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So I left on February 26th and came back March 3rd from Mardi Gras.

I've made this trip for the last 6 years straight and this time, I took my 9 year old daughter with me and my husband.

It was a glorious trip. I didn't get much any writing done because we were out in the streets most of the day and not a lot of down time except at night. Of course, with my daughter there, we couldn't go on Bourbon and party on Fat Tuesday, and yes, it felt really odd! But still she had a great time and I'm glad I got to take her. With her being there, partying was limited, but we did do the touristy things.

She wanted to go to the cemetary, so we went on the cemetary tour because you can't go into one of the Louis cemetaries (there are 3) without a guide. Though it was pricey, it was well worth it. I learned a lot from our person, who btw, is named Daphne. She reallyw as hysterical and very knowledgable. We really enjoyed it.

We also visited the Louisiana State Museum on Thursday. And boy, did the plot bunnies snowball on me then! I mean, historicals, ideas for a couple of ghost stories. I've done cops in NOLA, and with a little help from a fmr cop friend in LA and lots of reading, I hope it did okay with trying to make the series believable.

Now, I want to do more paranormals, esp. with Michael, and more historicals. More books with Native Americans, books during the civil war, the slave trade. etc. There were so many little scenarios I thought about. And they're all in my brain. :P

Now I just need to write everything down.

EEK that's gonna be fun NOPE

and I have to catch up with my boys in SMOKE because believe you me, they are waiting.

Oh, and my muse? Well that's Nick Bateman. I have a story for him that BL will write and hopefully sub by the end of the year. We'll see what happens!

* * * *

So with no writing, I am still on the same WIPs.

Reader Request

I haven't started Immortals yet, but I will this week. By the time i finish the reader's story, I should also do my 3rd book in the PROTEKT series. I hope to have that finished by June/July.

The first book in Immortals has to be released by late April for me to stay on Schedule. :)
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I'm busy writing my last book for this year and then I'll end it with a short story for a fan...

Then edits... o.O

Lots of them. That will be the next blog...


So the title of this journal entry is defying the muse. What does that mean? Well, while writing I Like 'Em Pretty now book one in my new series I'm doing along with Masquerade, Michael wanted the focus of the book to be more on the murder. It's an m/m noir with romance, suspense, and a little hot sex. 

Yeah, he really wanted to concentrate on the main plot and the subplot be the romance. Instead, the characters wanted the focus on them. Now mind you, they aren;t even making love to like the end of the book so what do I mean? The actual courtship, Frankie's emotions, Kajika's emotions, and the intro to several characters that will make appearances throughout the collection. 

Not only that, BL's characters Bryant and Nathan show up too since they're down in Nola after tehir most recent book. Pretty cool huh? Yeah it's turning out to be rather long but i love that the couple and their journey to be together is the focus. Makes it more of an erotica romance much to Michael's chagrin. *giggles*

It's okay Michael. We're gonna write a book the way YOU want eventually. Still he can't argue that the book is going really well. At this point, looks like Wednesday will be the day we finish first draft!

For a snippet, check out the last Saturday Sips at Michael's


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