Apr. 12th, 2017

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Well, I've officially switched! DW let me know everything had been imported from LJ, so now I'll be closing down my LJ account.


Since I write gay romance, I can't be part of an organization that's based in a country that hates LGBTQ people. So, needless to say, I'll be closing it down immediately.

I'm happy to be part of the DW family.

Oh and the muse? That's Myles Greyson from my latest story, Smoke. I'm almost done! I wrote the synopsis and I might have about 20K to go in the story. There will be some cutting to be done as well as full scale edits so I can get it ready for a publisher.
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I finally got the reader's request done. I know, I know, it wasn't a big deal, but it was to me because I didn't want to start any more stories until I'd finished one. I'm letting this sit for a while before I let someone look over it and post it here as well as Wattpad.

I have some stories over there if you'd like to have a look. Most are racy. If you're game, go on and click this link

Oh and the cover I did myself. I used Canva since I am not proficient with photoshop. 


* * * *

With another WIP done, I can focus on finishing Smoke. It is very close as I said in my last post. I also have Immortals 1 which is now being pushed back until May, but it does have words at least. The next story I'm starting is Nola Nuptials which is also a reader's story but I'm putting that on sale. Look for that next month. Also, PROTEKT 3 will be started. Once I get done with Smoke or Nola Nuptials, I'll start on Gren Dumont's story which will wrap up the Brothers Durand series. And I still have my DDFics to finish. The one I've been writing for like a year as well as a Dave/JT crossover. 

Oh and of course, I'll be doing a couple of het books for my new muses. I'll be starting one this week!


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