I saw my musical heroes which that in itself made me tired. Panting all night, you know... :P


Anyway, so in essence, I have lost Friday evening Sat, and Sun to write! ARGH! Which mean  wont finish things by my own personal deadlines. Just imagine when I throw the EDJ (evil day job) into it! WOW! That will be scary.

Howvever, I cant beat myself up. All I can do is try catching up and hope when I open these stories, the words will flow on the page today when my hubby comes home and I get to do some serious writing.

Here's to finishing things this week and when the laziness takes over, the muses take a bit of a backseat. :P If I dont feel like writing, all I can do is hope for the fingers to cooperate with the muses that following day! :)


So that being said, nothing is finished as I'd like but I hope to have 3 of the 6 Im working on done. Lieutenant, Vertigo, and A Second Chance. The AS gang is real antsy and so is the Trois gang. Not to mention, the FF muse demands more of my attention. I hope to get a little in on all of it.

Till next time!
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My lovely friends, Book three of the novel, African Sun has been pushed back until March 15th. I need time to work on edits and finish the story My Lieutenant as well as work on 3 stories for anthologies this month. not to mention, the longer versions of Vertigo and Lose.

Sakina understands, she'd mad but ah well. I can't please every muse. i'm trying but, can't do it all the time.

I hope by then to have all the above out the way. In the meantime, I will be editing parts one and two so my editor can get them contracted and released.

:) Thanks for all your support.
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Greetings readers...

Can I just say how much I love my muses?

As you know, my alter egos and me form the Triad...

Lately I have been finishing stories, not really working on anything new for the exception of Sweetest Taboo and Binding Justice. I have not submitted but once this year until yesterday when I did one for a publisher for Masquerade and earlier this morning for Binding Justice.

What does this show?

That I haven't done any new anthology submissions.

Well, that will change!

For the next couple of months, (March and April) I have about 5-7 I would like to do. Now, that doesn't mean they are a guarantee but, its in my head to do something for each one.

For the next one due March 15th, I am to do to eight page stories, both m/m. One of the mobster genre another about tall Dark Men.

Well, I had absolutely no ideas for that first one until I read the call again then brainstormed a little. Rawiya and Michael came up empty but for whatever reason when I started thinking mobster, ruthless, foulmouthed...

There came Miss Thang to the rescue...

Mind you, she's the rock and roller but any dialogue that will allow her to be the sass crass slut that she is, she likes. So she came up with an idea that she will have me working on along with her other story, My Lieutenant.

I love her...she does more than just stories about musicians. She is my original pseudonym after all, so really I cannot say I'm surprised.

I'm lucky to have my two alter egos to help me along as I continue to make a name for myself. They have been very helpful and heres hoping they will not fail me anytime soon.

I really don't think they will. We have a book full of ideas to keep us busy.


  • As I stated, Binding Justice is done. Submitted to my editor yesterday. We shall see if he likes it enough to include it in his bondage antho.
  • Masquerade was given to a different editor yesterday so I'll keep you posted there.
  • Not sure if I revealed that Sweetest Taboo was turned down on its first run but I have another one that I am thinking of giving it to.
  • Starting this week, I will be doing part two of Vertigo as well as more on Lose Myself. He would like at least 5K more on that story before considering to release a full version.
  • I will be doing edits on African Sun starting today as well as starting part three on Tuesday. My target date for finishing part three is 4/30/11, I hope to get 1 and 2 out before late summer, early fall
  • My Lieutenant is almost done. I'll be working on that along with the new mob story as well as the Tall dark man story all at once.
  • I began my free read, Mi Familia on my Blog, crossposting here in my slash group as well as on and
I think that is plenty to do right? *laughs*

Of course there are more stories on the brain but my biggest focus is getting them complete for my fave publisher.

I'll keep you abreast of anymore developments if you're paying attention.

That's all for now...


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