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So, I am done with the baseball short. 

The dang thing ended up at around 22K.

*shakes fist at characters*

WHYYY! When I tried really hard to make it like 15K, but no, these two continued to talk. And in that 22K, I have like 4 sex scenes. 


There is a lot of banter between these two as well. Some great one liners. It's kind of like The Wretched but with athletes instead of rockstars. It won't be out until November, so we'll see if me and my betas can cut some of the filler.

So that leaves me with Crossfire. I really wanted this story to be done by end of August. Unless I write like 10-12K in the next 3 days, that won't happen, so I'm setting the goal to be done by September 4th. I actually need to be done by Saturday because I have a wedding to attend. That means no writing. Oh and the wedding is out of town so, yeah, probably not going to bother taking my laptop. I will take my Kindle though so we shall see what happens. 

To make that date happen, I will be putting off starting anything else new. Anasa is ready to go, but Crosssfire has to be finished. I wanted it in the editor's hands sooner than later, but due to RL and so many other things, I couldn't make that happen. 

Once I get that done, I'll start rewriting my stories Guardian Angel/Save me, combining them into one titled Save Me. It's the story I wanted to write for my cousin who committed suicide. I've wanted to finish a full book for him for a long time, and since I bought the cover, I'll be doing that. 

Also, I'll be doing Veronica's short, Rain Delay, and Anasa for Michael. Once any one of those are done, I intend to work on a couple of stories for BLMorticia. One is a novella I don't have a title for, but it's set in New Orleans and involves paranormal. The other is a short called Heat of The Night. I have a cover for that as well and I'll be probably giving it away as a freebie or charging 99 cents for it. We shall see how it goes. 

Wish me luck on finishing Crossfire by Sept 4th!

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So, I'm done with one of the shorts. I think it turned out really cute. This is the inspiration for the story and as per usual, it was good to write with Rawiya again. If she were a person in real life, she'd leave me because I seriously treat her badly.


Another issue with being the author of so many pennames. Mind you, I have 2 new secret ones along with Rawiya, BL, Michael, and Veronica. I also have RM Durand who is my vampire writer, my secret pen that does some taboo erotica, as well as Brooklyn Roberts who will be doing Lesbian fic and my fanfic penname Sahara Duran. 

YIKES! How many is that? 10? OMG that is TOO DAMN MANY. Oh and I do have a mainstream name I'd like to use someday. In other words, no romance. Sighs, I doubt that will happen soon, but whatevs, it's there. 

Ahem, back to Rawiya. she is the most seldom used muse, and very easy going. However, it was hard as heck to write this story. Why you ask? Because I wrote two very sweet characters. 

Yep, I wrote good guys. Nice, clean cut, the kind you want to bring home to momma, guys. Not the assholes I usually write. No snark as with BL or Michael. No demons or smartass cops as with Michael. Just, sweet, down home guys that you just wanna pinch their cute cheeks!


And actually, I had to stop writing my BL story to finish it, so now I'm going back to BL to finish the baseball short. I need that done so it will be ready to go soon. I have so many stories on my WIP list. Rewrites, new ones, old ideas like SMOKE which had been there for years. I'll never finish them all. 

And having so many DAMNMUSES  is one reason why.

Maybe I can get through half. Even that might be too much!

* * * *

So now I'm down to 2 WIP's, not counting the fanfic I haven't finished. *sighs* Crossfire and Double Play. I'd like to finish Crossfire by the end of August and sub it. Double Play I plan to finish this week. When I do, I'm going to start Anasa. FINALLY!

He is chomping at the bit to get started!

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Good early morning!

I'm up particularly late because most of the day I had a sinus headache/migraine, something that kept me from enjoying the light and my family. *grr*

Anyway, I did do a lot of editing on my latest WIP, Out of Bounds, or the Professor as it is newly titled. I also came up with more stories, following the same theme. DAMNMUSES!

I also discovered something else. If I do a short, I cannot do it unless its a big SCENE. One scene. Not over several days in writers time, etc. It must be only one encounter, with a combo of ideas.

One of the latest for my new pub, Naughty Nights Price is a hetero, *shudder* of a m/f I did when I first started writing. Oh yeah, there is more I could add to this story, however, because my head is in novella/novel mode, I've needed to train my mind to only write one scene with different emotions, maybe only 2 or 3 characters and these have proved to be under 5k

Otherwise, I have a long novella over 10k or 12k thats either two long for an anthology or bursts into a series of shorts... *grumbles* No, this is actually a good problem.

My fave editor keeps telling me that longer stories will fare better for me, which is true. The longer your story, the more in touch your audience can get in touch with you and your characters. They can't really connect in a short. Its only to invoke a chuckle, or a turn on, or something to get you to go, ooh hmmm...

Well, thats what those two are. I hope they make it. If not, they'll be free reads or the beginning of something new for me to write. Most of them have turned out that way if they werent accepted.

Longer stories, here I come! :D

* * * *

So, I'm working on Mi Familia and Sakina. It felt great to open up the WIP for AS again. I'll be working on this and Mi Familia looking to finish both by Sept 5th or thereabout.

Then on to my Halloween story for XOXO which is a novella based on a short I already did and then 4 more subcalls. 3 for Oct 31st and my own for Nov 30 to XOXO.

During that time, I'll try to complete Taming and Closely Guarded as well but I'd like to get the subcalls done b4 my trip in mid October.

Thanks for listening


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