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So, I'm done with one of the shorts. I think it turned out really cute. This is the inspiration for the story and as per usual, it was good to write with Rawiya again. If she were a person in real life, she'd leave me because I seriously treat her badly.


Another issue with being the author of so many pennames. Mind you, I have 2 new secret ones along with Rawiya, BL, Michael, and Veronica. I also have RM Durand who is my vampire writer, my secret pen that does some taboo erotica, as well as Brooklyn Roberts who will be doing Lesbian fic and my fanfic penname Sahara Duran. 

YIKES! How many is that? 10? OMG that is TOO DAMN MANY. Oh and I do have a mainstream name I'd like to use someday. In other words, no romance. Sighs, I doubt that will happen soon, but whatevs, it's there. 

Ahem, back to Rawiya. she is the most seldom used muse, and very easy going. However, it was hard as heck to write this story. Why you ask? Because I wrote two very sweet characters. 

Yep, I wrote good guys. Nice, clean cut, the kind you want to bring home to momma, guys. Not the assholes I usually write. No snark as with BL or Michael. No demons or smartass cops as with Michael. Just, sweet, down home guys that you just wanna pinch their cute cheeks!


And actually, I had to stop writing my BL story to finish it, so now I'm going back to BL to finish the baseball short. I need that done so it will be ready to go soon. I have so many stories on my WIP list. Rewrites, new ones, old ideas like SMOKE which had been there for years. I'll never finish them all. 

And having so many DAMNMUSES  is one reason why.

Maybe I can get through half. Even that might be too much!

* * * *

So now I'm down to 2 WIP's, not counting the fanfic I haven't finished. *sighs* Crossfire and Double Play. I'd like to finish Crossfire by the end of August and sub it. Double Play I plan to finish this week. When I do, I'm going to start Anasa. FINALLY!

He is chomping at the bit to get started!

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Eeek! Oh no! Doctor, no please, say it ain't so! What? She's...she's...wait...(tears) FEELING HETERO????


Yes, yes, I am...

The mad scientist, the creator of mostly gay stories is feeling the urge to write some vanilla, M/F.

Now mind you, despite my overly dramatic opening, this isn't a problem. I mean, M/F is the main part of erotica. Good ol' bonking the regular way with no rainbows but the ones in the sky after it rains.


It came up when I did my series that I'm making a regular feature called
Erotique. It moved from Rawiya's blog to Michael's gay man blog for one day due to promo. It will move again this coming week.

Anyway, I did a series of pictures that I found on one of the royalty free websites with an interracial couple of a black woman, white man. When putting them together, I came up with a lovely short fic that you can view if you click on the link above. My brain wanted to go further. These characters actually spoke to me, and now iIhave a HETERO story that I need to write...


Okay then, so there we go...My hetero story is erm, cumming... I always love saying it that way. ;P

Now, for the updates...

-I'm almost done with two WIP's - Binding Justice and My Lieutenant I should be finishing Binding between today and tomorrow.

-Then after those are done. I have some shorts that I need to do for various anthologies due in March.
They are all under 10K so that should be easy.

-I am going on vacation but my lovely laptop will be going with me so I am sure I'll check in just once from NOLA. (New Orleans, Louisiana for those not familiar-really excited)

-I am already done with the long version of Lose Myself and the first part of Vertigo

-I will be starting edits on African Sun as well as more on Masquerade later this week.

-Lastly, I will be building my website. YIPEE! I know you're thrilled.

This nor the blogs will go away but I do need an author site. A lot of my fellow authors are using
Weebly. So I think I will go that route too.

The thing is, I would like to include all three pennames on the site and buy my own domain! How can I? LOL I can call it the Triad site but then the names will be lost in the shuffle. IDK. Calling it RawiyaMMBL is a thought but then it looks like rawiyammbl? mumble! LOL
Okay, now i'm being silly but you get my drift.

Well, off to work. It is 7:55 this morning and I do have plenty to do so bye for now!


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