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So, I'm done with one of the shorts. I think it turned out really cute. This is the inspiration for the story and as per usual, it was good to write with Rawiya again. If she were a person in real life, she'd leave me because I seriously treat her badly.


Another issue with being the author of so many pennames. Mind you, I have 2 new secret ones along with Rawiya, BL, Michael, and Veronica. I also have RM Durand who is my vampire writer, my secret pen that does some taboo erotica, as well as Brooklyn Roberts who will be doing Lesbian fic and my fanfic penname Sahara Duran. 

YIKES! How many is that? 10? OMG that is TOO DAMN MANY. Oh and I do have a mainstream name I'd like to use someday. In other words, no romance. Sighs, I doubt that will happen soon, but whatevs, it's there. 

Ahem, back to Rawiya. she is the most seldom used muse, and very easy going. However, it was hard as heck to write this story. Why you ask? Because I wrote two very sweet characters. 

Yep, I wrote good guys. Nice, clean cut, the kind you want to bring home to momma, guys. Not the assholes I usually write. No snark as with BL or Michael. No demons or smartass cops as with Michael. Just, sweet, down home guys that you just wanna pinch their cute cheeks!


And actually, I had to stop writing my BL story to finish it, so now I'm going back to BL to finish the baseball short. I need that done so it will be ready to go soon. I have so many stories on my WIP list. Rewrites, new ones, old ideas like SMOKE which had been there for years. I'll never finish them all. 

And having so many DAMNMUSES  is one reason why.

Maybe I can get through half. Even that might be too much!

* * * *

So now I'm down to 2 WIP's, not counting the fanfic I haven't finished. *sighs* Crossfire and Double Play. I'd like to finish Crossfire by the end of August and sub it. Double Play I plan to finish this week. When I do, I'm going to start Anasa. FINALLY!

He is chomping at the bit to get started!

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I don't really have any witty revelations this week.

Just woke up :P

The muses have been busy in my head so we started another story and will do another this week.

Currently, we have 7 WIP's

African Sun
Mi Familia
Taming Wild Horses
True Meaning Two
(New) Closely Guarded
Lessons in Ink

Now, on that last one, I regarded it as finished right?

Well, the muses had more to say on this one after it was rejected by a publisher. They gave the usual reason, doesn't fit our needs which made me think they didn't need anymore gay stories and when I went back through it to revise before submitting it to another, they started talking again! :/

Why does that happen?


But as I discussed in last weeks update, I'd rather have a finished story than unfinished.

Btw, Closely Guarded is my M/M/M. It might have some "closed door" hetero scenes since my main character is bi.

Closely is based on a fic I wrote and the good thing is, its a lovely plot that was able to be turned into something good.

So there you go!

We also have plenty of short stories we want to do for sub calls as well as Edits which this week includes Masquerade.

Today, I'm starting the long version of "Sugar Daddy" which will be awesome!

Last week, My Lieutenant and A Second Chance were contracted.

Thanks for listening

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Greetings folks. Welcome to another Monday!


I finished Lessons in Ink! WOOT!

Another one off the number of WIP's.

As I try to get better at writing, I've noticed something new about myself each time. This week, how I struggle with an ending!

ARGHHH! The Muses know it but they don't convey it to you. you're sitting there, dumbfounded, wondering how to end the particular story. I don't mean necessarily the ending scene, but the actual ending. Last line

Usually in all my writing, I have tried to tie in the title or at least the plot of the story. Sometimes I have succeeded, other times, erm no. I have always felt like I wanted to leave a lasting impression on my reader where they would say, what an ending. I'm satisfied, and want to read more by this writer.

In a lot of ways, I myself am not satisfied by my choice of words. So typically, I go back to the story to read over it for errors and check for coherence, not only that, I read the ending again and again, seeing if I myself enjoy it. If not, I change it.

Once I get one that I sort of like, then I'll leave it, hoping that if it gets picked up, I'll come up with a better one of the editor will. LOL

But why is that ending so damn hard? The last few words...I mean, only a sentence right?

Well, yeah, but it's the one that will make the reader draw a conclusion to say, oh that was great or that book sucked.

THAT, my friends, IS MY FEAR!


So, yeah, I Finished Lessons!

That leaves, AS, the ongoing Mi Familia, A Second Chance, and Trois as my WIP's.

This week, I will be doing round two of edits on Binding Justice. Plus, I'll be starting, Taming Wild Horses, my gay foursome story for my main editor. He is giving me till June 10th to complete.

Trois is on hold because I have Justice and I need to edit my Pirate story for a publisher. I also would like to finish A Second Chance for my other pub.

Right after, I will continue to do Taming as well as start reediting Masquerade and Sweetest Taboo.

A lot on the docket, but hopefully, the work will all pay off as I try to get 20 stories/books published this year.

Toodles for now!
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Today, being March 15th, is a deadline for one of my publishers. If you can recall, I spoke about doing a Mobster story for STARbooks. Well...erm...I had an idea and because me and my muse could not wrap our heads around it, it fizzled.

So, I have decided to forego the subcall, and move on to the next one which is due in five days. It is a hetero with a twist. *snicker*

Why have I done this? Well, one, I don't want to submit a story just to submit and two, I feel, that if I really wanted to do this story, I would've done it by now.

Usually when my muses speak, I listen, or I'm bullied into doing so. BL, who was going to write that one, says she'd like to get My Lieutenant done. Michael Says to get back to African Sun and Vertigo.  Rawiya says, do Lessons in Ink and Trois. So see, they all have other things that are more important and the idea though there was not fully developed enough to go with. So, I'll put it only with the other 100 or so story Ideas I have stored in my brain and on paper. Not even counting, the stories on my laptop that could use an edit or a completion! LOL

Listen to the Muse! It will not steer you wrong...most of the time...




So now, the updates.

I have 5 WIP's working :

My Lieutenant
Vertigo Part 2
Trois In Tune (Sub call due April 1st)
Lessons in Ink
Mi Familia (Free Read)

I have 3 other sub calls I need to do. 1 for the 20th, 1 for the 30th, 1 for the first of April

I will also be getting back to Sakina as I await the last words from my publisher.

I still have 6 calls unanswered. Sakina 1 is one of them.

My fanfiction muses are dying... lol they need to be fed. I have 5 stories I need to finish for my ff fans.

anyway, thank you for listening. This is the place to hear my rambles and such so if you like me, stay  tuned...

Till next time...


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