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Greetings people and welcome to another Monday where I may have something interesting to say.


Every week I have a revelation and I report to you to read it. What is it today? DISTRACTIONS

Now, as you know, I have 2 kids, a husband, a cat, friends, and other lovely things and people who keep me busy.

In truth, i usually write at night when the house is asleep. However, even when it was, I still couldn't stay up long enough to get any writing done this past weekend.

I had a short story I started and didn't finish. I did get reading done, alot actually as well as blogposts and other promoing things but thats all I could do. UGH!

I have a novella I'm starting today too. I wanted to get the short done and out by the 25th. Hopefully, that will still happen since I have my synopsis and everything planned out. I have in my head this Novella could be anywhere from the min 18k to 25k This means about 2k of writing a day to get it ready to submit. Hopefully earlier so I can pass it along to a fellow author and beta.

However, having all these distractions means I'll need to find a specific time to work on it. Like now, only my 3yr old is awake. She is content with her Leapster game for now so I may try to steal a little time before my 13yr old gets up.

Noticed I said try?


Yep... oh like my naked chef?

This would be a distraction too...



So, I finished True Meaning 2. I'll be starting edits on it and submitting by Friday.

As I said, I'm starting Out of Bounds, my IR romance novella by Michael Mandrake

I still have

Taming, Closely Guarded, Mi Familia, and AS

I'll only be doing Mi Familia till the Novella is done and out.

Thanks for listening

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WOW! Talk about overextended!

Yes, I always do these to shock you don't I?

The woman with three muses and of course, the evil one posts the pictures...

*she did it, points finger at BL*

Anyway, tonight, since my update is being done at 10:30pmCST, I'm talking about overextending...meaning doing too much.

I feel like that's what I'm doing to myself. I have 8 WIPs going and now, I need to prioritize because the calendar gets crazy this month...OUCH.

I believe, I have 14 sub calls that I wrote down that I might want to attempt. I think i missed one today, but there are more important ones I'd like to do.

Also, the 8WIPs, only 2 of them had an actual deadline. Closely Guarded my new gay suspense erotica romance and Wild Horses which was for the gay cowboy antho. (Wont make even the new date of july 15th)

The rest I started or have kept doing because the muses were bugging me to do them!

:P The free read, Mi Familia is being followed every week too so there is pressure to get that done.

Hmm, so what have I learned from this?

In the future, write down the synopsis, key details, which I already do but DONT START THE STORY no matter how loud the muses yell!

Unless its for a subcall, leave it alone.

There are other authors who have been able to do many more at the same time but me , 8 is my max... However, when I have subcalls, it should be less!

All the muses will always be busy and something tells me, they wont go away at all.



AS - 30Kplus in
Lessons in Ink 10K in
Mi Familia 20K in
Wild Horses 9K in
Closely Guarded 3k in
Sugar Daddy 5K in
True Meaning 2 5k in
Trois 19k in

So which have priority?

Closely Guarded
Mi Familia
Sugar Daddy
True Meaning

The rest, I'll need to put aside for a bit. :P

We'll see how this works...

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Back with another update!

When you think 5 for 7 its a pretty good ratio, right? Unless its 5 out of 7 Lottery numbers...nope, not unless they have prizes for that.

Well, I did 5-7 submissions this month and it feels great to say I met those 5. 1 accepted, 1 rejected, still waiting on 3 more for the month of March. Not bad.

I could feel myself beginning to feel like January when I began to question my muses. Of course they are fighting back.

On the Trois story, I'm feeling I wrote too much of my gay couple who has yet to invite their female into the relationship. She just began speaking to me so what can I do. 13K in and she's finally talking.

So, I wont be making that deadline but I'm set to send my fave editor the first 3 chapters and the dreaded synopsis this week.

His words? I'd rather have an MFM but okay. lol

I'm pretty excited to have the next two months with very little deadlines.

5 for April - One is almost done, 3 are less than 8K Max. The big one I'm still deciding if I want to do it.

1 for May which I have basically written, just needs changes.

I'm trying to avoid writer burnout before more busy months come when I'll need my fingers to cooperate with my muses.

So, I made those five and I'm happy.


As I stated 5 for April and 3 of them are pretty much written.

I started AS III The Beauty Within which made my good friends know who you are.

Why you ask? Well, the AS Muse wanted to make sure I at least STARTED it before the April. They had thoughts and since i just killed a character and bringing in another, I had more to write.

So as it stands I have 5

African Sun

Trois MMF




I hope to get 3 done by months end. :)

Plus fanfic muse is calling. I'll be writing a couple at friends requests.

Till next time...

Updates 3/3

Mar. 3rd, 2011 10:37 pm
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That is what my muses feel now after we took the last couple of days to work on African Sun Edits.

Now, my lovely editor would like me to do the following:

Make the story, Only When I Lose Myself from the My Sexy Valentine anthology longer by about 5k and make Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo about 30K! WOW! I think that second one can be done but we shall see.

I don't like to draw out a story just for the sake if doing it so we shall see what my lovely characters give me. I am positive that my paranormal book, Vertigo can be stretched because the men had more story.

This on top of:

My Lieutenant
1 Sub by March 10th
2 Subs due by March 15th
1 March 30th
4 by April 1st (One of which has to be 15k-20K) EEEKkk

And I'm starting a new project with fellow M/M authors along with my blogs, my LJ here, and erm, my fanfiction site which must get  updated very soon. Not to mention, my LJ communities here which I love.

Wow, so much to do. Its only March! Shhhiitttt...LOL We shall see what comes out, in the mean time, stay tuned for all the updates!


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