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Yay, NaNo is won. Woot! *happy dances* But as the title of this post says, it is not done.

Hey that rhymes! *giggles*

Yeah, it isn't even close. A little over 50K 47K and I'm just throwing the first bit of drama their way. I'm thinking there will be a lot of cutting to be done when I'm ready to edit, because at the pace this story is going on, it won't be done until 80 or close to 90k!


That would be my longest story since African Sun and well, that story hasn't seen the light of day in like 2 years. It hasn't been published, it was never edited. Soo that means its on the rewrite list. *sighs* Someday I will pick up the pen on that again.

Anyway, back to Smoke. I had to take a step back from it because I hit writer's block. Yes, I know when do I have that? Well, apparently something got in the way of my progress and I decided to let it go until I found a viable solution for the next part. I did, and started work on something else. Actually, I went back to See No Evil and well... I counted a few of those words in my Nano total. SOOOO rebel of me. *grins* I wrote a very emotional scene with my transwoman and my sexy CSI which has me thinking, will I let them sleep together now or wait.


Yes, this is the dilemma authors go through on a consistent basis. We agonize over how we allow our characters to move forward. And it really is a pain, especially when you want to torture them a little more but they bug you to let them do the other things. *groans* Ah the joys of being an author.

Okay so I'm saying all this, why? Well, really I'm rambling, but also I have to say how glad I was that I worked on 3 stories at once. If I had depended on Smoke to get me through Nano, I might have come up short. Instead, I am a NANO winner for number 6 out of 7. Not too shabby, huh?

So congrats to all the other authors who participated, because even if you didn't make it, you're still a winner because, hell, you write some words in November!

And by the way, that is my muse for Santiago in Smoke. He is a total doll!

* * * *


See No Evil is moving along. I'm hoping to get it done, edited and released by the end of teh month, but it would be totally okay to come out in January. We'll see what happens!

Smoke is on hold for now. I will go back to it, but I need to do a little more reseacrh on something before I continue.

Hirah #3 is coming along, but I am making some changes to the beginning. I have to break them apart because they are starting to sniff around each other's butts. LOL that is my term for the characters getting too close before I am ready to bring them together. I will be getting back to it ASAP

Releases - I intend to release UTG 2 and Hirah 3 for December. Not sure about Evil, but we shall see!
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Okay, so this is the 2nd update. It is the homestretch, but I didn't get the chance to come back over here until now. More fuckery happened on Tuesday, but I got through it. Lets just say, car trouble. Yep, time to get another car.

Anyway, with writing, I'm over 40K on Smoke.


I do adore this story. It's humorous, angsty, sexy. Oh and the characters. They are writing themselves and I'm tagging along while they run rampant on this manuscript. In my last post I was pissed, but Santiago has helped me right the ship...

A little.

Santiago is still my guy, but this one above has taken over the focus. He is such an ass! He is the muse I am using for Myles. BTW, I love Boris Kodjoe! I've used him a couple of times and when I put his sexy face in with a particular character, it always seems to work.

Oh yes, back to Smoke. It's going great and I'm very sure the story will be about 70-80K. Yes, that's right. In this first 40, nothing much has happened except some fuckery as Santiago called it, that has taken a lot longer than expected. Also, all 3 men have POV's so their thoughts are all on paper. Some emotional men, they are, and yes, I love that too.

I do hope to be done in December so i can pass it on to some betas, but guaranteed I will have the 50k needed to win Nano in the next few days. Then I might give it a rest so I can finish See No Evil and Hirah.

Until next time!

* * * *


Smoke at 40K, nowhere near done!
See No Evil at 26K
I shelved Hirah 3 for now because I'd like to finish See and book 2 isn't on the editor's desk yet.
I'm thinking of writing an Xmas short for two old characters. Not sure who, but stay tuned.
2 freebies as well as my fanfic.
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Yes, I know.

I really should've updated last the first week, right? But I was busy working my EDJ and writing, then working, then writing, then shit happened on Friday! AH! But if anyone is still listening, I did indeed hit the 25k mark today.


But, hold on. Before we throw the confetti, I am having anxities over this damn story. Now I remember why I put this thing on the backburner for 3 plus years.


Without giving anything away, this whole story is a clusterfuck. The premise it's built on is a clusterfuck and now, one character decides to throw a monkey wrench into my already shaky foundation by ...

NOPE, not gonna tell ya. Just trust that Santiago fucked up my plan!


I still love him. In fact, he is my favorite character in the story. The man above is my muse for Jonas. My hotheaded firefighter who loves Santiago with all his heart. And yes, he is as fuckable in the story as he is in that pic.


Still, this doesn't make me forget that Santiago has pulled something in the story that might make it difficult for me to tie up lose ends. I mean, it wasn't as if I already had my doubts as to how I was going to pull it off. Now, I'm damn near ready to throw my hands up, but guess what kids. I ain't goin' out like that. I'm gonna keep hacking away and wrecking shop .... (is that term still a thing OH Well) On these sons of bitches because this book deserves an audience. It's juicy, sexy, angsty, and well, I like it because I'm writing it.


If you're interested in following my progress, just stay in tuned with my writers blog. Yep, I update it now when I can, because as I said in a post two or three weeks ago, it's like therapy.

Thanks for listening...

* * * *


So at the moment, SMOKE NANO is at 25K
I am starting Hirah 3 over again and about to hand #2 over to an editor. 2 betas gave me some help which I appreciated dearly. Now, I'm going to try getting Hirah out before the end of the month.
Still working on See No Evil. Must finish by NOV 30th and the DD Fanfic I'm working on as well as the freebie. I actually have another couple of freebies based on pics, but I haven't strated them as of yet.

TA for now. 
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Soooo... I picked my story for Nano. Well, not without help. I had my husband pick a story out of a hat and on the 3rd try, this one won out. It's my M/M/M story Where There's Smoke by BLMorticia. It's a menage with some angst and heartache. BL plans to torture the characters for Nano. I've had his story on tap for at least 2 years and been wanting to write it for the longest. Now, I'm finally getting a chance and I am stoked.

Wish me luck on the story! Will give updates on my Nano progress!


Where There's Smoke NANO
See No Evil N'awlins Book 6
Hirah Blaze Book 3
Under the Gun Book 3
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Well, I finally got Hirah going. I put the book up late Friday night and it is now available on Amazon.

Link -

I'm stoked about my new venture into bisexual romances, and no, It isn't a menage! I had the hardest time figuring out how to categorize this book. It's about a heavy metal guitarist, there's some romance, a little snark, but it isn't your traditional love story. It's a spinoff of my Wretched series which is still FREE at Smashwords and All Romance and I'm hoping those who have read that series will love the fiesty Hirah Blaze as she plays with her new band in search for super stardom. And she's so focused until bassist Chad Stephenson makes his presence felt, She's all badass and then the hottie from Austin disrupts her concentration.

Sure there is some cat and mouse, a lot of comedy and some sexy times, but I have to admit, it's not the traditional guy gets girl book. It didn't start that way but there is some good times to be had betwene Hirah and Chad. There's a lot going on around them too, as in the case of Corey during The Wretched Tales. I have a knack for wanting to write a budding romance when it's surrounded by chaos. and sometimes that chaos can interfere with what happens to the couple.

If you take the chance on Hirah, you'll see what I mean. Book 2 is already done and I hope to have it out before 3rd week of November. I have just started book 3! ;)

And as far as Nano goes, I did put six story names in a bucket for hubby to pull out, but  cheated a little because he pulled out the lesbian fic I wanted to do as well as Veronica Bagby book. I told him I wasn't ready for either one of those yet, so he pulled out Where There's Smoke.


It's an M/M/M set in a small town in Illinois with some angst and drama. And there is a baby admist all this chaos. What did I say about wanting to write a love story with so many events happening around the couple? In this case, it's a threesome. A man who still loves his ex and his current and wants to find a way for all of them to be happy together. Indeed its a challenge but the story has been in my to do folder for almost 3 years plus. It's time to write it, and of course, it is  BL story.

Ta for now!

Please go check out HIRAH!
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So, I'm sitting here on my first day off in over a week and trying to figure out what I want to write for Nano. At times, I've done it the unconventional way and wrote several stories to make up 50k, but this time, I thought about doing it traditional.


The only thing is, I have so many choices. I could rewrite a couple of books. One of which is Sugar Daddy. I could write the next book in PROTEKT which has no title. I have a new m/m story I just thought about or my first book by my muse, Veronica Bagbay which, no, I haven't done yet. Been wanting to write with her for years. AHH! What to do?

Then there is my urban fantasy I've been plotting with the above character. Ryland Durand. Or should it be my magical fantasy I've been researching and plotting. Ugh! the damn muses are running amuck in my brain and I don't know how to control them.

What to do?

Any thoughts?
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Greetings. The title of this blogpost is... well no title, just ERGH or UGH

That's the sound i'm making after a few of those, "I don' t feel like writing cause i'm too damn tired..." days.

The EDJ is getting to me and now i'm fighting a bug! Grrrr

Currently I'm about 8k behind and Nano says I have to do 2300 a day to catch up

Yes I can do that but next week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday sooooo it would behoove me to get most of this done before then.

Unfortunately I work in retail so that means I'll be in the thick of it. Thankfully only part time. Still, i have a family, I have cooking to do... Gah, How will I get this done

Though I am pissed about being so behind, I'm not giving up. This weekend I'll be shooting for 8-10k so I can get the brunt of the story finished before the holiday. Please cheer me on!

* * *

Just signed the contract for Rawiya's tale
Contract for ML3 is in the works
Edits on Jayden looming to send it before next week.
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Good morning folks. Oh and this is Angel Macho for those who are wondering

I couldn't really find the pic to fit my mood so I went with eye candy instead

Anyways, the title is plotting and why it doesn't always work...for ME

Yeah me. Many writers plot all the way to the end and most even stick to it but my first experience with plotting chapter by chapter has started out to be a bust. Yes, I have a general idea of what's happening and yeah, it did reel in some of the crazy ideas but the characters are running their mouths, longer than I expect and well, Kenina has showed her ass in this story and I like it a lot since her book is next in line.

My MC, Frankie is having doubts about cop work and my MC Kajika, is doubting their relationship. All this and a murderer is on the lose! Whew! Lots going on in here but not really following the plot I'd done about two months ago. Not that its a problem but hey, sometimes panstering works.

And in the meantime I've been researching. Going through CSI book as well as the weapons novel. I also ordered police procedure to clear up some of the insecurities about writing in this genre. What's also helping is reading a murder mystery. Its called Red Light by T Jefferson Parker. The book rocks and has helped me a lot to understand the duties of homicide.

So, all in all, this has been great so far., Yeah, the chapters aren't exactly following the plot I did but at least its not stagnant. I have the makings if a good story here and I'm loving it!

* * * *

Rawiya finished her part of the Nano. Her fluffy story was subbed and were awaiting the word.
A little under 10k for Michael on ILIR. Kenina is becoming a strong character.
Sub call to do for January for a press. Valentines day. Woot
Wretched is next for BL once ILIR is done.
Edits in December to end the year!
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Yes very late posting again.

I need someone to cry out my sorrows to.

Ah well.

So, I have accepted defeat in Nano.

With 4 more days to go I am on the cusp of 30k and the stresses in my life have taken away my writing muse for the story.

Its too much thinking. I had 4 sets of edits, on first batch for 2 of them. The other two, the books got out but not without undue stress that hasn't killed my muses just the one for Clsely Guarded.

Sure, I'll work on it but I can tell you, I cannot push out 20k in the next 4 days. JUST CANT!

I love the story but with something that complex, I need to be less stressed.

I'll try writing on it but I seriously doubt I'll make it to the 50k.

Ive still almost wrote 50k for the month. just on 3 stories.


I finished 3 others, only subbed 2 of them The other I need someone to look over b4 I do.

So I could claim victory if I cheated but the rules state a novel, not 3!

Ah well, so I didnt get there but I'm proud of the story still. Michael Mandrake and I have 2 novels to get out and perhaps we'll finish this story in 2012

I tried...


No Nano win for me

Cez la Vie!
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Greetings peeps.

Yes, I havent been updating like I should. October came and went and no updates here on progress.

Well, let me get you caught up. I havent really done them on my own either so dont feel bad!



Currently, I have 4 stories going. Closely Guarded for Nano, a Story called Turning the Tables an M/F I need to get done by 11-5 and a May December M/M called Captain of His Heart and Taming Wild Horses which is now BL's. I'm very fond of all of these but the only one with a stern deadline besides the Nano one of course is Turning.

I'm also doing edits on Vertigo for Sizzler, trying to get it out by END OF YEAR as well as The Power of Muse, my full length Vampire is on its final edit right now.

My Lieutenant was just released, as was Dream of Dalian, my vampire m/f in the NNP antho, and Prince and the Penis. My short for Rebel Ink. *squee*

You Don't Ask has a cover, lovely I might add. i'll share it when its totally correct and the NNP stories for Something New are in edits as well!

The whole month of October, I pretty much took it easy since I went to my first writers conference. Wrote some fanfic, lots, 2 stories! LOL Also worked on 2 others I'd been leaving on the backburner. Even with taking so many days off I managed about 24k for the month which was 4k above my goal of 20k.

I tried very hard not to let myself get to the point of exhaustion. I wont be doing the slash advent like last year only doing gift fics for friends and edits all month as well as my project with a fellow writer.

I'm also planning to write at least 6 novellas 30k or more next year. I have the plans for some of them, which is awesome. I'm planning out my whole year of writing, minus sub calls. We shall see what I come up with.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I'll try to update more often.

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Good morning all...

Welcome to Taboos today. I couldn't wait to do the writing revelation so I could let you know what happened during the week.

About 3 weeks ago, I got an email from my pub, XOXO, the owner, Gina, specifically about some news she wanted to tell me over the phone.

Now, naturally I was like, um, what is it. I worried, wondering if it was something bad.

We kept missing each other and so on but finally we spoke on Wednesday.

What an exciting thing to hear that A Second Chance was XOXO's 2nd best seller on Amazon!


OMG! I was so shocked!

Here I was thinking, A Second Chance wasn't doing all that well on Amazon but suprisingly, a lot better than I thought.

Now, b4 my good friends get overly excited, I'm not even near the top 100 overall at Amazon but as a new writer, especially relatively unknown and a writer of gay romance, this is huge.

She also paid me compliments about my promo stretegies, and reassured me both books are selling well from Amazon and the website.

Let me tell you, I am completely floored!

When your pub tells you how good you're doing and gives you great news you can't help but feel great. She told me she can't wait for us to get out my first paperback which will be True Meaning 2 and I'm very excited to do more books for XOXO since she said, someone from another publisher told her XOXO's quality of books was better than her own company's books.

Made me very happy.

Yes, stroking, coddling, hence the picture above, we all need it but when a writer gets coddled and complimeneted, it makes them feel so much better because its such a lonely business. You also have your days where you hate your own writing. (Had a couple of those lately) To have people say, hey great job, really makes a difference.

* * * *

Okay so... Where am I now?

I'm about 15k in for the Jude Vamp/My Sexy Vampire Story. I'm hoping it should be done by tomorrow night.

Once I get done, I have to fix my hetero short for my pub, NNP, then I'll be starting my new story right after that, The Captain of his Heart for a subcall due 10/31. Then Back to Taming Wild Horses b4 I start My Lieutenant 2 which I'll be looking to finish by October 31st as well for my pubs Val call.

November, I'll only be working on Closely Guarded for Nano and Im hoping to finish b4 the end of the month so I can take the rest of the year to work on my unfinished stories like Lessons in Ink which needs edits, Mi Familia to get it ready for pub next year, as well as Trois in Treble.

I'm really looking forward to it and welcome the challenge.

I'm really close to making my goals. I only need 5 more acceptances for the year and then I'll have my 20.

Better get crackin!

Thanks again for listening!


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